Exercise 3 Поставте речення у Past Indefinite.


Exercise 3 Поставте речення у Past Indefinite.

1. His father works at a plant. 2. I often see them in the park. 3. Do your students read English books? 4. Her mother teaches chemistry at the University. 5. We don't know his address. 6. He gets up, washes, dresses, has breakfast and goes to college. 7. Does the doctor speak English? 8. We understand the rule. 9. My friend doesn't like such films. 10. In summer we pick berries and mushrooms. 11. They don't change trains there. 12. This man repairs his car himself.

Exercise 4 Складіть речення

When Where Did I he she we you they begin to learn English? buy the bicycle? learn Spanish? meet them? gather mushrooms? work with him?  


What   did I he she we you they do read write eat buy learn yesterday? last night? in the morning? in the evening? at school? there?


Who saw him yesterday? translated this story? worked at this factory at that time? set a record in the long jump? lived here before the war? came first?
Which of them
Whose son


Exercise 5 Поставте питання до виділених слів

1. They started work at nine o'clock this morning. 2. Peter saw them in the park. 3. The pupils understood the rule very well. 4. His brother went to Kiev every year. 5. The boy ate an apple. 6. My aunt grew beautiful roses. 7. She played tennis badly. 8. The children drank milk in the morning. 9. My wife saw your cousin in Moscow. 10. They lost their way because it was dark.

Exercise 6 Дайте відповіді на запитання

1. At what time do you usually get up? 2. At what time do you go to bed? 3. At what time did you get up this morning? 4. At what time did you go to bed last night? 5. What do you do in the evening? 6. What did you do last week? 7. Where do you usually have dinner? 8. Where did you have dinner yesterday? 9. What do you do on your days off? 10. What did you do on your last day off? 11. How do you spend your winter holidays? 12. How did you spend your last winter holidays? 13. Where do you usually spend your summer holidays? 14. Where did you spend your last summer holidays? 15. At what time do you usually come home from school? 16. At what time did you come home from school yesterday? 17. When do you go to the cinema? 18. When did you go to the cinema last time? 19. What kind of films do you like? 20. Did you like the film you saw last?


Exercise7 Перекладіть англійською мовою.

1. Діти допомагали батькам. 2. Батько прийшов додому пізно. 3. Що ви робили в неділю? 4. Де ти був учора ввечері? — Я ходив у кіно. Тобі сподобався фільм? — Так, фільм мені дуже сподобався. 5. Що ви робили на уроці англійської мови? — Ми читали новий текст, відповідали на запитання і перекладали речення з української мови на англійську. 6. Коли ви почали вивчати англійську мову? —Ми почали вивчати англійську мову три роки тому. 7. Скільки сторінок ви прочитали минулого тижня? — Минулого тижня я прочитав десять сторінок. Мені подобається ця книжка. 8. Де ви були позавчора? — Ми їздили на екскурсію на виставку. Екскурсія була дуже цікавою. 9. О котрій годині ти звичайно встаєш? — Я встаю о сьомій годині. 10. О котрій годині ти встав учора? — Вчора я встав о восьмій. Я завжди встаю о восьмій у неділю. 11. Коли твої друзі приходили до тебе? Хто приходив до тебе вчора? 12. Я увійшов до кімнати, увімкнув світло і почав виконувати домашні завдання. 13. Вчора ми не послали їй телеграми, бо не знали її адреси. 14. Які іноземні мови ви знаєте? —Я знаю англійську і французьку мови. У школі я вивчав також німецьку мову, але знаю її погано. 15. Де ви купили цей годинник? — Я купив його сім років тому в центральному універмазі.


Exercise 8 Виберіть правильну відповідь.

1. Jim an Sue … at school yesterday.

a. didn’t be b. was not c. were not

2. In the evening Sally … a cup of tea.

a. drink b. dranked c. drank

3. Rick … a student last year.

a. didn’t was b. didn’t were c. was not

4. … he … your letter?

a. does … answer b. did … answer c. did … answered

5. It … cold yesterday.

a. not was b. didn’t be c. was not

6. We … in that hotel last summer.

a. stayed b. stood c. staied

7. … you …. Your books to class yesterday?

a. Do … bring b. Did … brought c. Did … bring

8. Where … they … last week?

a. did … played b. did … play c. did … plaied

9. … at home yesterday?

a. Be Helen b. Did Helen be c. Was Helen

10. You … in London on Sunday!

a. was not b. didn’t be c. were not


Exercise 9 Виправте помилки.

1. They hurried to the station as they was late.

  1. When the phone rang, he get up and answered the call.
  2. Her child weren’t at school yesterday.
  3. When my friend suddenly speaked, I am jump.
  4. She didn’t got the ticket to the concert.
  5. Why did they left the city?
  6. He smokes much, but he wasn’t smoke before.
  7. When I come into the room, I switched the light on.
  8. We haved dinner and leaved the house.
  9. The jeanse she bought yesterday fitted her well.

Форми дієслова в Future Indefinite

Future Indefinite вживається для вираження одноразової, постійної або повторюваної дії в майбутньому.

Future Indefinite утворюється з допоміжних дієслів shall і will та інфінітива основного дієслова без частки to.

Допоміжне дієслово shallвживається в першій особі однини і множини, will-у другій і третій особі.


I shall work He will work She will work It will work We shall work You will work They will work

I shall come again soon. Я скоро знову прийду.

Дієслово willвживається для утворення Future Indefinite у всіх особах.

В усному мовленні замість shallі willзвичайно вживається скорочена форма 'll яка на письмі приєднується до підмета:

He'll be back in an hour. Він повернеться за годину.

У питальній формі допоміжне дієслово ставиться перед підметом:

Shall we come back here to sleep? Ми повернемось сюди на ночівлю?

When will he be at home? Коли він буде вдома?

У заперечній формі після допоміжного дієслова вживається частка not:

Не will not stay here. Він не залишиться тут.

В усному мовленні переважно вживаються скорочені форми — shan'tзамість shall notі won'tзамість will not:

I shan't go there. Я не піду туди.

She won't go to the theatre. Вона не піде в театр.


Число Стверджувальна форма Питальна форма Заперечна форма
Одн. I shall ask. You (he, she, it)will ask. Shall I ask? Will you (he, she,it) ask? I shall not ask. You (he, she, it) will not ask.
Мн.. We shall ask. You (they) will ask. Shall we ask? Will you (they) ask? We shall not ask. You (they) will not ask.


Exercise 1 Поставте речення у Future Indefinite.

1. The students have dictations twice a week. 2. I spend my summer holidays in the country. 3. Our engineer left for Kiev on Monday. 4. She agrees with him. 5. Our school year begins on the 1st of September. 6. We do our homework in the afternoon. 7. My brother is a driver. 8. I saw him at college. 9. We sleep in the open air. 10. Her husband worked at the factory. 11. They are at home. 12. I am busy on weekdays.

Exercise 2 Складіть речення

He She We You They 'll shall shall not (shan't) will will not (won't) ring you up start clean the room go to the circus visit them come back send a telegram tomorrow. in the morning. next week. on Sunday.


Will Shall he she we you they go to the theatre leave for Lviv study Spanish watch television go shopping finish school tomorrow? this evening? next year? on Saturday?



When Will build the factory?
At what time Shall he wait for you?
Where   she buy a computer?
    we have dinner?
    you play football?
    they grow rice?


What will shall I he she we you they do tomorrow? discuss at the evening? study next year? tell her? sing? build there?


Exercise 3 Поставте питання та заперечення до наступних речень

1. The meeting will begin at eight. 2. They will be in Donetsk the day after tomorrow. 3. She will cook breakfast for us. 4. We shall start at dawn. 5. The boy will be seven next year. 6. The plane will take off in five minutes.7. We shall climb the mountain next week. 8. I shall see you on Monday. 9. I'll buy a camera next month. 10. They'll tell us about it.

Exercise 4 Поставте питання до виділених слів

1. Our friends will come to see us today. 2. They will arrive in some minutes. 3. His parents will be at home after six. 4. The peace talks will be held next month in Vienna. 5. Jack won't go to the cinema because he is busy. 6. We'll play chess this evening. 7. We'll get up at seven tomorrow. 8. The plant will make agricultural machines.

Exercise 6 Дайте відповіді на запитання

1. At what time will you get up tomorrow? 2. What will you do tomorrow morning? 3. At what time will you come home from school? 4. When will you help your mother about the house? 5. When will you do your homework? 6. What will you do this evening? 7. At what time will you go to bed? 8. How old are you? How old will you be next year? How old will you be in three years? 9. When will you finish college? 10. Will you enter the university? 11. Will you go to the cinema on Saturday? 12. When will you go to the theatre? 13. Will you be busy tonight? Will you listen to the news before you go to bed? 14. Who will wake you up tomorrow?

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