Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!



Many skills are transferable: they can be transferred from one field to another. Such skills could include selling, writing and editing, speaking, organizing, supervising, managing, raising money, computer knowledge. Here follows the recommendation list of skills descriptions which can be relevant for a great number of positions:

1. Organizational and administrative skills.

1. Proven business management skills.

2. Excellent interpersonal, negotiating and persuasive abilities/skills.

3. Developed presentational skills both in writing and orally.

4. Strong leadership skills.

5. Ability to plan, manage, prioritize and complete assigned tasks.

6. Knowledge of correspondence, file and record management.

7. Knowledge of Western accounting.

8. PC working experience: … (Names of soft ware programs).

9. Knowledge of hardware and software market.

10. Computer literacy (proficiency) and good typing skills.

11. Fluency in English, near fluency in French.

12. Excellent command of both written and spoken English.

13. Good command of English and French.

14. Conversational English (not fluent).

15. Competent in French and English.

16. Working knowledge of German.

17. Technical literature reading skills.

18. Ability to translate written documentation into English and provide interpretation.

19. Ability to prepare, type, copy, and distribute documents, draft business letters and faxes, review correspondence for correctness.

20. Ability to schedule meetings, make appointments, make local and international travel arrangement.

21. Ability to maintain and periodically update divisions’ working files.

22. Driving license.

23. Mobility, communicativeness, sociability, the ability to work for a team.

24. The ability to analyse issues and to think strategically.

25. The ability to work independently in variable situations under minimal supervision.

26. The ability to work under pressure against tight deadlines, stress handling.

27. Computer literature (proficiency), including, but not limited to, the main computer programs and office equipment.

28. Skills of business and professional communication.

29. Skills of record management and business correspondence conduct.

30. The original skills of special documentation conduct.

31. Stable skills of oral and written interpretation on the professional level.


III. Here are some samples of different formats of resume. Hope they will help you within a process of employment.


Beatrice Conner

4256 Pine bluff Lane

Cleveland, Ohio 44120



A challenging office manager position in a result-oriented company where my organizing and people skills can be applied, leading to an operation management position.

Work experience

1987-Present   1985-1987     1981-1985 ADM Distribution Enterprise, Cleveland, Ohio Office manager of leading regional soft drink bottler. Coordinating all bookkeeping, correspondence, scheduling of 12-truck fleet service to 300 customers, promotional mailings, and personnel records, including payroll. Installing computerized systems. Meriwether, Hikes & Bradshaw Attorneys, Columbus, Ohio Office Supervisor and Executive Secretary for Douglas H. Bradshaw, Managing Partner. Supervising four clerical workers and two paraprofessionals. Automating legal research and correspondence functions, improving filing and dictation system, and assisting in coordinating outside services and relations with other firms and agencies. From Secretary, promoted three times in one year to Office Supervisor. Corner & Sons Custom Covering, Cleveland, Ohio Secretary in father’s upholstery and awning company. Performing all office functions over the years, running the office when the manager was on vocation.


  Mill Valley High School, Honors, Certificate 1984 McBundy Community College, Office Management, Automated Office Systems, Associate Degree 1986 Telecom Systems, Word Processing Seminar series, Certificate 1987


  Member of various professional associations; avid reader; enjoy sports, such as camping, cycling, scuba diving; enjoy volunteering in community projects.


Antonio Alvares

Two Seaside Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90026



Joining a cohesive team effort in county government that has a positive impact on the quality of life in constituent communities, particularly in terms of traffic management and control.



Coordinating multi-level projects within fixed time frame and budget restrictions; maintaining smooth and frequent communications under adverse conditions of competing political party interference; sustaining loyalty throughout.


Preparing strategic, long and intermediate range plans using latest computer models; gaining participation and commitment of all key groups in planning processes; establishing reporting points and methods for all milestones in statewide political campaign; integrating planning for financial, strategic actions, capital items, and breaking issues on an ongoing basis.

Problem solving

Writing position papers for contingencies and for direct appeal in a State Representative Campaign; facilitating 50 discussion groups to reach consensus; contributing to strategy sessions on three campaigns; and four months of coordinating community traffic pattern hearings.

Traffic management

Establishing computer-based modeling capability for 10,000 residents in a community traffic-control project; assisting in implementing a three-tiered measuring system for tracking inbound traffic volume in high-risk neighborhood; submitting three proposals, now under consideration, for traffic reform in targeted communities.


1988-Present 1987-1988 1982-1987 1978-1982 Valley System Research Co. Whittier Community Traffic Supply Project Federal Traffic Studies Grant Part-time staff of four political campaign U.S. Navy Lieutenant


Currently enrolled UCLA mid-program, M.S. Communications University of Oregon, B.S. Political Science Loma Linda Junior College, A.S. Journalism


Held various leadership positions in school and in community action groups. Special recognition for five years’ work on city and college task forces. U.S. Navy reservist.


T.L. Janeces

3609 N.W. 57 th Street

St. Louis, MO 63166



DAL Construction Company, St. Louis, Missouri, 1989-Present

Establishing automated on-site record system, improving communications and morale between field and office, saving 400 work hours per year, and reducing the number of accounting errors 20 percent. As foreman, developed a crew selected as “first-choice crew” by most workers wanting transfers. Completed five housing projects ahead of deadline and under budget.

St. Louis County Housing Authority, St. Louis, Missouri, 1987-1988 Summers

Created friendly, productive atmosphere among workers enabling first on-time job completion in four years and one-half usual material waste. Initiated pilot materials delivery program with potential savings of 3.5 percent of yearly maintenance budget.

Jackson County Housing Authority, Kansas City, Missouri, 1986

Produce information pamphlet, increasing applications for county housing by 22 percent. Introduced labor-management discussion techniques, saving jobs and over $ 21,000 in lost time.

Carnegie Brothers Construction Company, West Palm Beach, Florida, 1984-1985

Introduced executing methods, saving five percent of overhead coast on all jobs attracting a new $ 1.6 million client. Cut new worker orientation time in half and on-site accidents by one-forth through training and modeling designer behavior.

Payton, Darnbell & Associates Architects, Kansas City, Missouri, 1983

Developed and monitored productivity improvements, saving 60 percent on information-transfer costs for firm’s 12 largest jobs.


1988-1989 Washington University, B.C. English

1986-1987 Central State Missouri State University, English Major


High self-motivated manager. Single and willing to relocate. Avid reader and writer.

(Based on: Good Edward C. & William G. Fitzpatrick. Does Your Resume Wear Blue Jeans?; Jackson Tom. The Perfect Resume; Lewis Adele & David Moore. Best Resumes for Scientists and Engineers)





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