Перекладіть речення українською мовою.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Перекладіть речення українською мовою.

1. I knew that he was a student.

2. She said that she had never been to London.

3. He said that there were a lot of English books in his library.

4. The scientist told me that the experiment was not successful.

5. The engineer was informed that his article would be published in the newspaper. 6. They answered that she was translating the text.

7. He said that he could make the report.

8. The manager said that he would have to stay there for another week.

9. She said she could give me the book for a couple of days.

10. He said he would finish the translation that night if he had time.

11. They said there wasn’t much traffic on their street the previous year.

12. The librarian told me that I had to fill out those forms.

13. Scientists said they were going to Kyiv for the following weekend.

14. The secretary answered that Mr. Brown was speaking on the other phone.

15. John told me that Mary’s father was a man of wide experience.

16. Bill said that David Riley had scored 22 out of 44 points in the previous game.

17. Nick said they were going to Boston following year.

18. Mr. Brown told me that he would give a lecture next Thursday.

19. Nick said that the Georgetown team was as good as the Columbia team.

20. He said that he lived in Kyiv.


4. Перетворіть наступні речення з прямої мови на непряму:

Зразок: He said: “How does one determine the values?”→ He asked how one determined the values.

They said: “Such an idea never troubled us.” → They said (that) such an idea had never troubled them.


1. I asked, “What is the quarrel about?”

2. I asked "What is a Big Ben?"

3. He said, "I shall not help you."

4. The teacher asked the student, “What language did you study at school?”

5. He asked me, "Where do you work?"

6. They asked him, "Can you help us?"

7. Then brother B. said " I shall bet twenty pounds that the man will live thirty days and will not be arrested"

8. She said to me " John’s planning to graduate from a college next year "

9. He said " I hope the weather will be better next week "

10. Mr. Brown said, “I have seven visitors today.”

11. The secretary said, "Mr. Smith left a message for you yesterday."

12. Mr. Hailey said, "We celebrated the 80-th anniversary of Hemingway’s birthday in 1979."

13. The old teacher said to me, "It happened many years ago."

14. John said "My friend’s mother made me write a story for the writing contest last year."

15. Ann said to me "I’m going to Kyiv for the weekend."

16. Mary said, "We’ll come and pick you up tomorrow morning."

17. "You’ll have to make a hotel reservation in advance," Peter said.


Test „Перевір себе”


Виберіть правильний варіант

1 John said there ---------- much traffic on their street the previous year.

a. weren’t

b. hadn’t been

c. wasn’t

d. hasn’t been

2. The secretary said that Mr. Brown ---------------- on the other phone.

a. is speaking

b. was speaking

c. has been speaking

d. had been speaking

3. Mary said they --------------- to Boston for the following weekend.

a. was going

b. have been going

c. were going

d. had been going

4. She said she ------------ give me the book for a couple of days.

a. could

b. can

c. would

d. will

5. He said he ------------- finish the translation that night if he had time.

a. will

b. would

c. won’t

d. wouldn’t

6. The teacher explained that the task ------------ difficult.

a. weren’t

b. hadn’t been

c. wasn’t

d. hasn’t been

7. I was informed that my article --------------- published in the newspaper.

a. will be

b. were

c. was

d. would be

8. He answered that he --------------- translating the text.

a. has been

b. was

c. had been

d. were

9. I knew that he ---------------- a student.

a. had been

b. was

c. were

d. has been

10. She said that she ---------------- never been to London.

a. has

b. hasn`t

c. had

d. hadn`t

Conditional Sentences

(Умовні речення)

1. Відкриваючи дужки, напишіть кожне речення три рази, утворюючи умовні речення І, ІІ та ІІІ типів:

Зразок: If you (to be) free, I (to come) to see you.

If you are free, I shall come to see you.

If you were free, I should come to see you.

If you had been free, I should have come to see you.


A.1. If my friend (to come) to see me, I (to be) very glad.

2. If my mother (to buy) a cake, we (to have) a very nice tea party.

3. If we (to receive) a telegram from him, we (not to worry).

4. If you (not to work) systematically, you (to fail) at the examination.

5. If you (to be) busy, I (to leave) you alone.

6. If he (to live) in Moscow, he (to visit) the Tretyakov Gallery every year.

7. If she (to know) English, she (to try) to enter the university.

8. If the weather (to be) fine, we (to play) outside.

9. If you (not to disturb) me, I (to write) the composition quicker.

10. If they (to work) hard, they (to achieve) great progress.


B.1. The system (to fail) to perform unless the requirements (to be) met.

2. If we (to make) use of the new automatic device we (to have) great advancement in our work even last year.

3. If I (to be) you, I (to discuss) this problem once more.

4. If it (to avoid) in the other problems, “W” (to be) smaller by “x”.

5. If we (to rise) the temperature, the body (to expand).

6. If the equipment (to be provided) in time, we would (to have introduced) the new technology.

7. If the speed of light (increase), its mass (to be) infinite.


8. If the object (to be) reached, the method (to matter) little.

9. If this method of work (to be applied), the plan (to fulfill) in time.



2. Утворіть умовні речення:

Зразок: I didn’t translate the article yesterday because I had no dictionary.→

If I had a dictionary, I would translate the article yesterday.


1. He is busy and doesn’t come to see us. If ….

2. The girl didn’t study well last year and received bad marks. If … .

3. Mark speaks English badly: he has no practice. If … .

4. I had a bad headache yesterday, that’s why I didn’t come to see you. If … .

5. The ship was sailing near the coast, that’s why it struck a rock. If … .

6. The pavement was so slippery that she fell and hurt her leg. If … .

7. We lost our way because the night was pitch dark.. If … .

8. He is an excellent specialist, but I cannot ask his advice because I’m not acquainted with him. If … .

9. You can’t enjoy this merry evening party because you have a toothache. If … .

10. It rained hardly, so we got wet to the skin. If … .



3. Вкажіть типи умовних речень:

A. 1. If temperature falls below -1 С water will freeze.

2. He won’t finish his project on time unless he works hard.

3. We can deliver the machine in December on condition that we receive your order within the next ten days.

4. If you send us your catalogue of diesel engines, we shall send our order in a week.

5. If we know the strength of a structural material, we know what loads it can resist.

6. Mr. Brown still couldn’t find the matches, so he tried to find the window.

7. When he appeared in the box, the audience greeted him with a storm of applause and the performance was interrupted for a moment.

8. If a body turns on a fixed axis, it has a motion of rotation.

9. If you know how a pump works, you have a general idea of how other machines work as well.

10. If you read this book, you will get interested in space travel.


B.1.If you had visited our planet, you would see there a lot of production processes you had been explained at the lectures.

2. If it were necessary to attract attention of a ship passing nearly, they would make special light or sound signals.

3. If they were on a hijacked plane, they would stay calm and probably survive.

4. If you read yesterday’s papers, you would see the announcement of Professor X’s coming to our town.

5. The quantity of foods produced by the shop would be improved, if the equipment of the first line was modernized.

6. If you had repaired the engine, you would have left the port in time.

7. If he had received your letter, he would have answered it immediately.

8. If they used the new technology, the results of the research would be better. 9. If the molecules are acted upon by an electric field, there will be a motion of electrons due to this field.


4. Утворіть усі можливі умовні речення ІІІ типу, використовуючи підстановку таблицю. Перекладіть їх:

If I had 1)translated the article yesterday I would have found all about this discovery.
If he had 2)seen your brother the day before he would have asked him to come to our place.
If they had 3)bought a dictionary they would have translated the text.
If your brother had 4)had more practice in chess he would have   won the game yesterday.
If you had 5)lost my money you would have been very sorry.  
If our classmate had 6)taken your dictionary for a couple of days she would have   translated the German text.
If she had 7)had his telephone number she would have   easily settled this matter with him.
If we had 8)written the composition yesterday we would have been free now.  
If Sally had 9)been present at the lesson she would have   understood this difficult rule.
If Peter and Sam had 10)won a million pounds they would have spent it as fast as possible.


5. Перекладіть речення на англійську мову:

1. Якщо б ви знали граматику краще, ви б не зробили стільки помилок.

2. Якщо він буде у Києві, він заїде до нас.

3. Якщо б ми працювали більше учора, наша робота була б зараз готова.

4. Якщо я візьму словник, я перекладу цей документ скоріше.

5. Якщо ми не отримаємо вашої відповіді до серпня, ми передамо замовлення до іншої фірми.

6. Він буде дуже засмучений, якщо вони не приїдуть.

7. Якщо б ви тоді послухались моєї поради, ви б не були зараз у такому скрутному становищі.

8. Якщо б я добре знав англійську мову, я б читав Шекспіра в оригіналі.

9. Якщо її батьки розбагатіють, вони їй куплять автомобіль.

10. Якщо будівля мосту розпочнеться зараз , вона буде закінчена до наступного року.

6. Перекладіть речення на українську мову звертаючи увагу на умовні речення:

1. If you had not attended the lectures, you might not have passed your exams.

2. If function could be entirely eliminated, a body set in motion on a level surface would continue to move indefinitely.

3. If the experiments had been prepared more carefully, it would have given better results.

4. If the sun got its energy from ordinary chemical processes, it would not last for more than several thousand years.

5. If scientists use the new methods, they will have better results

6. If you look at the horizon immediately after sunset, you will often see a very bright star, Venus.

7. If there were no atmosphere, the surface of the earth would become very hot by day and too cold at night.

8. Provided all the data of the experiment had been important, they would have been tabulated.

9. If it were possible to live on the Moon people would be able to jump about six times as light as they could on earth.

10. If we had had time enough, we should have repeated our experiment.

11. If there were atmosphere and water on the Moon is would not probably be a dead world.

12. If I am working, I do not like to be disturbed.

13. It would have saved you a lot of time if you had prepared for your experiment more carefully.

14. If the molecules of water had been divided into smaller parts, it would not have been water any longer.

15. If the installation is put into operation in time, economic effect will be greater.

16. If there were no plants, there would be no food to eat, no oxygen-containing air to breathe.

17. If the fire equipment had been brought in time, the fire would have been put out quickly.

18. If the temperature hadn’t fallen below the boiling point, the boiling wouldn’t have stoppcol.

19. If a change in temperature of a liquid takes place, it will be indicated on the thermometer scale.

20. If the designers could develop a machine combining the advantages of a helicopter and an ordinary aircraft, a lot of problems of aviation would be solved.

21. If the ship comes, we shall inform you about it by telegram.

22. If the air were entirely composed of nitrogen, burning would be impossible.

23. If they went to Italy, they would bring us souvenirs.

24. If the equipment hadn’t been out of order, we would have finished our work in two days.

25. If the piston of a pump moves down, the air in the cylinder will be compressed.



7. Перекладіть текст, приділяючи особливу увагу умовним реченням:

Why are frosts so important? Why does it matter more when the temperature falls below 0° Centigrade than when it falls below 20° or -20°? The answer is because water is the commonest substance which undergoes a change of state within the temperature range where human life is possible. If we could live at such temperatures, the boiling point of water would be equally important.

Ice is lighter than water. That is to say water expands when it freezes. It even starts to expand a little before it freezes. This has a number of consequences. If ice were heavier than water it would fall to the bottom of ponds and of the sea. Shallow ponds would freeze solid. So would the Arctic Ocean. And very likely there would be ice at the bottom of even the tropical oceans. In fact the whole earth would probably be a lot colder; and perhaps the Venus, which is a good deal warmer than the earth, would be a more suitable place for living beings.

Test „Перевір себе”

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