VIII. Match each word on the left with the appropriate definition on the right.

1. coat of arms a. personal or political freedom from outside control;
2. power b. the official mark of government, company etc., fixed to some formal and official writings;
3. resident c. the quality of being just , rightness, fairness;
4. treasury d. rule that is supported by the power of government and that governs the behaviour of members of a society;
5. defence e. the government department that controls and spends public money;
6. justice f. a group of patens or pictures, usu. Painted on a shield, used by noble family, town –council, university, etc., as their special sign;
7. law g. what one can do; ability; force, strength; control over others; right to act, given by law or official position;
8. seal h. the act or action of defending; means, methods or things used in defending;
9 . nick name i. a person, who lives in or is staying in a place, not a visitor;
10. liberty j. a name used informally instead of (some) one’s own name usu, given because of one’s character or as a short form of the actual name.

IX. Match the parts of the sentences.

1. The President a. settles disputes between the states;
2. The Senate b. advises the President on many national and international matters;
3. The Congress c. is elected by indirect elections;
4. The House of Representatives d. can charge the President with a crime;
5. The Supreme Court e. is composed of two Houses; f. votes to approve the justices to the Supreme Court; g. is the highest legislative body in the country ; h. can ask the Congress to declare a war.

X. Open the brackets, using Present Perfect or Past Indefinite.

1. The chairman spoke his mind after he ( to listen) to the views of all those present. 2. He (to tell) us a lot of interesting things about police work at yesterday’s meeting. 3. Today’s newspaper (to reveal) some fascinating information about the Prime Minister. 4. The situation (to reach) crisis point when the union (to call) for the strike. 5. The government’s economic policies (to lead) to more efficient management and greater productivity. 6. About 5,000 people (to take part) in yesterday’s anti- government demonstration. 7. Incoming and outgoing vessels pass near it – the figure of woman who just (to reach) her freedom. 8. The trickle of newcomers to Europe that (to begin) after World War II (to become) ones of the history’s great floods – Algerians moving to France; Turks to Germany; Iranians to Sweden; Pakistanis, Nigerians, Jamaicans to the United Kingdom; Indonesians to the Netherlands; Moroccans to Belgium.

XI. Answer these questions, giving your reasons.

1. A man says “ I’ve lived in London for ten years. ”Is he living there when he says this? 2. Somebody says “ I’ve been married to Arnold for six years, and I was married to Bella for nine years.” Which one he or she still married to? 3. A woman says “ I worked for this company for eight years.” Does she still worked for the company? 4. You are in England . A friend says “How long are you here for? “Does the person want to know when your visit started, or when it will end? How would he or she express the other meaning? 5. He says “I spent three years in the army.” Is he still in the army?

XII. Finished or unfinished time?

1. After I got home recently / lately; 2. ever / since I had lunch; 3. this afternoon / five years ago; 4. for the last two days / for the last year 5. always / this month; 6. in 1945 / up to now; 7. never / today; 8. a day before yesterday / when I was six.

XIII. Translate the sentences into English.

1. Слідчий розкрив злочин по ухиленню від сплати податків та передав справу до суду місяць тому.2. Правоохоронні органи зупинили зловживання посадовими особами в сфері трудового законодавства.3. Сенатори відхилили законопроект про економічну допомогу країнам на території яких є ядерна зброя.4. Минулого четверга суд не прийняв до уваги свідчення третьої сторони.

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