Trafficking: Myth or Reality

The analysis of different law enforcement materials makes it possible to build a model of organized criminal activity related to trafficking in persons. Depending on the concrete situation, criminal individuals and groups may use various mechanisms. However, the general model of criminal activity includes these stages:

- looking for a person (search);

- influencing and putting pressure (recruitment);

- transferring the person to the place of destination (transportation);

- creating conditions for exploitation (reception, transfer, harbouring);

- making a profit (exploitation).

Each of these stages includes different techniques many of which are illegal according to the Criminal Code of Ukraine. When looking for victims, the recruiter may use newspaper ads, tourist agencies, marriage agencies, or personal contacts. The recruitment itself may be conducted with the help of fraud, blackmail, threat, violence and/or kidnapping. Victims may be transported to the country of destination both legally and illegally, with forged documents.

The next stage usually includes transfer to an owner of a nightclub, bar, or brothel. The most typical forms of exploitation include sexual exploitation, working under extremely hard conditions, or being used as donors for transplantation of organs.


III.Answer the questions: Discuss the following questions with your partner.

1.What is trafficking?

2.What makes people look for work abroad?

3.What methods do criminals use in recruiting people?

4.What forms of human exploitation do you know?

IV.Match the concept with its definition:

1.trafficking a. taking someone away illegally, usually by force;
2.victim b. someone who makes money by controlling prostitutes;
3.kidnapping c. someone who has been attacked, kidnapped, robbed,exploited, or murdered;
4.migration d. recruitment, transportation, transfer or receipt of people for the purpose of their exploitation;
5.pimp e. persuading someone into doing something, often with the use of force;
6.recruitment f. moving to another area or country, especially to find work.

V.Choose the correct word from the box.

destination; dependent; blackmail; violence;
illegal; slavery.    

1. Practicing ____ means that you force a person into doing something.

2. Although officially non- existent,_________________ is still a reality in (many?) a lot of countries.

3. Russia is the major point of ____________________ to which victims of trafficking from CIS countries are transferred.

4. Criminals often use _____________ contracts to recruit their victims.

5. Victims of trafficking often cannot leave the foreign country because they are materially_____________________.

6. Recruiters often use _____________________ towards their victims.

VI.Define the following words and compare with your partner:

1. travel agency - _________________________________________

2. violence - _____________________________________________

3. criminal - ______________________________________________

4. fraud - ________________________________________________

5. crime - ________________________________________________

VII. Match the adjectives and nouns:

1. human a. exploitation
2. psychological b. isolation
3. child c. harm
4. sexual d. trade
5. slave e. trafficking
6. social f. labor

VIII. Match these sentence halves. Underline the verbs in the past continuous tense.

1. The trafficker used Dayo’s sister’s Passport a. where a teacher helped her contact a help group.
2. One day, while his wife was away b. when she saw the trafficker again.
3. The trafficker allowed Dayo to attend a computer course c. when they were crossing the border.
4. One day she was walking to church d. they asked Dayo if she was okay.
5. While the police were visiting the trafficker’s house e.the trafficker attempted to rape Dayo.


IX. Fill in the US Customs Declaration form.



Each arriving traveler head of family must provide the following information (only ONE declaration per family is required)

1. Name: __________________________________________________

Last First Middle

2. Date of birth: _______________ 3. Airline/Flight _______________

4. Number of family members traveling with you__________________

5. U.S. Address: ____________________________________________

City: ____________________ State: ___________________________

6. I am a US. Citizen Yes No

If No. Country _____________________________________________

7.I reside permanently Yes No

If No. Expected length of stay: ________________________________

8. The purpose of my trip is: Business Pleasure

9. I am/ we are bringing fruits, plants, meats, food, soil, birds, snails, other live animals, farm products, or I/ we have been on a farm or ranch outside the USA Yes No

10. I am/ we are carrying currency or monetary instruments over

$ 10, 000 U.S. or foreign equivalent. Yes No

11. The total value of goods I/ we purchased or acquired abroad and am/ are bringing to the U.S. is ( see instructions under Merchandise on reverse side): $ __________ U.S. Dollars

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