X. Make up five sentences from each table.

I Have Has (not) won the match.  
He become an.
She engineer.  
We left for USA.  
You cooked breakfast.  
They lost that paper.


Have Has I seen this film?  
He turned off the gas?  
She guessed the riddle?  
We lost the game?  
You bought that coat?  
They invited them to the evening party?
I Have Has often crossed the street at that place.
He seldom met them in the park.
She never been to Kyiv.
We already shown them our picture gallery.
You just visited the exhibition.
They not yet gone to the seaside.


I Have Has (not) seen him today.
He been to a concert this week.
She finished it this month.
We visited that museum this year.
You read that article lately.


I Have Has known this doctor for five years.
He not seen her there two years.
She lived in this since 1990.
We village since the war was over.
You worked at school ever since.
They been here studied English.  

XI. Translate and give Present Perfect of the following verbs:

inspire, pass, inherit, choose, change, introduce, examine, consider, return, amend, alter, make, refuse, inquire, approve, shelve, refer, sign, veto, prevent, insist, commit, do, improve, accept, show, hear, brake, pay, seek, sell, solve, shoot, spend, think, throw, lose, leave, take, sweep, write, stretch, steal, search, hit, wound, fine.

XII. Read and translate the text, pay attention to Present Perfect and explain the use of the verb “have”.

The British constitution has involved over many centuries. Unlike the constitution of France and many Commonwealth countries, the British constitution has not been assembled at any time into a single, consolidated document. Instead it’s made up of common law, statute law and convention.

Of all the democratic countries in the world, only Israel is comparable to Britain in having no single document codifying the way its political institutions function and setting out the basic rights and duties of its citizens.

Britain does, however, have certain important constitutional documents, including the Magna Carta(1215) which Protects the rights of the community against the Crown: the Bill of the Rights (1689) which expended the powers of Parliament, making it impracticable for the Sovereign to ignore the wishes of the Government; and the Reform Ct Act (1832) which reform the system of parliamentary representation. The flexibility of the British constitution helps to explain why it has developed so fully over the years. However, since Britain joined the European Community in 1973, the rulings of the European Court of Justice have increasingly determined and codified sections of British law in those areas covered by the various treaties to which Britain is a party. In the process British constitutional and legal arrangements are beginning to resemble those of Europe.

XIII. In the following pairs of sentences only one is correct. Choose the correct one.

A. I have lived in Odessa for five years.

I live in Odessa for five years.

B. Before that I have lived in Kharkov.

Before that I lived in Kharkov.

C. I am an investigator since I left university.

I have been an investigator since I left university.

D. He saw her five minutes ago.

He’s seen her five minutes ago.

E. She’s run round the park three times.

She’s been running round the park three times.

F. Has the chief signed your documents already?

Did the chief sign your documents already?

G. Police haven’t arrested criminals yet.

Police didn’t arrest criminals yet.

H. I have seen this stowaway a day before yesterday in the tram.

I saw this stowaway a day before yesterday in the tram.

I. My parents are furious because I have lost the car keys.

My parents are furious because I lost the car keys.

J. They have retired. They’ve bought a house on the south coast last


They retired. They bought a house on the south coast last year.

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