Exercise 1 Виберіть правильну відповідь.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Exercise 1 Виберіть правильну відповідь.

1. We … five lessons on Friday.

a. have had b. had

2. … … to India?

a. Were you b. Have you been

3. I can’t find my key. I think I … it.

a. have lost b. lost

4. Look! He … a goal!

a. scored b. has scored

5. They … … us since last month.

a. didn’t see b. haven’t seen

6. … … this film last month?

a. Have you seen b. Did you see

7. Sorry, I … my report yet.

a. didn’t finish b. haven’t finished

8. Hi! Where … you …?

a. have … been b. did … be

9. Some people … … snow in their entire lifetime.

a. never saw b. have never seen

10. When … you … to the country?

a. have … come b. did … come

11. What countries … Brian …?

a. has … visited b. did … visit

12. My friend Tim … to travel to Japan.

a. always wanted b. has always wanted


Past Perfect

Форми дієслова в Past Perfect

Число Стверджувальна форма Питальна форма Заперечна форма
Одн. і Мн. I (you, he, she, it, we, they) had asked. Had I (you, he,she, it, we, they) asked? I (you, he, she, it,we, they) had not asked.


Past Perfect вживається:

а) для вираження дії, що завершилася до якого-небудь моменту в минулому. Цей момент позначається такими словосполученнями by two o’clock, by that time, by Monday: Не had read the book by 10 o'clock yesterday. Він прочитав книгу до десятої години (до десяти годин) вечора

б) в реченнях, в яких одна дія завершилася раніше іншої минулої дії:

When we came to the airport the plane had already landed. Коли ми приїхали в аеропорт, літак вже приземлився

Exercise 1 Складіть речення

I had (not) posted the letter by three o'clock.
He     received the telegram by that time.
She     swept the floor before he came.
We     fallen asleep  
You     cooked dinner  
They     finished it  
Had I he she we you they learned the poem decorated the building washed the dishes moved there seen her prepared the report by Monday? by that time? by the time you came?


I He She We You They said thought wrote asked that if I he she we you they had finished school. built the plant. bought a computer. won the game. left for England solved the problem.

Exercise 2 Дайте відповіді на запитання

1. The pupils had translated the text before the bell rang. 2. Kate had done her lessons by eight o'clock. 3. Peter had studied English before he entered the University. 4. The girls had cleaned the room by the time their mother came back. 6. We had reached the village before the sun set.


Exercise 3 Замініть інфінітив у дужках на Past Indefinite або Past Perfect.

1. Yesterday we (to discuss) the film which we (to see) some days before. 2. When my sister (to go) to the theatre, I (to begin) to write the letter. 3. The children (to fall asleep) by ten o'clock. 4. He (to tell its) many interesting things he (to see) in Lutsk. 5. Peter (to show) us the bicycle his father (to buy) for him. 6. Mother (to cook) supper by the time they (to come) home.


Exercise 4 Перекладіть англійською мовою

1. Ми читали книжку, яку я купив у Києві. 2. Учитель сказав, що він перевірив наші диктанти. 3. Студент переклав текст до десятої години. 5. Коли ми повернулися додому, дитина вже заснула. 6. Мій брат писав, що він уже склав екзамени з фізики й математики.

7. Він подякував мені за те, що я для нього зробив. 8. Минулого літа її батько їздив у село, де він провів своє дитинство. 9. Вчора Аня прийшла додому о п'ятій годині, її молодший брат виконував домашні завдання, а батько й мати ще не повернулися з роботи. 10. Вона була певна, що бачила цю жінку раніше, але не могла пригадати, де вона її бачила. 11. Його батько почав працювати на заводі, коли йому було двадцять років. До того він жив у селі. 12. Після того як мій товариш пішов додому, я згадав, що забув показати йому нові марки

Past Simple/ Past Perfect

Exercise 1 Виправте помилки.

  1. I was sorry that I forgot to phone them.
  2. He went to Britain for the first time to study at university.
  3. She felt better after she took the medicine.
  4. My family had visited three countries last year.
  5. It was ten o’clock. He had finished his report.
  6. Did they clean the house by six o’clock?
  7. Last summer Jane went to Turkey. She never had been to this country before.
  8. Barry said he didn’t see her before.
  9. It stopped raining before we left the house.
  10. We had had coffee before we started to work.


Exercise 2 Доповніть речення.

  1. They play … by the time they … .
  2. Last week Frank … . Before that, he … never … .
  3. By the time …, she had already … .
  4. I had never … before I … .
  5. When Jo …, his … .
  6. Before Sue came, we … .


Exercise 3 Виберіть правильну відповідь.

1. He … dinner when the phone rang.

a. had hardly finished b. hardly finished

2. I saw many people when I … the door.

a. had opened b. opened

3. Katy was very sad because she … her purse at home.

a. forgot b. had forgotten

4. Last year they went to Brazil. They … to this country before.

a. never were b. had never been

5. I wanted to open the window but someone else … it.

a. did b. had done

6. Who … there before you?

a. had been b. was

7. Ewa …sorry that she … such a mistake.

a. had been; made b. was; had made

8. No sooner … work than his friend came.

a. he started b. had he started

9. Last week they won the championship. Prior to that time, they … the price.

a. didn’t win b. hadn’t won

10. It … the first time Tine … the horse.

a. had been; rode b. was; had ridden


Future Perfect

Форми дієслова в Future Perfect

Число Стверджувальна форма Питальна форма Заперечна форма
Одн. I shall have asked. You (he, she, it) will have asked. Shall I have asked? Will you (he, she,it) have asked? I shall not have asked. You (he, she, it) will not have asked.
Мн. We shall have asked. You (they) will have asked. Shall we have asked? Will you (they) have asked? We shall not have asked. You (they) will not have asked.


Future Perfect вживається для вираження дії, яке відбуватиметься до певного моменту або іншої дії в майбутньому і завершиться або припиниться до нього.


Exercise 1 Складіть речення

l He She We You They will shall (not) have done it written it translated it built it prepared it had dinner by that time. by five o'clock. by the time she comes. by the end of the year. before I return. when he comes back.


Exercise 2 Поставте речення у Future Perfect.

Example: I had donemy homework by 9 o'clock.— I shall have done my homework by 9 o'clock.

1. They had built the new school by the first of September. 2. The teacher had looked through our exercise-books by that time. 3. We had discussed the report by four o'clock in the afternoon. 4. The pupils had read three English books by the end of the year. 5. I had written the composition by 9 o'clock.


Exercise 3 Замініть інфінітив у дужках на Future Indefinite абоFuture Perfect.

1. He (to receive) the telegram tomorrow. 2. He (to receive) the telegram by tomorrow. 3. I (to do) the exercises by seven o'clock. 4. I (to do) the exercises in the afternoon. 5. By this time you (to take your examination). 6. You (to take) your examination next week. 7. The teacher (to correct) our dictations in the evening. 8. The teacher (to correct) our dictations by the next lesson.


Вправи на всі вивчені часи

(активний стан дієслова)


Exercise 1. Заповніть пропуски to write у потрібній формі.

l. We often _____ letters to our parents.

2. What _____ you _____ now?

3. Yesterday they _____ tests from 10 till 12 o'clock.

4. Who _____ this letter?

5. I _____ some letters last week.

6. What _____ you _____ tomorrow at 10?

7. When I came to her, she _____ a letter

8. _____ you _____ letters tomorrow?

9. I _____ not _____ this letter now. I _____ it in some days.

10. _____ he _____his hometask now?

11. What _____ she _____ in the evening yesterday?

12. As a rule, he _____ tests well.

Exercise 2 Розкрийте дужки, вкажіть час дієслова.

1. Не (know) several foreign languages.

2.I (learn) English at school.

3. Usually the lessons (begin) at 9 o'clock.

4. Our grandparents (live) now in Moscow.

5. He often (visit) them last year.

6. As a rule I (go) to my school by bus.

7. She (work) abroad next year.

8. She (not like) loud music.

9. Your children usually (ask) many questions.

10. At present he (work) at school.

11. My brother (like) music.

12. What you (do) yesterday?

13. His sister (go) to the seaside next July.

14. Soon we (leave) the school.

15. Who (take) his book yesterday?

Exercise 3 Визначите час присудка у наступних реченнях.

Present Indefinite

Past Indefinite

Future Indefinite

1. His sister studies at school. 2. You will see him tomorrow. 3. I went to the college at 7 o'clock. 4. Who took my book? 5. They work every day. 6.1 shall read this book next week. 7. We translated this text last lesson. 8. What books does he usually read? 9. She will visit you soon. 10. We shall be good specialists in some years. 11. My father went to Moscow yesterday. 12. Who knows him? 13. At last she opened the window. 14. You'll take this book in the library. 15. Do you often visit your parents? 16. He knew these words well. 17. Shall I read this text? 18. His children like music. 19. Did they go to the village? 20. Tomorrow we'll go to the cinema.


Exercise 4 Поставте питання та заперечення до наступних речень.

1. Не studies at the college. 2. They play football well. 3. We usually watched TV in the evening. 4. Our teacher asks many questions. 5. Nick worked at school last year. 6. We shall go to St Petersburg in summer. 7. They went to Moscow. 8. He will visit us some day. 9. They study English. 10. My sister finished her work.


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