Використайте іменники у присвійному відмінку множини.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Використайте іменники у присвійному відмінку множини.

Зразок: a student’s book → students’ books

1. a teacher’s table →

2. a class’s window →

3. a box’s side →

4. a kilometre’s distance →

5. a country’s capital →

6. a shop’s worker →

7. a ship’s crew →

8. an equipment’s part →

9. a system’s unit →

10. an Academy’s laboratory →


Використайте іменники у функції означення без прийменників. Перекладіть утворені словосполучення.

Зразок: supply of energy → energy supply

a term of four years → a four-year term

1) insurance of life →

2) a market of money →

3) watch made of gold →

4) a knife made of steel →

5) a gate made of iron →

6) a means of transport →

7) means of communication →

8) a plan for five years →

9) a note of ten pounds →

10) tax on income →

11) a reception desk of the hotel →

12) the centre of the city →

13) a garden of vegetables →

14) an English course for four weeks →


Тест “Перевір себе”

The noun

Розділіть іменники на три групи. Утворіть множину іменників.


-s -es нестандартні

a product, a pen, a match, a potato, a radius, a key, a map, a knife, a man, a melody, a phenomenon, a lady, a foot, an actor, a fox, a brother, a sheep, a datum, a child, a class


2. Виберіть належні займенники для наступних речень:

a) many b) much c) little d) few e) a few f) a little

1. There is …… milk in the cup.

2. Is there water in the vase? - Yes! There is …… .

3. Is there …… paper on the shelf? No, there is little.

4. There aren’t …… children in the park.

5. There are …… typists in the office. Ask them to type your letter.

6. Is there …… or …… juice in the bottle? - There is a lot of juice in it.

7. I have …… time. I can’t go to the park.

8. I have ……time. I can help you.

9. There are …… books on the table. Which book is yours?

10. She has …… books in English.


3. Використайте іменники у функції означення без прийменників:

Зразок: a book of my friend → my friend’s book

a note of five pounds → a five-pound note

1) the questions of the teacher →

2) the club of students →

3) the poems of Shevchenko →

4) the room of my parents →

5) the life of the generation →

6) the ring made of silver →

7) consumption of energy →

8) the flat of two rooms →

9) the capital of the country →

10) a bill of five dollars →


The Pronoun


Особові займенники

Вставте особові займенники: I, you, he, she, it, we, they


A.1. Nick is my friend. … is a student.

2. Kate is not a teacher. … is a doctor.

3. This is a dog. …is nice.

4. Peter and Jack are engineers. … work at the plant.

5. This is a cup. …is red.

6. Please give me a pen and a pencil. …are on the table.

7. I can’t find the newspaper. … is on the shelf.

8. There is a letter for you. …is from Tom.

9. Is the phone ringing? I can’t hear … .

10. “Titanic” is an amazing film. I haven’t seen … yet.


B.1. A solid body has a definite shape. …can’t be changed easily.

2. Liquid, vapour and ice are the three states of matter. …are the states of water.

3. When the temperature of oxygen falls below -183 C , …changes from a gas to a bluish liquid.

4. If we combine two or more elements, …form a compound.

5. The metric system was invented in France. … contains basic measuring units.

6. What does the word “molecule” mean? …means a little structure.

7. D.Mendeleyev was a great Russian scientist. …established the periodic table of elements.

8. Thermometers are used for measuring temperatures. …can be weather, medical and scientific thermometers.

9. Oxygen is vital to life; …is needed by our body cells.

10. When sodium (Na) and chlorine (CL) combine, ….form sodium chloride, or salt.

2. Заповніть пропуски особовими займенниками:


1. What are you? … am a programmer.

2. …are engineers.

3. …is a journalist.

4. Look at Jane! … is usually late for work.

5. I always have lunch in the office. … is big and light.

6. How old are you? … am 25.

7. Are … a student? No, I’m a teacher.

8. Is Victor a programmer? No, … is a lawyer.

9. Suzanne is from Italy . … is Italian.

10. What colour are his eyes? … are blue.


Замініть іменники особовими займенниками: It або They

1. Sodium chloride is a harmless white substance. … dissolves in water.

2. Every substance has a melting point and a boiling point. …are very important for the changes of state.

3. Boris and Peter have a good knowledge of mathematics. …are mathematicians.

4. The planet Mars is much less than the Earth…. are both in our Solar system.

5. Many students were present at the scientific conference. …made many interesting reports.

6. Iron and steel are both produced from iron ore. …are very important for the national economy,

7. Water is a substance made up of two gases, hydrogen and oxygen. …is used in all of its three forms.

8. Our laboratory is provided with all the necessary equipment. … is modern and new.

9. Scientists can’t do their research without experiments…..are done in laboratories.

10. The carbon dioxide in the atmosphere prevents the radiation. …is dangerous for living beings.

Присвійні займенники

1. Замініть особові займенники на присвійні за зразком:

Зразок:(We) table is in front of the window. –

Our table is in front of the window.


A.1. (She) … family is in London now.

2. Those are (we) … instruments.

3. This is a line, (it) … length is 1.5 metre.

4. (They) … children are at school now.

5. (We) … computers are new. You can use them.

6. (She) … sister is a nice lady. She lives in Kyiv.

7. Does (you) … brother play football?

8. This is the Smith family. (They) … daughter Mary is watching (she) … favourite TV programme now.

9. I saw a lovely dress in the shop window yesterday, but I didn’t see (it) … price.

10. Julie and Frank are so lucky. (They) … house is so beautiful.


B.1. (I ) … brother Peter is an engineer. (He)… profession is very important.

2. Is (you) husband a physicist? (He) … work is connected with recent achievements in science.

3. This surface has two dimensions: length and breadth. Please measure it using (you) …meter.

4. A robot must protect (it)… own existence.

5. “Intelligence” in a machine, as in a human, is best defined as (it)… ability to solve complex problems swiftly.

6. A machine can use (it) … intelligence to put medical diagnosis and resolve legal matters.

7. These are boxes. All (they)… angles are right.

8. This table is large, (it)… surface is equal to 4.5 square metres.

9. (We)… professor illustrates (he)… lectures with numerous examples.

10. Today we consider that intelligence of a computer is approaching (we)… human level.



2. Заповніть пропуски присвійними займенниками в абсолютній формі: mine, his, hers, its, ours, yours, theirs

A. 1. We are going to London to stay with an English friend of … (our).

2. I haven’t got enough diskettes. May I take …?(your)

3. Here’s my text-book? Where’s …?(her)

4. All these drawings are …(your), aren’t they? – No, only five are …(my).

5. Our neighbours have a good “jeep”. Usually I drive my father’s old car, but sometimes they give me …(their).

6. Why have you occupied these seats? These seats are …(our).

7. Peter has lost his pen. Ask Mrs.Brown if she will lend him …?(her)

8. Nick and Mary and a friend of …(their) are coming to see us.

9. Is this bag …?(your) Oh,yes, thank you. I nearly forgot it.

10. Rosie doesn’t travel by bus any more because she’s got a car of …(her).


B.1. This is my computer and that is …(your).

2. Victor doesn’t have a laptop computer. I can give him …(my).

3. That isn’t her computer error. It is …(his).

4. I am afraid that your laboratory is less equipped than …(our).

5. My brother is a scientist. I’ve some pictures of …(his) recently.

6. The clock’s mechanism is out of order, but …(it) parts are in order.

7. I don’t have new books about alternative sources of energy. May I take …(your)?

8.The brilliant scientist Lomonosov worked in the fields of physics, chemistry and language. We have a pictures of. ..(his) in our laboratory.

9. Air can be liquefied under pressure and cooling. This experimental study is not …(our).

10. The barometer is in order, but I can’t use it. It is not …(my).

Об’єктні займенники

1. Замість виділених слів вставте об’єктні займенники:

Зразок:Geometry is an important subject for technical students. – Geometry is an important subject for them.


A.1. Geometry is an important subject for technical students.

2. This book is for Mr. Black.

3. He showed the picture to my sister.

4. My friend is going to visit Nick and Pete on Sunday.

5. I am going to invite Norma to the theatre.

6. “ Let’s take my brother to McDonald’s tonight”, he said.

7. I would like to read a new book next week.

8. These are letters from our brothers.

9. They are going to have dinner with their friends tonight.

10. Will you send a fax to our manager, please.


B.1. The assistant professor always shows his experiments in the laboratory.

2. The rising water drives the turbines to generate the electricity.

3. In a fluid the attractive forces between the molecules are smaller.

4. Newspapers and magazines write about water pollution and air pollution.

5. Air is necessary for a living organism.

6. To separate portions of a solid body it is necessary to use a considerable force.

7. How does liquid state differ from gaseous state?

8. Scientists are interested in getting new knowledge.

9. Carbon dioxide consists of carbon and oxygen.

10. Liquids conduct heat worse than metals.

2. Вставте об’єктні займенники:

A.1. These are very good exercises. Do …(they) at home, please.

2. This engineer works with …(I). I know …(he) well.

3. Write these words out in your exercise-book, please and learn …(they).

4. Read this letter and translate … (it) into English, please.

5. I know this girl. She works with …(we).

6. Is he going to speak to …(we) about his new work?

7. Read these words and learn …(they) well.

8. I don’t know …(he). What’s his name?

9. The teacher gives …(we) a lot of homework.

10. My diskettes are at the office. Will you find …(they).


B.1. In the tropics the weather changes more from day to night . I know … (it).

2. Engineering is both a science and an art. It teaches …(we) specific knowledge, understanding and the use of laws.

3. They sent …(we) three types of thermometers: medical, weather and scientific.

4. He is going to invite …(they) to the experiment with the motor which produces a great amount of energy.

5. Will you give …(I) the barometer to determine the atmospheric pressure?

6. The student will define all the parameters if you tell …(he) the weight of the solid.

7. In case the new substance has the property to freeze quickly, tell …(she) immediately.

8. “Let …(we) attach a piece of rubber to one surface of the box”, - the laboratory assistant said.

9. Will you meet …(I) in Geometry Room? We need to hang some tables with geometrical figures on the blackboard.

10. I am going to invite …(you) to the lecture about Albert Einstein who got the Nobel Prize in physics in 1922.

Неозначені займенники

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