Вкажіть чи являється виділене жирним шрифтом слово прикметником або прислівником

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Вкажіть чи являється виділене жирним шрифтом слово прикметником або прислівником

1. The devices were solight that everybody could carry them.

2. The questions were so easy that everybody could answer them.

3. He answered all the questions easily.

4. Please speak loudly.

5. We went straight to Kiev without stopping anywhere.

6. You would write better if you had a better pen.

7. This rod is quite straight.

8. He has very little knowledge of the subject.

9. When I first came to Odessa, Ilittle thought that I should stay here so long.

10. We stay here a long time.

11. He works more and better than he used.

12. I have more books than you.

13. I am early riser; I go to bed early and get up early.

14. We talked very much that evening.

15. We haven’t had muchrain this month.

16. He is playing worse than usual.

17. The patent is worse this morning.



10. Вкажіть, в яких словах елементи –er виступає:

1) суфіксом іменника;

2) закінченням у вищому ступеню порівняння прикметника;

3) частиною слова:

Driver, summer, darker, father, easier, writer, weather, bigger, to deliver, faster,

other, never, under, lighter.

11. Утворіть вищий і найвищий ступінь порівняння від наступних прикметників і прислівників:

Large, hot, heavy, useful, far, good, bad, near, interesting, difficult, much, fast, hard.


12. Випишіть речення з прислівниками і перекладіть їх на українську мову:

1. Everybody knows that chemistry with its today’s possibilities is a young science.

2. But its history began several thousand years ago.

3. A great number of facts which are still useful in modern chemistry were discovered, in ancient Greece, Rome, and especially Egypt.

4. But that knowledge was practical.

5. There are other sciences (biochemistry, molecular biology, geochemistry, etc.) which have been considerably affected by the progress of chemistry.

6. Our scientists, are working jointly whit the chemical branches of industry.

7. The chemists­­– researchers have already succeeded in determining the place and the role of each atom in a complex bioorganic compound.

8. We are also reading quite frequently about the scientists who can retrace and organize the processes in living organisms and change hereditary properties by introduction of hereditary characters.


Використайте прислівник у відповідному ступені порівняння.

1. The scientist visit these meeting (frequently) than us.

2. Which of the students run (fast) at the contest.

3. Now I can see the ship (clearly) than before.

4. You ought to have told me (early).

5. The fire was put out (quickly) than we expected.

6. He speaks English (correctly) of all in my class.

7. The (much) you read the (soon) you enlarge your vocabulary.

8. The boy’s greatest ambition was to become a pilot and fly (high) and (fast) of all.


Test „Перевір себе”

Виберіть правильну форму прикметника, прислівника

1. Stone is ______________ than wood.

a) Hard;

b) harder;

c) hardly;

d) the hardest.


2. Of all the planets Mars lies _______________ to the earth.

a) nearest;

b) nearly;

c) nearlier;

d) near.


3. This machine works as _________ as that one.

a) better;

b) best;

c) well;



4. The _________ the nights, the ___________ the days.

a) longer, shorter;

b) longest, shorter.


5. Your experiment is ___________ than his experiment.

a) more important;

b) importanter;

c) the most important;

d) important.


6. In the daytime the temperature of the land is __________ than that of the water.

a) high;

b) higher;

c) highly;

d) the highest.


7. One of ___________ things for the weather forecaster is to study the weather map.

а) most important;

b) the importantest;

c) the most important;

d) important.


8. Is it ___________ to go there by car or by train?

a) cheap;

b) cheaper;

c) the cheapest;

d) more cheap.


9. Do you know that the Dead Sea is ____________ sea.

a) a salty;

b) a saltier;

c) the saltiest;

d) more salt.


10. The weather was not very ____________ yesterday, but it is _________ today.

a) good, better;

b) better, good;

c) the best, well;

d) well, the best.

11. Public transport in London is _____________ in Europe.

a) the expensivest;

b) the most expensive;

c) more expensive;

d) expensiver.


12. Do you think Americans are _____________ English people?

a) nicer than;

b) the nicest;

c) nice than.


13. The 22 nd of December is ___________ day in the year.

a) the short;

b)the shorter;

c)the shortest;

d) a shorter.


14.This is _____________ theatre in London.

a) an older;

b) the oldest;

c) the eldest;

d) the elder.


15. Go to the library if you need _______________ information.

a) father;

b) further;

c) farer:

d) the father



16. Life is ______________ it used to be.

a) so easy as;

b) more easy than;

c) easier than;

d) easiest than.


17.The problem was _______________ we expected.

a) seriouser than;

b) more serious than;

c) most seriousest;

d) more seriouser.


18. Let's go by train. It is much _________________ .

a) cheap;

b) cheaper;

c) the cheapest;

d) cheapest.


19._____________ I get, (happy) I am.

a) the older, the happiest;

b) older, happiest;

c) the older, the happier.


20.I earn _________________ money than he does.

a) littler;

b) more little;

c) less;

d) most little.

The Numeral



1. Утворить порядкові числівники:

Зразок: 1 (one) – the first (1-st ).

a) 2 (two) , 3 (three) , 4 (four), 5 (five );

b) 11 (eleven), 12 (twelve), 13 (thirteen), 14 (fourteen);

c) 21 (twenty – one), 22 (twenty – two), 23 (twenty – three), 24 (twenty – four)

d) 25 (twenty – five), 30 (thirty), 100 (a hundred).

2. Прочитайте наступні числівники та запишіть їх словами:

а) numerals : 3, 4 , 5, 7, 10;30; 80; 100; 103; 3; 200; 2045; 237;

b) fractions: 1/ 2 (km ), 1/3 (ton ) , 0.5 (km ), 3.152 (ton );

c) dates: in 1985 ; May 9, 1985; in 2005.

3. Перекладіть на англійську мову:

Сімнадцятий, двадцять п’ятий, шестисотий, тридцять четвертий, п’ята сторінка, десятий текст, шоста вправа, сьомий ряд, десять інститутів, одинадцять студентів, сторінка 256;

4. Прочитайте формули математичних рівнянь та запишіть їх словами:

a) X = a – b

X = a/ b

X = a

X2 = ab

b) M = P1x – P1 ( x-a1 ) – P2 ( x-a2 );

c) E = p/a =pl

1. Прочитайте та перекладіть на українську мову:


1. The lectures begin at 8.30.

2. The population of Great Britain is over 56 mln. People.

3. About 7,700,00,000 people speak English in the world as a first or a second language.

4. The Celsius scale divides the same range of temperature into 100 degrees.

5. Thus the freezing point of water on the Kelvin scale is 273.15 K.

6. He was surprised to know that the first steam engine had been used in Greece more than 2000 years ago.

7. Nearly 22,300 general – education schools are functioning in Ukraine.

8. The total area of the British Isles and 5000 small islands is over 244,000 square kilometers.

9. About 70,00,000 pupils attend general – education schools.

10. 50% of places in the higher schools are paid by students and the rest are paid by the state.

Test „Перевір себе”


1. I am busy on ____________ of October.

a. 23

b. the 23

c. 23th

d. the 23 rd


2. There are _____________ weeks in the month.

a. fouth

b. four

c. the four

d. a fourth


3. It is __________________ minutes to three.

a. twenty fifth

b. the twenty five

c. twenty five

d. a twenty five


4. He knows ______________ languages.

a. the two

b. two

c. second

d. a second


5. Our lessons begin at _______________ o’clock.

a. the nine

b. the ninth

c. nine

d. a nine


6. Fifty plus fifty is ______________.

a. hundred

b. a hundred

c. the hundred

d. hundredth


7. Three times seven is _______________.

a. a twenty one

b. twenty first

c. twenty one

d. the twenty first


8. Semenov and Kirsanov study in group _________________.

a. the 18

b. 18

c. the 18 th

d. a 18 th


9. We take ___________ English lessons every day.

a. the two

b. the second

c. two

d. a second


10. Forty divided by four is __________________.

a. ten

b. a ten

c. a tenth

d. the tenth


The Verb. The Tense Forms in the Active Voice

Дієслово. Часові форми у активному стані


Tenses Indefinite / Continuous Active

1. Утворіть речення за поданими зразками. Зверніть увагу на утворення та вживання дієслова“ to be”.

1. Зразок:

а) Who are you ? – Petrov

I am Petrov.

Who are these ? – my friends.

These are my friends.

b) What are you ? – a student

I am a student.

What are they ? – biologists

They are biologists.

c) Where are you from ? – Odessa

I am (we are) from Odessa


1. Who is this ? – my brother, my aunt.

2. What are they ? – students, workers.

3. What is your friend ? – an engineer, a chemist.

4. Where is he from ? – our native city.

5. Where are they from ? – Ukraine, Russia.

2. Зразок: He is absent today.

Was he absent yesterday ?

He was not absent yesterday.


1. We are at the laboratory.

2. I am at home.

3. He is present at the conference.

4. They are in the garden.

5. You are very careful today.


3. Зразок: Are you a student ?

Not yet. I’ll be a student.


1. Is he an engineer ?

2. Are you a doctor ?

3. Is she a teacher ?

4. Are we in Tenistaya – street ?

5. Is this our station ?

4. Зразок: I, not, be, shall, late

I shall be not late.


1. the table, are, our books, on;

2. not, Ukrainian, he, of, a teacher, is;

3. yesterday, was, were, he ?

4. lectures, in, we, after, the library, were;

5. will, tomorrow, where, you, be ?

6. the classroom, be the students, in, will.


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