Разделите текст на логические части и озаглавьте их.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Разделите текст на логические части и озаглавьте их.


9. Прослушайте тексты и ответьте на вопросы:



  1. Where did V.Sukhomlinsky work?
  2. How long had he worked as the head of the school?


Vasily Sukhomlinsky worked as a teacher in a small Ukrainian village and became famous as an educationalist.

Sukhomlinsky had worked as the head of the Pavlysh school for 23 years. Sukhomlinsky’s scientific career started with the work on the book “Teacher’s Collective of a Secondary School”. Sukhomlinsky was Candidate of Pedagogical sciences and at the age of 39 he was elected a Corresponding member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences. Sukhomlinsky maintained that pedagogy is a science for both teachers and parents. Sukhomlinsky’s books have been translated into more than 60 foreign languages and languages of the Russian peoples. The heritage left by the great teacher is varied and many sided. It helps teachers to deal with the complex problems of teaching and bringing up children in the modern school.



  1. When and where was Makarenko born?
  2. How old was Anton when he was sent to the city school?
  3. Did he do well at the Institute?


Anton Semjonovitch Makarenko was born on March, 13, 1868 in the town of Belopolye in the Ukraine. His father was a worker. Anton was a very capable boy. He learnt to read at the age of five. When he was 12 years old he was sent to the city secondary school. Through his school years, and later in the pedagogical institute, he always stood at the head of his class. He graduated from the Poltava Institute with a gold medal. Makarenko was not only a remarkable teacher but also a well-known theoretician who made a great contribution to Russian pedagogics. At present many Russian teachers follow his principle in education.


Расскажите о Вашей специальности.


1. Прочитайте, запомните следующие слова и словосочетания:

рedagogics ["pedq'gOGIks] педагогика
psychology [saI'kOlqGI] психология
deeply interested in smth.   ['dI:plI] глубоко интересоваться чем-то
to be eager ['I:gq] стремиться
to master ['ma:stq] овладевать
a broad outlook ['brO:d 'autluk] широкий кругозор, мировоззрение
sympathy ['sImpqTI] симпатия, взаим-ное понимание, сочувствие
view ['vjH] взгляд, мнение, суждение
inquiring [In'kwaIqrIN] пытливый
character ['kxrqktq] характер
attitude ['xtItjHd] отношение, позиция
specialization ["speSqlaI'zeIS(q)n] специализация
quality ['kwOlItI] качество
to provide [prq'vaId] предоставлять, давать
condition [kqn'dISn] условие
creative [krI'eItIv] творческий
activity [xk'tIvItI] деятельность
to be engaged in smth.   [In'gqIGd] заниматься чем-либо
scientific ["saIqn'tIfIk] научный
research [rI'sq:C] исследование, научная работа
to reflect [rI'flekt] отражать
range [reInG] область, круг, сфера
undergraduate ["Andq'grxdjuIt] студент старшего курса
experience [Iks'pIqrIqns] опыт
inner ['Inq] внутренний
nature [neICq] природа
behavior [bI'heIvjq] поведение
to influence ['Influqns] оказывать влияние воздействовать
hereditary [hI'redItqrI] наследственный
environmental [In"vaIr(q)n'mentl] относящийся к окружению
additional [q'dIS(q)n(q)l] дополнительный
to do one’s best     делать все возможное
highly-qualified   ['haIlI'kwOlIfaId] высококвалифицированный
field [fI:ld] сфера, область
to be diversified   [daI'vq:sIfaId] быть разнообразным
psychological adviser   [saI'kqlOGIkql qd'vaIzq] психолог-консультант
post-graduate courses   [ "poust-'grxdjuqt kLsIz] аспирантура
to succeed [sqk'sJd] добиваться, достичь цели


Прочитайте текст.

My future speciality

I am a second-year student of the Bratsk State University, the Faculty of Pedagogics and Psychology. I’ve chosen psychology as my profession. In the near future I’ll graduate from the University and become a specialist in pedagogics or a psychologist. I want to work with people and try to understand them better. And, of course, it will help me to understand myself better, too. Also I think that psychology is a fast developing science and I’ll always have a job.

My future job will be connected both with pedagogics and psychology. As I’m deeply interested in these sciences, I’m eager to master my speciality.

What makes a good teacher? First of all, a teacher should have a true interest in children and love for them. He must be also a well-educated person with a broad outlook and deep knowledge of the subject. A teacher should have the qualities of sympathy, kindness and an inquiring mind. I think that a teacher is a person who is teaching as well as learning himself all his life. As for me I’d like to teach my pupils to develop their intellect, from their views and characters, their attitude to life and other people.

At the University we are taught various subjects, such as Pedagogics, History, Philosophy, the Russian language, foreign languages, Physical training, computer science and others. After two years of studying general subjects, specialization, begins. Our faculty provides all necessary conditions for developing the students’ creative activity.

Many students of our department are engaged in scientific work. The themes of the students’ research reflect the wide range of their interests. At the end of the fourth year the University undergraduates are sent for a few month to school to get some practical experience in teaching.

The profession of a psychologist deals with a person, his feelings, his inner world and studies a human nature and behavior. Most people still don’t realize the importance of psychology in every sphere of human life. For me, one of the central problems is the person’s character which is known to be influenced both by hereditary and environmental factors. I must study a lot of special and additional literature and do my best to become a highly-qualified specialist in my field.

My future profession is quite diversified and the graduates of our faculty can work not only at secondary schools, at the higher educational establishments but also at different offices as psychological advisors. They may continue their studies taking the post-graduate courses if they have a desire to become scientists.

I don’t know yet if I shall make a good teacher or be a succes in some other field of social life. But I’m sure that my knowledge received at the University will help me in my future work.


3. Найдите в тексте предложения со следующими интернациональными словами, прочитайте их и переведите; придумайте с ними свои предложения:


pedagogics, psychology, character, activity, sympathy, specialization, creative, nature, psychological, intellect;


4. Прочитайте текст еще раз. Найдите в тексте:

а) эквиваленты следующих слов и словосочетаний:


будущая профессия, быстроразвивающаяся наука, овладеть специальностью, глубокое знание предмета, пытливый ум, творческая активность, научная работа, характер человека, во всех сферах человеческой жизни, высшее учебное заведение, добиться успеха в будущей работе.

b) эквиваленты следующих предложений:


1. В качестве своей будущей профессии я избрал психологию.

2. Я также думаю, что психология – это быстро развивающаяся наука и что у меня всегда будет работа.

3. После двух лет обучения начинается специализация.

4. В конце четвертого курса студентов направляют на несколько месяцев в школу для того, чтобы получить практический опыт преподавателя.

5. Большинство людей все еще не осознают важность психологии во всех сферах человеческой деятельности.

6. Они могут продолжить учебу в аспирантуре, если хотят стать учеными.

7. Неизвестно, стану ли я хорошим учителем или же добьюсь успеха в другой области общественной жизни.

5. “Memory Test”. Восстановите по памяти на русском языке, в каком контексте встречаются следующие английские словосочетания:


1. a well-educated person with broad outlook;

2. to develop one’s intellect;

3. to reflect the wide range of one’s interest;

4. to be influenced both by hereditary and environmental factors;

5. to become a highly-qualified specialist.

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