Утворіть речення за поданими зразками, вживаючи Perfect Continuous Active.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Утворіть речення за поданими зразками, вживаючи Perfect Continuous Active.

1. Зразок: My brother began to do this exercise 20 minutes ago.

He is still doing it.

My brother has been doing this exercise for 20 minutes.


1. The teacher began to explain a new grammar material 15 minutes ago. He is still explaining it.

2. It began to snow 3 hours ago. It is still snowing.

3. I began to write this composition 2 hours ago. I am still writing it.

4. They began to talk 40 minutes ago. They are still talking.

5. She began to learn English 3 years ago. She is still learning it.

2. Зразок: He had been waiting for 20 minutes before I came.

How long had he been waiting before I came?

We had been playing chess for 40 minutes before my sister came.


1. You had been speaking over the phone for half an hour before we came.

2. He had been looking for the magazine for 20 minutes when his mother came.

3. The telephone had been ringing for several minutes when I entered the room.

4. He had been living in Odessa for 10 years when she came.

3. Зразок: I will have been playing the piano for an hour by 5 o’clock.

I will have been playing the piano for an hour before you come.


1. We shall have been working for three hours by 5 o’clock.

2. He will have been listening to music for 40 minutes by 2 o’clock.

3. They will have been learning English for 3 years by December.

4. I will have been training for 2 hours by 5 o’clock.

5. She will have been working in the garden for 2 hours by 4 o’clock.

4. Зразок: She is making an experiment for 2 hours (since 10 o’clock).

She has been making an experiment for 2 hours since 10 o’clock.


1. I am doing my English exercise for an hour (since breakfast).

2. He is waiting for a telephone call for 40 minutes (since 1 o’clock).

3. We are discussing this problem for 2 hours (since 10 o’clock).

4. You are writing a letter for an hour (since 9 o’clock)

5. They are working for 4 hours (since the morning).


Утворіть за допомогою поданих у дужках дієслів Perfect або Perfect Continuous. Перекладіть речення.

1. We have greatly (to change) our city.

2. We have been (to do) it by reconstructing its streets, squares, houses.

3. During the last years our city has been (to spread) out and (to change) its appearance.

4. The reconstruction has been (to go on) in a short period of time.

5. Many of the young builders who had been (to take part) in the construction of this Institute entered it as students.


- What you (to write)?

- I (to write) my composition. I (to write) it all morning and I (not finish) it yet.

- I (to finish) mine.


11.1. Визначте відповідну форму дієслова:

1. We … this device now.

a) tested;

b) are testing;

c) tests


2. By the end of 1898 these scientists … the element radium.

a) have discovered;

b) had discovered;

c) discovered


3. Scientists … this problem for 30 years by that time.

a) have studied;

b) had been studying;

c) studied


4. Electronics … already very important in production.

a) has become;

b) become;

c) was becoming


5. By this time tomorrow we shall … all the experimental part.

a) complete;

b) be completing;

c) have completed


11.2. Виберіть правильний варіант:

1. Scientists … properties of this element for a long time before their use.

a) will have been studying;

b) will study;

c) have studied


2. He … very interesting data by the end of the year.

a) has obtained;

b) was obtaining;

c) obtained


3. They … already this experiment.

a) have done;

b) did;

c) had done


4. You … at the Academy for 5 years.

a) have been studying;

b) are studying;

c) have studied

5. We … in Kyiv since September.

a) has been staying;

b) stay;

c) have been staying


11.3. Доповніть речення:

1. He had been parking his car for 20 minutes when we … .

a) come;

b) came;

c) shall come


2. He had been studying mathematics for 3 hours before I … .

a) come;

b) came;

c) shall come


3. They will have been playing chess for an hour before their parents … .

a) come;

b) came;

c) will come

4. The telephone had been ringing for several minutes when I … .

a) heard;

b) hear;

c) shall hear


5. She … TV for some hours since morning.

a) is watching;

b) has been watching;

c) has watched


6. We … this matter for 2 hours.

a) have been discussing;

b) have discussed;

c) discuss

The Verb. The Tense Forms in the Passive Voice.

Дієслово. Часові форми у пасивному стані.


Indefinite Passive


12. Утворіть речення у Indefinite Passive (to be + Participle II) від відповідних речень в Active за поданими зразками.

1. Зразок: Foreign students learn Ukrainian.

Ukrainian is learnt by foreign students.


1. She does grammar exercises.

2. The University trains specialists in different fields of science.

3. This student makes some mistakes.

4. He translates the text with a dictionary.

5. He helps the students in this work.


2. Зразок: They published a new article.

A new article was published by them.


1. We discussed a new film yesterday.

2. She told the news yesterday.

3. A famous writer wrote this novel.

4. Our students often visited the Art Museum.

5. They listened the lecturer with great attention.

3. Зразок: We will finish this work at 5.

This work will be finished at 5.


1. They will give an answer in some days.

2. The teacher will examine the students in June.

3. He will receive a letter tomorrow.

4. He will solve this problem in future.

5. Our group will carry out this experiment in a month.

4. Зразок: We sent for his brother.

His brother was sent for.


1. We always refer to this fact.

2. We listened to our teacher.

3. We shall agree upon our meeting.

4. They make use of these figures.

5. You will take better care of the children.


Continuous Passive Voice


Утворіть речення за поданими зразками, звертаючи увагу на утворення та вживання Continuous Passive.

1. Зразок: They are translating an article now.

An article is being translated now.

An article is not being translated now.


1. The students are preparing the homework.

2. She is correcting our tests.

3. The teacher is examining our group now.

4. They are completing this work at the moment.

5. We are writing a composition now.

2. Зразок: A new plant was being built in our city.

Was a new plant being built in our city?

Yes, it was. No, it was not (wasn’t).


1. The radio-set was being repaired all the day.

2. The letter was being written.

3. Hockey was being played by them at 5 yesterday.

4. The English text was being translated from 3 to 5 yesterday.

5. These questions were being discussed at this time p. m. Yesterday.

3. Зразок: You will be considering this problem at 10 o’clock tomorrow.

This problem will be considered at 10 o’clock tomorrow.


1. My friend will be explaining this rule to me at this time tomorrow.

2. She will be writing this letter from 10 to 12 o’clock tomorrow.

3. He will be making an interesting report at the conference tomorrow.

4. He will be seeing me tomorrow.

5. You will be answering her letter at this time tomorrow.

4. Зразок: The film is being spoken about (they).

They are speaking about the film.


1. He was being listened to with great attention (we).

2. My sister is being sent for (I).

3. This fact was being commented upon (newspapers).

4. This material is being made use of (our lecturer).

5. This conversation was being put an end to (we).


Perfect Passive Voice


Вправа 14. Утворіть речення за поданими зразками, звертаючи увагу на утворення та вживання дієслів у Perfect Passive:

1. Зразок: We have already made this experiment.

This experiment has already been made.


1. Our students have successfully passed this examination.

2. They have discussed this subject by the end of the lecture.

3. We have much learnt by the end of the academic year.

4. I have not written a report yet.

5. You have had your dinner by 2 o’clock.

2.Зразок: The work had been finished by the evening (they we, he).

They (we, you, he) had finished the work by the evening.


1. This lecture – room had been well – equipped by that time (they, we).

2. This text had been translated by 5 o’clock yesterday (he, they).

3. Everything had been repeated by Monday (we, you).

4. The composition had been written by that time (he, she, they).

5. A telegram had not been received by that time (you, I).

3.Зразок: The documents will have been typed by this time (the typist).

The typist will have typed the documents.


1. This grammar material will have been explained by the end of the lecture (the teacher).

2. This experiment will have been carried on by next month (our researchers).

3. This text will have been copied by 5 o’clock (she).

4. The book will have been returned to the library by tomorrow (he).

5. The exams will have been passed by June 15 (we).

4. Зразок: A modern University campus is being built now (by the end of this year).

A modern University campus will have been built by the end of this year.


1. The plan is being made now (by Monday).

2. This book is being read now (by the end of the week).

3. The questions are being answered by our teacher (by end of the lecture).

4. Many new books are being received by our library (by the end of the year).

5. This article is being translated now (by 6 o’clock).


15. Перетворіть речення Active Voice на Passive Voice:



1. Summerfield worked out the modern theory of metals.

2. Mendeleyev developed the Periodic Law of Elements.

3. Lomonosov had discovered the law of conservation of matter many years before Lavoisier.

4. Newton advanced the corpuscular theory of light.

5. Planck first proposed the quantum theory.

6. When Mendeleyev was constructing his table he left several blanks ( ).


1. They have already discussed this report.

2. Our students have learned much by the end of the academic year.

3. The research workers are carrying on this experiment in a scientific centre.

4. Our Academy is training many foreign students.

5. They have agreed upon the time of their meeting.

6. Thousands of people attended the meeting.

7. He will receive a lot of letters.



1. Many aspects of our life are using radioactive isotopes.

2. The kinetic energy of water drives the turbine.

3. Early transistors used point contacts.

4. By the beginning of the nineteenth century physicists had already produced powerful magnets.

5. Cold affects the green plants.

6. Chemistry is increasingly penetrating our homes.

7. Correct heat treatment will restore the correct structure.


16. Перетворіть речення Passive Voice на Active Voice:



1. These rules have already been explained by our teacher.

2. This text is being translated by my friend now.

3. Many new books have been received by our library.

4. Odessa is visited by lots of tourists from different parts of the world.

5. The letter was received by my parents yesterday.

6. A new experiment is being made by our scientists now.



1. The telescope was invented by Galileo.

2. The first chemical laboratory in Russia was founded by Lomonosov.

3. The wave theory of light was put forward by Christian Huygens.

4. The theory of the structure of electron was worked out by Dirac.

5. A theory of matter as composed of electrons was built up by the Dutch theoretical physicist Lorenz.

6. The fundamental conceptions of kinematics and dynamics were established by Galileo.

7. The photoelectric effect was discovered by Heinrich Hertz.



1. The gamma rays are affected by a magnetic field.

2. Elements are characterized by some properties distinguishing them from other substances.

3. Commercial oxygen is made by a process known as electrolysis of water.

4. Neutrons are characterized by the absence of charge.

5. A liquid will be transformed into gas by adding heat.

6. This new method is being studied by us.

7. The operation of semiconductor devices was greatly affected by temperature.


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