Замініть подані у дужках прикметники на правильний варіант із ряду запропонованих.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Замініть подані у дужках прикметники на правильний варіант із ряду запропонованих.

1. Jimmy is (short) boy in his class.

a. shorter

b. shortest

c. the shortest

d. the shorter

2. Her eyes are (blue) as the sky

a. so blue

b. as blue

c. bluer

d. more blue

3. Polly is two years (old) than her brother.

a. as old,

b. oldest,

c. older

d. the oldest

4. But Polly is not so (tall) as her brother.


b. taller

c. the tallest

d. the taller

5. This task is (difficult) than that one.

a. as difficult

b. more difficult

c. the most difficult

d. so difficult

6. Den's dictation is (bad) than mine.

a. much worse

b. worse

c. the worst

d. much worst

7. Lizzy is (young) in her family.

a. the most young

b. the youngest

c. younger

d. the younger

8. Where is (near) post-office, please?

a. nearer

b. more near

c. the nearest

d. near

9. Ann's wages are (little) than her husband's wages.

a. littler

b. more little

c. less

d. the last

10. Pushkin is (famous) Russian poet.
a. more famous

b. the most famous
c. famouser

d. famousest


The Adverb


1. Прочитайте речення та підкресліть прислівники в них:

1. The pen is bad, it writes badly.

2. Here is a quiet place, you can work quietly there.

3. We must work hard in order to become good specialists.

4. We clearly see all the planets through a telescope.

5. Steel is heavier than aluminum.

6. Electricity has a wider use in industry than gas.

7. Metal is a more important building material than wood.

8. The stories by Jack London are more popular than those by Kipling.

9. The new motor is more powerful that the old one.

10. According to Einstein nothing can move faster than light.



2. Утворіть прислівники з наступних прикметників:

Pure, extreme, necessary, considerable, amazing, joint, whole, artificial, high, efficient, easy, bright, powerful, great, careless, aimless, clean, good, short, clever, silly, great, red black, white, thin, thick, fat, nice, warm, cold, merry, small, tall, high, weak, strong, heavy, light, green, dry, clean, dirty, wide, deep, brave.



3. Поставте прислівники на відповідне місце у реченні:

1. James reads to himself aloud (often).

2. I prefer swimming to rowing (very much).

3. The terrible noise ceased (after a while).

4. He disliked being kept waiting ( very much; long).

5. The old man remained deep in contemplation away (at once).

6. He lent me ten dollars, he couldn’t lend me more (often).

7. We caught sight of land (suddenly).

8. They came to a clearing in the forest (soon)

9. You have completed their order and will dispatch it (already; also).

10. She realized she was going in the wrong direction (quickly).

4. Поставте прислівники у дужках у вищий та найвищий ступінь:

1. He feels much (badly) today.

2. Now the ship was moving (slowly) than before the collision.

3. Which season do you like (well)?

4. The (much) you read, the (much) you know.

5. He has solved the problem (differently) than they.

6. This year he works (much) more at his English than he did last year.

7. He doesn’t speak so (fast) as you do.

8. They listened to the teacher (attentively).

9. I come home (late) on Mondays.

10. He did his work (much carefully).



5 Вставте відповідні прислівники: simply, fast, quietly, just, high, soon, today, still, also, usually, fine.

1. He walks … .

2. She will return … .

3 He would … do such a thing as that.

4. The sun is … going down.

5. The mouse peeped … out of its hole.

6. Mistakes are … made by careless people.

7. The child has … been ill with a cough.

8. The birds are singing ... all day.

9. The poor girl was crying … .

10. The tide is… rising.


6. Виберіть у дужках відповідне слово:

1. His heart was (deep, deeply) moved.

2. The tunnels of the Moscow metro are dug (deep, deeply) below the surface of the earth.

3. The idea seemed (high, highly) important to everybody.

4. The plane soared (high, highly) to get everything done as planned.

5. The mechanic (close, closely) examined the machine.

6. He approached me (closer, more closely) to hear me well.

7. He was (near, nearly) run over by the car.

8. He lives quite (near, nearly).

9. I have seen very little of him (late, lately).

10. You’ve come too (late, lately).

11. She always comes (pretty, prettily) dressed.

12. It is (pretty, prettily) difficult to speak to her.

13. Through a space in the trees I could see the house door; it was (wide, widely) open.

14. Nabokov’s works are (wide, widely) known throughout the world.

15. The station is (a long way off, far from) our house.

16. The scientist hasn’t come (else, yet).

17. My friend is (still, yet, else) here.

18. We walked (far from, a long way) yesterday.

19. The teacher can’t find his dictionaries (somewhere, anywhere, nowhere).

20. Where did you go after supper? – (somewhere, nowhere)

21. She was (deep, deeply) hurt by his words but didn’t say a word.

22. The coffee is (very much, very, too) hot to drink.

23. It is (near, nearly) 5 o’clock.

24. The Franc-Liberian railway is (longer, longest) than any other.

25. The twenty-second of December is (shorter, shortest) than other days.

26. The Neva is (wider, widest) and (deeper, deepest) that the Moskva River.

27. His plan is (more practical, most practical) than yours.

28. Silver is (heavier, heaviest) than copper.

29. Our house is (lower, lowest) than yours.

30. When the war ended, the reconstruction of Moscow was resumed on a (larger, largest) scale than before.

31. I couldn’t arrive (earlier, earliest) as I wasn’t allowed to drive (faster, fastest)

32. This woman should listen to her director (more attentively, most attentively).

33. This experiment should be carried out (more carefully, most carefully).



7. Перекладіть речення на англійську мову:

1. Дослідження Арктики вимагає напруженої роботи. Ми повинні напружено працювати, для того щоб бути добрими фахівцями.

2. Мені дуже потрібна ця книга.

3. Ми ясно бачимо усі планети в телескоп.

4. Клімат Арктики дуже холодний.

5. Камінь є твердішим ніж дерево.

6. Січень – самий спекотний місяць на австралійському континенті.

7. З усіх планет Марс знаходиться найближче до Землі.

8. Електрика має більш широке використання у промисловості ніж газ.

9. Метал більш важливий будівельний матеріал ніж дерево.

10. Мідь легше ніж срібло.

11. Алюміній є найлегшим з усіх металів.

12. Повітря необхідно для людини не менше ніж для рослин.

13. Чим більше я думав про план, тим менше він мені подобався.

14. Чим більше ми проводимо опитів, тим більше даних ми отримуємо.

15. Чим більше ви вивчаєте, тим більше ви знаєте.

16. Ця робота легше ніж та.

17. Цей роман більш захоплюючий ніж той.

18. Стаття цього автора цікавіша ніж стаття попереднього автора.

19. Наш новий директор більш зайнятий.

20. Цей телевізійний фільм гірше ніж попередній.

21. Це дуже легке завдання. Дайте мені більш важке завдання.

22. «Чотири» - добра оцінка, а «п’ять» - краща.

23. У минулому році серпень був тепліше ніж у цьому.

24. Граматика англійської мови легше, але вимова важче.

25. Сьогодні він почуває себе краще.


8. Перекладіть речення на українську мову:

1. The land heats faster, but it also cools faster than water.

2. The sun is more than one million times larger than the earth.

3. The weather Bureau publishes the highest and the lowest temperatures for some period in advance.

4. One of the most important things for the weather is to study the weather map.

5. Most students regularly attend lectures and work in laboratories.

6. Most forecasts are correct for large regions as well as for particular localities.

7. The nearer the earth the denser the atmosphere.

8. The more we study nature the more we know about it.

9. The stronger the winds the harder the conditions of work for the weather observers.

10. The more metal we produce the greater will be the strength of our country.

11. The atmosphere of the earth is denser than that of Mars.

12. In the daytime the temperature of the land is higher than that of the water, but at the night the temperature of the water is higher than that of the land.

13. The storms in the Polar regions are much stronger than those in the central part of the country.

14. The atmosphere of Jupiter is different from ours.

15. The territory of the Kara-Kum desert is as large as that of France and Holland.

16. They repaired the engine quickly.

17. He works hard.

18. The plane was flying high.

19. The ship moves slowly.

20. This pupil reads well.

21. Yesterday they stayed here for a long time.

22. I come home latest on Mondays.

23. Scientists and mathematicians have many symbols which make it easier to write mathematical statements.

24. She was afraid desperately she would miss her train.

25. He is a good boy and never gives any trouble.

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