Internet- Voice recognition takes off 

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Internet- Voice recognition takes off

You don't need a sophisticated cell phone (складний стільниковий телефон) to surf the Internet (переміщатися по Інтернету) when you're on the road - just your own voice. That's the idea behind a new breed of voice service that is popping up all over the place (повсюдна поява).

Subscribers(абоненти) __________ a toll-free phone number (безкоштовний телефонний номер) and use spoken ________________to listen to anything from weather conditions to stock quotes(біржові ціни), or flight information to news stories. Half a dozen (півдюжини) of these services - such as Audiopoint, BeVocal, TellMe and TelSurf Networks - have already gone live or are testing their systems.

These launches(запуски) are all happening because two crucial technologies(вирішальні технології) have come of age.

_____________ software from companies such as Lucent, Nuance and

Speechworks can now understand a wide range (широкий діапазон) of accents and diction without having to be trained to a specific voice. And computer languages such as Voice XML make it as easy to write voice services as ________________ has made it to write web pages. With __________, the human voice becomes a substitute (заміна) for a computer mouse and the spoken command for a click. It doesn't, however, call up conventional web pages (стандартні веб-сторінки), but content which is specially composed for a telephone: sound clips (звукові кліпи), numbers, music, spoken texts (розмовні тексти).

XI. Make the right choice

1.Assembly languages use______________.

a) abbreviations c) instructions
b) flowcharts d) bugs

2.FORTRAN - used for____________________.

a) business applications c) graphics and commercial programs
b) Windows applications d) scientific and mathematical applications

3. The program is then translated into machine code by software called a______________.

a) maintenance program c) assembler
b) program documentation d) compiler

4. Machine code and assembly languages are called______________.

a)special tools c) high-level languages
b) low-levellanguages d)assembly languages

5. The languages used to create Web documents are called______________.

a) assembly languages c) markup languages
b) low-levellanguages d) high-level languages

6. Java applets are ____________that run automatically on web pages.

a) small programs c)flowcharts
b)maintenance programs d)animated characters


XII. Make up sentences

1. information / required / give / website / number / of / the / spoken / to / the / phone / instructions / and / get / the / dial / you.

2. high-level / to / are / languages / languages / human / closer.

3. websites / to / a / voice-equipped / use / access / telephone / you.

4. languages / code / languages / assembly / called / are / and / low-level / machine.

5. understand / languages / to / arc / easier / that / symbolic.

6. code / PC / language / a / only / can / is / execute / directly / machine / the.

7. works / companies / program / a / how / description / of / detailed / the / write / software.

XIII. Translate the sentences from Ukrainian into English

1. Програмні розробники розробляють блок-схему, яка показує послідовні логічні кроки програми.

2. Після того, як програма була вдосконалена, вона видається як модифікована версія.

3. Асемблери використовують скорочення, щоб представити команди.

4. Мовний XMLробить інтернет-інформаційне наповнення доступним через розпізнавання мови і телефон.

5. Машинний код і асемблери називають мовами низького рівня, бо вони ближче до апаратного забезпечення.

6. Програма, перетворена в машинний код програмним забезпеченням, називається компілятор.


XIV. Points for discussion

What are the most fundamental properties of the final program?

Text 9




I. Read and translate the text

Jobs in computing

Most ICT-related jobs have developed to meet the need (задовольняти потреби) to analyze, design, develop, manage (регулювати) or support (підтримувати) computer software, hardware or networks.

All the people involved (залучені) in the different stages of development of a computer project, i.e. analysts, programmers, support specialists, etc. are controlled by a project manager (керівник проекту).


A database analyst is in charge of (відповідає за) the research and development of databases; network analysts study the network requirements and recommend the most suitable type of network; systems analysts decide what ICT system will cater for the requirements (задовольняти вимоги) of a specific (певний) institution.


Web designers, also called webmasters, create (створюють) and maintain (обслуговують) web pages and web applications (Інтернет додатки) for websites.

Software engineers, either application programmers (прикладні програмісти) or systems programmers (системні програмісти), plan, design, and test computer programs.

Hardware engineers design and develop ICT devices (пристрої).

Security specialists specialize in the design of software and hardware to protect (захистити) information from malware (шкідливі програми): viruses, spyware (шпигунське ПЗ), etc.


Network or computer systems administrators install(встановлюють) and maintain(обслуговують) networks.

Database administrators manage the accuracy (точність) and efficiency of databases.


Computer operators control computer data processing.

Help desk (служба технічної підтримки) technicians are in charge of troubleshooting (пошук та усунення неполадок), the solution (вирішення) of technical problems.

Computer training instructors or trainers teach people how to use hardware and software.

Technical writers (технічні редактори) write the instructions for ICT systems.


Computers and jobs: new ways, new profiles

With the development of ICT, there has been a change in the way lots of jobs are done.

“I’ve become a teleworker (дистанційний, телепрацівник), a person who can work at home, thanks to teleworking or telecommuting (дистанційна присутність), so I can work away from my official workplace. High-speed communications have made it possible.”

“I’m training to work as an online teacher. I want to be a specialist in e-learning (електронне навчання), distance education via the Internet.”

“I started my career as a typesetter (складач, набирач). Now I work as a desktop publisher (комп’ютерний видавець). I create documents with DTP (desktop publishing)software (видавнича програма).”

“I like this new aspect of my job: I practice telemedicine – it’s like having a long-distance surgery (операція). Real-time data transmissions and virtual operations enable me to cure (лікувати) people who are far away.”

“ICT has made my job much better and easier. Now I like to call myself a computer animator (художник-мультиплікатор), with my computer I create cartoons I couldn’t think of before.”


II. Match the meaning

- be in charge of - application programmer - research - cater for the requirements - decide - specialize in - specific instruction - protect information - malware - install - accuracy - support - helpdesk technician - training instructor - troubleshooting   - distance education - Web pages - create - ICT system - development - analyst вирішувати певна установа шкідливі програми захищати інформацію відповідати за встановити прикладний програміст задовольняти вимоги дослідження спеціалізуватися в розвиток створювати аналітик веб-сторінки система інформаційно-комунікаційних технологій інструктор по навчанню дистанційна освіта підтримувати пошук та усунення неполадок точність спеціаліст служби технічної підтримки


III. Sort out these jobs under the heading that best describes their function

software engineer, help desk technician, trainer, network analyst, hardware engineer, network administrator, database administrator, system analyst


Analyze Design/develop Manage
1. __________________ 2. __________________   1. __________________ 2. __________________ 1. _________________ 2. _________________
  1. __________________ 2. __________________  

IV. What is the Odd-One-Out

- hardware, software, network, database, computer, install, ICT systems, program, desktop

- instruction, engineer, specialist, designer, analyst, administrator, instructor, teacher

- create, maintain, manage, develop, system, design, control, teach, support


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