IV. Match each word on the left with the appropriate definition on the right.

1. Decay a. make known publicly or officially; declare.
2. To fulfill b. continue to live or exist;
3. Judge c. chuman communication of knowledge, ideas, slings, etc. using a system of sound symbols.
4. To proclaim d. perform or carry out a task, duty, promise.
5. Foreign e. person who lives in a town, not is the country
6. Language f. go bad, lose power, health.
7. Citizen g. of, in, from, another country, not one's own
8. To survive h. Public officer with authority to hear and decide cases in a law court.

V. Answer the questions.

1. What can you say about the history of Ukraine?

2. When was Ukraine proclaimed as an independent state?

3. What document was adopted by the Supreme Soviet on the 16- th of

July 1990?

4. How many parts does the "Declaration of the State Sovereignty of

Ukraine" consist of?

5. Who can be elected the President of the State?

6. What period is the head of the state elected?

7. What body does the legislative (judicial, executive) power belong to?

8. What is the legislative (judicial, executive) branch of the state headed


VI. Translate into English.

1. За часи своєї історії Україна пережила численні періоди занепаду і процвітання. 2. Державний Прапор України - стяг із двох рівновеликих горизонтальних смуг синього і жовтого кольорів. 3. Ст. 10 Конституції України встановлює, що державною мовою в Україні є українська мова. 4. Найвищим органом у системі судів загальної юрисдикції є Верховний Суд України. 5. Конституційний Суд України складається з 18 суддів. 6. Кабінет Міністрів України користується правом законодавчої ініціативи й бере активну участь у розробці законопроектів. 7. Важливим напрямом діяльності Кабінету Міністрів є здійснення заходів щодо забезпечення обороноздатності і національної безпеки України, громадського порядку, боротьби зі злочинністю. 8. Верховна Рада України (парламент) є єдиним органом законодавчої влади в державі. 9. Право визначати і змінювати конституційний лад в Україні належить виключно народові і не може бути протиправно захоплене державою, її органами або посадовими особами.

VII. Finish up :

Form of government: …

Head of State: …

Legislative power: …

Executive power: …

Judicial power: …

Voting qualifications: …

VIII. Translate into Ukrainian.

1. Ukrainians trace their political history to Kyiv Rus, the first Eastern Slavic state. 2. As a state emblem, trident dates back to Kyiv Rus when it was the coat of arms of the Riuryk dynasty.3. Kyiv (also known as Kiev), the capital was founded by the three brothers Kyi, Schek and Khoryv, and their sister Lybid more than 1.500 years ago, 482 A.D.4. Ukraine has an abundance of coal, natural gas, iron ore, manganese, kaolin clay, rock salt, nickel and titanium.5. The state promotes the development of science and the establishment of scientific relations of Ukraine with the world community.6. Everyone is guaranteed the right to challenge in court the decisions, actions or omission of bodies of state power, bodies of local self- government, officials and officers.7. Defense of the Motherland, of the independence and territorial indivisibility of Ukraine, and respect for its state symbols, are the duties of citizens of Ukraine. 8. The human being, his or her life and health, honor and dignity, inviolability and security are recognized in Ukraine as the highest social value.9. According to the Constitution of Ukraine everyone has the right to own, use and dispose of his or her property and the results of his or her intellectual and creative activity.10. Everyone has the right to protect his or her rights and freedoms from violations and illegal encroachments by any means not prohibited by law.

IX. Which verbs used in the text are regular (irregular). Write out these verbs and explain the pronunciation of the ending – ed (give three forms of irregular)

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