Урок четырнадцатый (lesson fourteenth) 

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Урок четырнадцатый (lesson fourteenth)



phonetic: exercises

Before taking up the text read these words and word combinations:

1. 'object, caused, 'drawing, 'indicate, 'valid, 'maintenance, a'ssembly, consignment, con'formity, release, divisible,,consig'nee.

2. the sellers sell, pounds sterling, with the accepted standards,

there in, prices are understood, at the price of, at the rate of, in their specification, in three parcels, in favour of, an irrevocable Letter of Credit.




As a result of the talks held in London between the representatives of
Robinson and Co., Ltd. and Sojuzimport the following order was


Purchase Order

No. 46/41787-H22

Dated: March 16, 19... Transport No. 534-668

The Buyers: Sojuzimport Narjad No. 441/2603

Address: Smolenskaya-Sennaya PL, 32/34

Moscow The Sellers: Robinson and Co., Ltd. Address: 432, Oxford St.

London, Wl.

OBJECT OF ORDER: The Sellers sell and the Buyers buy the goods listed in the Specification attached hereto,* at the prices and in the quantities indicated therein.** The said specification forms an integral part*** of this Order.

* hereto — при сем 1
** therein в ней I письменные штампы, употребляемые в документах.

*** integral part — неотделимая часть

2. PRICES AND TOTAL AMOUNT: Prices are understood to be c.i.f. Petersburg. Total amount of this Order is £....

3. DATE OF DELIVERY: The goods are to be delivered in three parcels at the rate of one consignment each month. The first parcel is to be shipped in May.

4.PACKING: Export packing in conformity with the accepted standards.

5.MARKING: Each case is to be marked in weather-proof paint as follows:

Order No. 46/41787-H 22, Narjad No. 441/2603.

Transport No. 634-668.

Name of Shipper: Robinson and Co., Ltd.

Name of Consignee: Sojuzimport.

Case No. 1 (and up)*

Net weight:

Gross weight:

6. TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION: Two sets of drawings, assembly,

operation and maintenance instructions are to be shipped with the goods. One set is to be airmailed to the Buyers no later than 30th April.

7. TERMS OF PAYMENT: Payment is to be effected in English pounds
sterling by an irrevocable and divisible Letter of Credit to be valid for
90 days. The L/C is to be opened by the Buyers in favour of the Sellers
for the total amount of the Order with a London Bank within fifteen
(15) days after the Buyers receive notification of readiness and notifica­
tion that the necessary Export Licence has been obtained.

Documents required for payment:

6.Commercial Invoices (3)

7.Original Bill of Lading (1)

8.Packing Sheets (3)

9.Test and Inspection Certificate (1)

10.Copy of the Export Licence (1)

11.Insurance Policy (1)

8. GUARANTEE: 24 months after dispatch. Should the machines prove
to be defective1 during the guarantee period, the Sellers undertake to
replace or repair any defective part free of charge. The guarantee is not
applied to damage caused by improper storage or careless maintenance.
All other terms are stated in the General Conditions attached hereto.

For and on behalf of the Buyers Ivanov, President of Sojuzimport



Smith: Smith speaking.

Bogdanov: Good afternoon, Mr. Smith. Bogdanov of Sojuzimport here.

* case No. 1 (and up) — ящик 1 (и последующие)

Smith: Good afternoon, Mr. Bogdanov.

Bogdanov: We've got your cable to-day that the machines are ready for

the inspection and test. Smith: So when are your inspectors coming? Bogdanov: We suggest that you should test the machines without our

inspectors.* Smith: So you are waiving the inspection? Fine. Then we'll be able to

ship the goods earlier. Bogdanov: When are you starting the tests? Smith: The day after tomorrow, I think. The preliminary tests that we

made a fortnight ago were quite satisfactory and I hope we'll

be able to send the test report next week. Bogdanov: Splendid. We'll send "you our release note for shipment as soon

as we receive the test report. Smith: Right.


1. The machines proved to be defective. — Оказалось, что машины по­вреждены.

Не proved (to be) a very efficient


The goods proved (to be) damaged.



order n   заказ
dated adj   от такого-то числа
We have received your letter dated January 15, 2001.    
syn. зд. of      
Object of Order   предмет заказа
list v   вносить в список, перечислять в списке
Attach v   прилагать
aiiach to smth.   прилагать к чему-л. (документу, письму)
A catalogue was attached to their letter    
syn. enclose with smth.    
quantity n   количество (по отношению к неисчисляемым существитель­ным)
We can deliver the quantity of wheat required by you in two lots.    
syn. number n   количество (по отношению к исчисляемым существитель­ным)
What number of machines can you deliver to us?      
We suggest that you should test the machines without our inspectors.   Мы предлагаем Вам провести испытание машин без наших инспекторов.
in the quantity   в количестве
Can you ship us the goods in the quantities stated in our enquiry?    
indicate v   указывать (числе, количество)  
The quantity indicated in your offer is smaller than we expected    
total adj   общий, целый
The total quantity of cotton under the contract is 100,000 tons.    
amount n   сумма
amount v   составлять (сумму), равняться
amount to smth.   равняться чему-л.  
The bill amounts to one hundred roubles.    
at the rate of   в размере, в количестве
The Buyers are to pay for the goods in advance at the rate of 50 per cent of the contract value.    
consignment n   партия груза (обычно готовая к отправлению, находящаяся в пути или получаемая поку­пателем)
We hope that the first consignment will be delivered in the middle of the month as it is on board a ship now.      
syn. lot, parcel      
conform v   соответствовать
conform to smth., with smth.   соответствовать чему-л
The quality of the delivered goods does not conform to that of the sample on the basis of which the contract was concluded.    
conformity] n   соответствие
in (full) conformity with    
чем-л. в (полном) соответствии с      
The Buyers informed us that the machine-tools were in full conformity with the specifications.    
mark v   маркировать
marking n   маркировка
do marking   маркировать, сделать марки- ровку
Marking is to be done at the Supplier's plant.    
case n   ящик
weather-proof paint   несмываемая краска
shipper n   грузоотправитель
consignee n   грузополучатель
weight n   вес
The weights of the three cases are 50, 75 and 90 kgs respectively. The weight of this case is 840 pounds.    
net weight n   вес-нетто  
gross weight] n   вес-брутто
set«   комплект
set | of instruments j of documents, etc.We asked them to deliver five sets of instru­ments.    
drawing   чертеж
assembly instructions   инструкция по сборке
We cannot put into operation the machines delivered under Contract No. 25/732 as we have not yet.receivedyour drawings and assembly instructions
assemble v   собирать (машину, станок, прибор)
The tractors under order 32/553 will be assem­ bled next month.    
effect v   осуществлять, производить
effect | payment | shipment    
Shipment is to be effected in the middle of May.    
syn. make payment, shipment    
divisible adj   делимый
divisible letter of credit   делимый аккредитив
A divisible letter of credit is opened if the goods are shipped in several lots.    
valid adj   действительный, имеющий силу
The Letter of Guarantee is valid for three months.    
original bill of lading   оригинал коносамента
packing sheet   упаковочный лист
A copy of the Packing Sheet is to be put in each case.     syn. packing list, packing note  
insurance policy   страховой полис
insurance company   страховая компания
insure v   страховать
insure smth. with an insurance company   застраховать что-л. в страхо- вой компании
What insurance company have they insured their goods with?    
defective adj   дефектный, поврежденный, неисправный
During the test some parts proved defective.    
undertake (undertook, undertaken) v   обязаться, взять на себя обяза- тельство
The Sellers undertake to eliminate all the defects found during the guarantee period.    
replace v   заменить
The Sellers promised to replace defective parts in the shortest possible time    
replace smth. by smth   заменить что-л. чём-л.  
replacements n   сменные части, запасные части
repair v   чинить, ремонтировать
Where can I have my watch repaired?    
repairs и   ремонт, починка
The repairs are to be made by the Sellers.    
free of charge   бесплатно
Samples are usually sent free of charge.    
damage n   повреждение, вред, ущерб
damage to smth.   повреждение чего-л
The damage to the machine-tool was caused by poor packing.    
damage v   повреждать; наносить ущерб
The insurance company had to pay for the machines damaged on board a ship.    
storage] n   хранение на складе, складиро- вание
You are to pay for the storage of the goods,    
careless adj   невнимательный, неаккурат- ный, небрежный careless man
mistake storage packing, etc. Some machines were damaged at the port because of careless storage.    
for and on behalf of smb   от имени и по поручению кого-л.  
Mr. Brown signed the document for and on behalf of "American Engineering, Ltd."    
waive (test, inspection) v   отказаться от (испытания, осмотра)
I think we can waive the test of the machines at the Sellers' plant.    
release noteybr shipment   разрешение на отгрузку (доку- мент)
As soon as we receive a release note for ship­ment we'll start shipping the goods.    
Supplementary List    
occur (occurred) v   происходить, иметь место
expenses n   расходы
expenses on smth.   расходы по чему-л., на что-л
storage expenses   расходы по складированию в
in transit   пути



1. Say from what verbs these nouns are:

instruction, requirement, paint, payment, dispatch, inspection, replace­ment, damage, indication, conformity, guarantee, operation, signature, cause, specification.

П. What are the English equivalents for (see the text):

1. Товар должен быть поставлен тремя партиями, по одной пар­тии в месяц. 2. Экспортная упаковка в соответствии с принятыми стандартами. 3. Каждый ящик маркируется несмываемой краской по следующей форме. 4. Гарантия не распространяется на быстро изнашивающиеся части.

Ш. Paraphrase or explain (see the text):

a) paraphrase the words and word combinations given in bold type:

1. The Buyers buy the goods listed in the specification attached hereto.

2. The goods are to be delivered in three parcels. 3. Packing is in conformity
with the accepted standards. 4. Payment is to be effected in pounds sterling.
5. The Sellers undertake to replace or repair any defective part free of charge.

b) explain the meaning of the words and word combinations given in bold type:

1. Prices are understood to be c.i.f.Petersburg. 2. Export packing is to be
in conformity with the accepted standards. 3. The Consignee is Sojuz-

import. 4. Net weight, gross weight, packing sheets. 5. Payment is to be effected by an irrevocable and divisible Letter of Credit. 6. The guarantee does not apply to damage caused by improper storage or careless mainte­nance. 7. Case No. 1 and up.

IV. Add tail-questions to these sentences and answer them:

1. They are waiving the inspection. 2. Prices are understood to be c.i.f. London. 3. Packing is to conform to the accepted standards. 4. Each case is marked in two languages. 5. The Sellers undertake to replace or repair any defective part free of charge. 6. You will not be able to ship the goods earlier.

V. Change these sentences according to the given models:

Model 1: The quality of the goods conforms (does not conform) to the world standards.

The quality of the goods is (not) in conformity with the world standards.

1. The technical characteristics of the Machine-tools conform to the specifications. 2. The quality of the Cotton (хлопок) received under Con­tract No. 53/348 does not conform to the standards. 3. The capacity of the Drilling Rigs does not conform to that stated in the catalogue. 4. The effi­ciency of the Turbine fully conforms to our requirements.

Model 2: The firm is to ship the goods in the middle of June.

The firm undertakes to ship the goods in the middle of June.

1. The firm is to open a Letter of Credit within ten days after they receive the Notification of Readiness. 2. They are to obtain an import licence within 20 days. 3. We are to deliver the goods in five lots at the rate of one consignment each fortnight. 4. The firm is to replace the goods free of charge if any defects are found during the guarantee period. 5. The factory is to complete the work in two months.

Model 3: The book was interesting.

The book proved (to be) interesting.

1. The machines were defective. 2. The transaction was profitable. 3. The machines were in conformity with their requirements. 4. He is an efficient engineer. 5. The game was thrilling. 6. The defence of "Dynamo" was excellent.

Model 4: The goods were packed yesterday.

We had the goods packed yesterday.

1. His car is to be repaired next week. 2. All the cases can be marked today. 3. The bill of lading will be made out. 4. The damaged parts have been replaced free of charge. 5. The insurance policy is to be received to-morrow. 6. A set of drawings and assembly instructions has been airmailed.

VI. Insert the words number or quantity:

1. Unfortunately we cannot deliver the... of machines enquired by
you. 2. What... of cotton (хлопок) do you need? 3. The... of oil (нефть)
delivered from Russia is increasing from year to year. 4. In January

we bought five drilling rigs and in July we shall buy the same....5. We can deliver wheat (пшеница) in the... required by you.

VII. Fill in prepositions or adverbs where necessary:

1. I hope they have received catalogues enclosed... our letter... December 25. 2. Please attach... the letter a list of firms we are doing business with. 3. We are prepared to sell cotton... the quantity indicated... your enquiry. 4. The quality... the goods is to conform... that... the samples... the basis... which the contract was made. 5. Payment is to be effected... an irrevocable divisible Letter of Credit which is to be valid... 2 months. 6. Which company have you insured the goods...? 7. The firm replaced the defective machines... new ones free... charge as they proved to be defective. 8. The damage... the goods occurred... unloading. 9. Who is to sign the contract... and... behalf... the firm? The President is away... present. 10. We shall send you a release note... shipment next Thursday if no defects are found... the test. 11. We under­take to deliver the goods... four lots... the rate... one lot... month. 12. The total value... the contract amounts... £....

Dear Sirs,

We regret to inform you that the examination... the Wool delivered... s.s. "Ob" has shown that the quality does not conform... the samples... the basis... which the contract was concluded.

Besides the total weight... the Wool does not correspond... the weight indicated... the Original Bill of Lading.

... view... the above we hope that you will replace the Wool... the Wool which will be... full conformity... our enquiry and... the quantity ordered... us.

We would be greatly obliged if you would look... the matter immediate­ly as the storage... this large quantity presents considerable difficulty.

Yours truly, Sojuzimport

we regret — с сожалением; wool —. шерсть; to present — представлять со­

VIII. Say in what situations these words and word combinations are used in the text:

dated, total amount, consignment, to do marking, consignee, gross weight, set, divisible, to be valid, insurance policy, to insure, expenses, careless, release note for shipment.

IX. Paraphrase these sentences using the active vocabulary:

1. The first lot under Contract 1273 has been shipped this week. 2. I am afraid we cannot ship the goods in the quantities stated in your order. 3. The

Sellers will supply new parts instead of the defective ones and the Buyers are not to pay any money for that. 4. The machine-tools were manufactured in accordance with the Buyers' specification. 5. The Buyers informed us they were not going to inspect the goods. 6. Two machine-tools were broken in transit. 7. The Sellers will eliminate all the defects in these machines. 8. When is the Bank to make payment? 9. The damage was caused by improper handl­ing of the machine. 10. The firm promised to eliminate all the defects within a week.

X. Fill in articles or possessive pronouns where necessary:

Recently Machinoimport placed... order with Jackson and Co.,

Ltd. for 15 Machine-Tools Model AB-25. In accordance with... contract
signed by Machinoimport Jackson and Co., Ltd. undertook to deliver

... goods in three parcels at... rate of one consignment... month.... first parcel was to be shipped in July.... Sellers guaranteed that... goods would be in conformity with... technical specification of... order and there would be no defects in design, material and finish. If... goods prove to be defective during... period of 18 months of... date of putting... machines in operation or 24 months of... date of shipment or if... capac­ity of... goods proved to be inferior to that specified in... order,... Sell­ers undertook to eliminate... defects promptly free of charge or to replace... defective parts within... shortest possible time. It was agreed that... Sellers are to deliver... replacements to any Russian Port named by... Buyers,... cost of transport and insurance was to be paid by... Sellers.

XI. Change these indirect questions into direct ones,.answer them and sum up the answers:

Ask A: 1. If they have ever received damaged goods. 2. What the

cause of the damage was. 3. Where the damage occurred. 4. If the firm eliminated the defects or replaced the defec­tive goods. 5. How long it took the firm to do it.

Ask B: 1. How their goods are usually packed. 2. In what way they

mark cases. 3. If their goods require special marking. 4. If the Buyers sometimes ask for special packing or marking of the goods.

Ask C: 1. What a packing sheet is. 2. Why it is necessary to put a

packing sheet in each case. 3. If sheets are ever missing. 4. In what way drawings and all kinds of instructions are usually sent.

Ask D: 1. If they have ever had to pay storage expenses. 2. What

they were caused by. 3. What the sum amounted to.

Ask E: 1. If the weight of the delivered goods may be different

from that indicated in the bill of lading. 2. What can cause the difference. 3. In what wayfthe matter can be settled.

XII. Translate into English paying attention to the words given in bold type:

1. Платеж производится по безотзывному, делимому аккреди­тиву против оригинала коносамента, счета, страхового полиса и

акта заводского испытания. 2. Мы не можем собрать оборудование, так как до сих пор не получили от фирмы комплекта чертежей. 3. Почему вы считаете, что повреждение товара произошло вследствие небрежной упаковки? 4. Мы полагаем, что они откажутся от испы­таний, и это даст нам возможность отгрузить станки раньше срока. 5. Узнайте, почему фирма задерживает отправку «разрешения на отгрузку». 6. Расходы по складированию товара составили..., эта сумма указана в счете, приложенном к их письму. 7. Кто произ­ведет ремонт станков, поврежденных в пути? 8. Общая сумма рас­ходов по упаковке оказалась очень высокой. 9. От имени и по пору­чению Союзэкспорта контракт подписал председатель объедине­ния. 10. Мы решили застраховать товар в той же страховой ком­пании, в которой мы страховали товар по контракту № 18/911. 11. В ящике № 1 нет упаковочного листа. 12. На какой срок открыт аккредитив? 13. Сообщаем Вам, что до настоящего времени мы не получили инструкций по сборке, уходу и эксплоатации машин. 14. Мы надеемся, что фирма пришлет сменные части на следующей неделе.

Уважаемые господа!

Мы получили товар по контракту № 1543 и должны сообщить Вам нижеследующее:

Вес нетто 3 ящиков за №№ 20/10, 30/15, 14/10 не соответствует весу, указанному в оригинале коносамента. Вес недостающего то­вара составляет 15 кг.

Кроме того, качество товара в 2 ящиках за №№ 18/10, 15/6 оказалось ниже качества образцов, на основе которых был под­писан контракт. Мы считаем, что Вы должны заменить этот товар другим, качество которого соответствовало бы качеству образцов.

Надеемся получить от Вас ответ в ближайшем будущем.

С уважением» недостающий — short-shipped



ХШ. Retell the text.

XFV. a) Reproduce the dialogue: a) as it is, b) in indirect speech.

XV. Imagine you are the Buyers. What would you do if...

.1. the machines you bought proved to be defective. 2. the goods you or­dered were damaged in transit. 3. the Sellers could not replace the damaged parts in time. 4. you wished to waive the inspection. 5. the Sellers did not send you the necessary sets of drawings, assembly, operation and mainte-

nance instructions. 6. the capacity oft he delivered machines did not conform to your specification. 7. the results of the preliminary tests were not satisfac­tory.

XVI. Read and discuss the letter. Do the assignments given below.


Dear Sirs,

We have received your letter dated January 2,19... and the documents attached to it.

You write that the damage to the Machine-tools delivered to us by S.S. "Svir" occurred in transit and therefore you advise us to apply to the Insur­ance Company with whom the goods were insured.

We are sorry to say we cannot agree with you. We think the damage to the Machine-tools occurred during packing. If the Machines had been dam­aged in transit the packing would have been damaged as well. However during the examination at the port of destination our inspector did not find any de­fects in packing.

We have been doing business with your firm for a long time and this is the first time we have received defective Machine-tools from you. We hope that you will either replace these machine-tools or repair them free of charge. We are looking forward to your early reply.

Yours faithfully, Smith and Co.

by S. S. "Svir" — пароходом «Свирь»; die port of destination — порт назначения Assignments

3.Meet a representative of the firm and settle the matter.

4.Write a reply to the firm.

XVII. Read and reproduce the dialogue: a) as It is, b) In indirect speech.

A. Let's discuss the guarantee period.

B. We guarantee the good running of the machines within 15 months of the
date of putting them in operation but not more than 18 months of the
date of delivery.

A. I see.

B. It's self-understood, we expect you to observe our operation and mainte­
nance instructions.

A. No doubt we shall. Within what period of time will you eliminate the de­
fects if there are any?

B. Within the shortest possible time.

A. I'd like you to be more exact on the point.

B. Well, within two months' time. Will it be all right?
A. That suits us.

XVIII. Render these letters in English and discuss them:

Уважаемые господа!

Подтверждаем получение Вашего запроса на сверлильные стан­ки от 10 апреля с. г.

В ответ на Ваш запрос сообщаем, что мы смогли бы выполнить Ваш заказ и поставить станки в полном соответствии со специфи­кацией, приложенной к запросу.

В своем запросе Вы не указали количество требующихся Вам станков, поэтому нам трудно точно определить даты поставки.

Мы могли бы отгружать требующиеся Вам станки по одной партии в 5 станков каждый месяц. Отгрузка первой партии может быть произведена в начале июня.

Согласно Вашей просьбе мы можем выдать Вам гарантию на вышеуказанные станки на срок в 24 месяца со дня отгрузки.

Качество машин высокое, и наши постоянные покупатели очень хорошего мнения о них. Что касается упаковки, то мы обычно упако­вываем эти машины в прочные деревянные ящики.

Маркировка производится согласно общепринятым стандартам. Если у Вас есть какие-либо предложения в отношении маркировки или упаковки, мы с удовольствием примем их.

С уважением, Lake and Co.

прочные деревянные ящики — strong wooden cases

Уважаемые господа!

Благодарим Вас за Ваш запрос от 23 января относительно пше­ницы. Имеем удовольствие предложить Вам... тонн пшеницы.

Вышеуказанное количество предлагается по цене... за тонну сиф английский порт.

Отгрузка может быть произведена шестью партиями по одной партии в месяц.

Платеж должен производиться против отгрузочных докумен­тов из безотзывного делимого аккредитива, который Вы должны открыть на наше имя в Народном Банке в Лондоне на полную стоимость товара сроком на 7 месяцев.

Все остальные условия указаны в прилагаемой форме кон­тракта.

Это предложение делается нами твердо, при условии Вашего подтверждения в течение 15 дней от даты этого письма.

С уважением^ Союзэкспорт.

· пшеница — wheat; при условии вашего подтверждения — subject to your confir­mation



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