I.New words and word combinations

Drug smuggling - контрабанда наркотиків

hijacking – повітряне піратство, напад

pick pocket(ing) – кишенькова крадіжка

assault – напад, образа

armed robbery – озброєне пограбування

shop- lifting – крадіжка в крамниці

mugging – напад на вулиці з метою пограбування

drunken driving – керування у нетверезому стані

fraud - шахрайство

arson – підпал

theft - крадіжка

parking offence – порушення паркування

homicide – вбивство

suicide – самогубство

manslaughter – ненавмисне вбивство

rape - зґвалтування

intentional murder – навмисне вбивство

burglary – нічна крадіжка із проникненням

larceny - крадіжка

embezzlement – розтрата, привласнення

kidnapping – викрадення людей

forgery - підробка

bribery - хабарництво

swindling - шахрайство

blackmail - шантаж

slander – наклеп.

II. Read and translate the text.

Types off offences

1. In 1952 two youths in Mitcham, London, decided to rob a dairy. They were Christopher Craig, aged 16, and Derek William Bentiey, 19. During the robbery they were disturbed by Sydney Miles, a policeman. Craig produced a gun and killed the policeman.At that time Britain still had the death penalty for certain types of murder, including murder during arobbery.

Because Craig was under 18 he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Bently who had never touched the gun, was over 18. He was hanged in 1953. The case was quoted by opponents of capital punishment, which was abolished in 1965.


2. In 1976 a drunk walked into a supermarket. When the manager asked him to leave, the drunk assaulted him, knocking out a tooth. A policeman who arrived and tried to stop the fight had his jaw broken. The drunk was fined £10.


3. In June 1980 Lady Isabel Barnett, a well- known TV personality was convicted of stealing a tin of tuna fish and a carton of cream, total value 87p, from a small shop. The case was given enormous publicity. She was fined £75 and had to pay £200 towards the cost of the case. A few days later she killed herself.


4. This is an example of a civil case rather than a criminal one. A man had taken out an insurance policy of £100,000 on his life. The policy was due to expire at 3 o'clock on a certain day. The man was in serious financial difficulties, and at 2.30 on the expire day he consulted his solicitor. He then went out and called a taxi. He asked the driver to make a note of the time, 2.50. He then shot himself. Suicide used not to cancel an insurance policy automatically; (It does nowadays.) The company refused to pay me man's wife, and the courts supported them.


III. Give Ukrainian equivalents for the following words and phrases:

manslaughter by negligence; accidental death; justifiable homicide; attempts to kill; suicide; statuary offence; victim under the age of consent; to put the victim in fear; aggravated assault; aggravated bodily; injury; purpose of inflicting severe; great bodily harm; unlawful entry; "con" games; worthless check; embezzlement; motor vehicle theft; malicious burning; to commit a crime.

IV. Give English equivalents for the following expressions:

Штрафувати; страховий поліс; анулювати; шахрай; нанесення тяжких тілесних ушкоджень; навмисний підпал; списати борги; залякувати жертву; фальшиві гроші; контрабанда наркотиків; пограбування; повітряне піратство; кишенькова крадіжка; напад; озброєне пограбування; крадіжка в крамниці, напад на вулиці з метою крадіжки; керування у нетверезому стані; шахрайство; підпал; порушення правил паркування; вбивство; ненавмисне вбивство; зґвалтування; нічна крадіжка; розтрата; викрадання людей; підробка; хабарництво; шахрайство; шантаж; наклеп.

V. Mach each word on the left with appropriate definition on the


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