Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!






Before taking up the text read these words and word combinations:

a) 'journal, 'excellent, 'purchase, re'liable, re'quest, su'perior, in'ferior, com'petitor, /diaracte'ristics, public'ations, ,specifi'cations

b) in the journal the advertisement we are interested

sit down the above machine an engineer of our de-

your lowest price in view of the above partment

w w they are in great de-




The latest model of cutter1 prpduced by Messrs. Smith and Co. was
advertised in the journal "Industry" of August, 19 .... The advertisement
said that the machine tool had excellent working characteristics and was
reliable in operation. Sojuzimport hoped that the advertised machine-

tools were superior to those offered by other firms2 and they immediately sent the following enquiry to Messrs.3 Smith and Co.

Moscow, September 21, 19 ...

Messrs. Smith and Co., London

Dear Sirs,

We are interested in Cutter Model GH-66 advertised by you in the latest issue of the "Industry".

We shall be obliged if you will send us a tender for the above Machine-Tool. Please quote your lowest price and state the time of delivery and the most favourable terms of payment. The price for the Machine-Tool is to be quoted f.o.b. English port.

We also request you to send us specifications and all your publications.

We should also like to inform you that Mr. Sokolov, an engineer of our department, is visiting the London Industrial exhibition next month and will get in touch with your firm to start talks for the purchase of the Machine-Tool required by us.

We are looking forward to your early reply,4

Yours faithfully,


Sokolov: We've carefully studied all the technical data we got from you. Model GH-66 is just what we need.

Black: I'm pleased to hear it.

Sokolov: But I'm sorry to say that your price seems too high.

Black: I'm afraid I can't agree with you here. Our price is quite reason­able if you consider the superior quality of our machine-tools. Besides prices for this type of equipment are going up. These machine-tools, as you know, are in great demand now.

Sokolov: Yes, we know that. We're in close touch with the world market.

But your competitors quote lower prices.

Black: I'm afraid we can't reduce the price. However, we could grant

you a discount, if you order more than 10 machine-tools.

Sokolov: What discount could you give us?

Black: About 3 per cent.

Sokolov: I see. Now, could I see the machine-tool in operation at your


Black: That can be easily arranged. Ill see to it.

Sokolov: Thank you. As to the price I think we'll settle it after we have

seen the machine-tool in operation.



1. The latest model of cutter. В данном сочетании перед названием
оборудования артикль не употребляется.

2. Sojuzimport hoped that the advertised machine-tools were
superior to those offered by other firms.

Чтобы избежать повторения существительного (machine-tools), упомянутого в начале предложения, употребляются местоимения that (those).

Your prices are higher than those of your competitors.

The quality of our goods is superior to that of the goods offered by other firms.

3. Messrs. ['mesaz] является сокращением от Messieurs (француз­
ское «господа»). Messrs. употребляется перед названием фирмы,
в которое входят имена собственные. В настоящее время, однако,
имеется тенденция опускать его.

Stockley & Co. Ltd.

London, S.W.

4. We are looking forward to your early reply. —Мы надеемся, что
скоро получим от вас ответ.



journalп   журнал (специализирован-ного типа)
Could you recommend any journals on agri­culture?    
Заметьте: The "Export Trade", the "Industry", the "Chemical Engineering Industry" are journals.The "Look" is a magazine,    
machine-tool n   станок
excellent adj   отличный, превосходный
excellent man book journal    
working characteristics   рабочие характеристике
What are the working characteristics of this machine-tool ?    
reliable adj   надежный, прочный
We've been doing business with them for a Jong time, and we know that the firm is a reliable one.    
superior adj   лучший, хороший
be of superior quality   быть высокого качества
This equipment is of superior quality.    
be superior to   быть выше, лучше (по качеству) чем ...
The quality of Model B-70 is superior to that of Model B-65.    
ant. inferior adj   худший, плохой
be of inferior quality   быть низкого качества
This model is of inferior quality, they say    
be inferior to   быть ниже, хуже (по качеству) чем...
The quality of the goods is inferior to that of the sample    
issue n   номер (газеты, журнал*)
Have you seen the latest issue of the "Economist"? There is an interesting article there.    
be obliged   быть благодарным, признательным
We shall be obliged if you will send us your catalogues.    
tender n   предложение (как правило на машины и оборудование)
syn. offer, quotation    
<he above [эЪлу]   вышеупомянутый
the above letter      
equipment goods order contract, etc.We are interested in machine-tools G-21, H-23,GH-26 as the above machines have excellent working characteristics.    
in view ofibe above   ввиду вышеизложенного
In view of the above we cannot reduce the price.    
state v   указывать, сообщать
In their letter of the 2nd March they stated their terms of payment and delivery dates. We have to state that the quality of the goods delivered by you is not in accordance with the sample.    
as stated above   как указано выше
As stated above the preliminary tests are to be made in two days.    
request smb v   просить кого-либо
We request you to quote your c.i.f. prices.    
syn. ask    
request n   просьба
meet one's request   удовлетворить чыо-л. просьбу
We are sorry we cannot meet your request as we do not produce this model any longer.
at one's request по чьей-л. просьбе
At the firm's request the goods will be shippeda little later.
specification n спецификация
I believe you have already studied our specifi­ cation of the machine-tool,
publications n pi зд. вся литература (по опре- деленному опросу)
get in touch [MJ] with smb. связаться с кем-л
Will you get in touch with Mr. Smith and make An appointment for Friday please.
be in touch with smb быть в контакте с кем-л.
agree у соглашаться
agree with соглашаться с кем-л., разделять чье-л. мнение
I believe everyone agrees with you (with your plan).
agree to соглашаться на что-л. (принять чей-л. план, условие и т. д.)
We can't agree to your price, it is too high.
consider v принять в расчет, во внимание
fact that we are going to order thirty machine- tools.
Your discount is not much if you consider the
go up v подниматься, расти (о ценах)
type тип, вид
Prices for this type of equipment are going up now.
go down v падать, понижаться (о ценах)
Prices for machine-tools B-22 will go down as they are not in demand on the world market.
close adj тесный, близкий
I believe you know that there are close relations between our firms. I believe you're in close touch with Brown & Co.
Grant v предоставлять, давать
We shall grant you a discount if you order more than twenty machine-tools
syn. give
grant one's request удовлетворить чью-л. просьбу
syn. meet one's request
as to prep что касается
As to the prices we find them quite reasonable. syn. as regards

Written Speech Patterns Used in Business Language

as stated above…   как указывалось выше
in view of the above ../   ввиду вышеизложенного
we are pleased to offer you as follows: ...   имеем удовольствие предло жить вам следующее...




1. a) Say from what verbs these nouns are;

production, exhibition, operation, quotation, information, accommo­dation, addition, department, advertisement, appointment, arrangement, equipment, requirement, shipment

b) Give the nouns corresponding to these verbs:

to reply, to purchase, to request, to visit, to dance, to stage, to wonder, to wish

I. What are the English equivalents for (see the text):

1. Последняя модель режущего станка, изготовленная фирмой >шт и Ко., ... 2. Машина надежна в эксплуатации. 3. Мы будем очень признательны вам, если вы вышлете нам предложение ... 4. Господин Соколов приедет в Лондон на промышленную выставку в следующем месяце ... 5. Он свяжется с вашей фирмой ... б. На­деемся получить от вас ответ в ближайшем будущем. 7. Модель ДН-бб — это как раз то, что нам нужно. 8. Очень рад слышать это. 9. Цены на этот вид оборудования повышаются (растут).

Ш. Paraphrase or explain (see the text):

a) paraphrase the words and word combinations given in bold type:

1. The advertised machine-tools were superior to those offered by other firms. 2. They immediately sent the following enquiry to Smith & Co. 3. We also request you to send us specifications and all other publications. 4. Mr. Sokolov is visiting the London Industrial exhibition next month. 5. He will get in touch with your firm. 6. We are looking forward to your early reply. 7. We've carefully studied all the technical data we got from you. 8. We could grant you a discount.

b) explain the meaning of the words and word combinations given in bold type:

· We also request you to send us all your publications.

· We're in close touch with the world market.

IV. Add tail-questions to these sentences and answer them:

1. You've read the advertisement in the latest issue of the journal.

2. The delivered goods were of inferior quality. 3. We cannot agree to the
terms of payment stated in their offer. 4. The machine-tool is reliable in
operation. 5. The specification wasn't enclosed with their order. 6. They
will grant us a discount if we increase the order. 7. The delivery dates were
changed at their request. 8. He's got in touch with Mr. Camp.

Fill in prepositions and adverbs:

1. We request you to get ... touch ... Mr. Smith concerning the Purchase ... the above machine-tools. 2. The second lot ... the goods

received ... us yesterday is ... inferior quality. 3. The quality ... the wheat (пшеница) shipped ... Contract No. 21/182 is inferior ... that ... the samples ... the basis ... which the contract was concluded. 4. We are interested ... machine-tool L-5 as machine-tools ... this type are reliable ... operation. 5. Prices ... chemical equipment are going ... as it is ... demand ... the world market. 6. We shall be able to get the necessary in­formation concerning the latest model ... this machine-tool as we are ... close touch ... the firm who are producing it. 7. We cannot agree ... your price as the world prices ... this type of equipment are going ... 8.1 am sorry but I cannot agree ... your point of view (точка зрения) on this problem. 9. ... view ... the above we shall not be able to grant your request. 10. ... our request the firm remedied the defects ... the machine tools delivered ... Contract No. 15/193.

VI. Fill in articles or possessive pronouns where necessary:

1. We find ... quality of ... delivered goods inferior to that of ... samples on ... basis of which ... contract was concluded. 2. We have just received ... latest issue of .. • journal "Chemical Engineering". There are ... few interesting articles in it. 3. We have sent ... specifications and publications required by you by ... mail. 4. We are sending ... latest catalogues and price-lists to Brown & Co. at ... request.

Dear Sirs,

We are interested in ... Turbines (турбины) advertised by you in ... "Industry" of ... 1st April. We shall be obliged if you will send us all ... information concerning ... above model. We also request you to quote ... lowest price,. ... most favourable terms of ... payment and to state ... shortest possible time of ... delivery. We wish to know as well if you grant ... discount to ... buyers who purchase more than 3 Turbines.

Dear Sirs,

We thank you for ... enquiry of .... 23rd March for ... Turbines
Model AB-66. We are enclosing our catalogue which gives all particulars
concerning ... model required by you. ... price of ... Turbine is ... c.i.f.
Manchester. Payment is to be made by ... Letter of Credit which you are
to open with ... Bank for Foreign Trade . We can ship . •.

Turbines from Murmansk in May-April this year. We are prepared to grant you ... four per cent, discount if you order more than three Turbines. All ... other terms are stated on ... enclosed form of ... contract.

VII. Say in what situations these words and word combinations are used in the text:

excellent, superior, state, request, consider, go up, in close touch, grant a discount, as to.

Paraphrase the words and word combinations given in bold type; use [the active vo­cabulary: 1. Our equipment is of high quality. 2. The quality of this boiler is

higher than that of the previous model. 3. We shall be very much obliged

if you will contact the firm. 4. I'm afraid we cannot accept your price. 5. The world prices for these goods are increasing. 6. I'm sorry we can't give you a twenty per cent discount. 7. We ask you to send us samples of oil (нефть) as soon as possible as we are interested in buying it. 8. As regards the Letter of Credit it will be opened next week.

IX. Complete these sentences:

1. We shall be obliged if ... 2. You'll be satisfied with the quality of the machine as ... 3. The machine advertised in the journal "Electric Motor" has ... 4. In view of the above we cannot ... 5. Please get in touch with the firm and find out.. .7. We request you to send us ... 8. The firm stated in their letter that ... 9. As stated above we can't agree to your terms ... 10. Our representative is leaving Moscow this week ... 11. If you consider the high quality ...

X. Make up sentences according to these models, use the verbs given in brackets:

· They have already examined the samples sent by the firm, (to adver­tise, to state, to request, to require, to purchase)

· All the points discussed during the talks have been settled, (to con­sider* to grant, to quote, to enclose, to conclude)

XI. Translate these sentences paying attention to the words and word combinations given in
bold type:

1. «Что вы сейчас делаете?» — «Я просматриваю спецификации, полученные со вчерашней почтой». 2. В настоящее время цены на мировом рынке на этот тип станков падают, так как они не пользу­ются большим спросом. 3. К сожалению, мы должны заявить, что качество поставленного вами товара ниже качества образца, на основании которого был заключен контракт. 4. Мы будем призна­тельны, если Вы сообщите нам название и адрес организации, являющейся экспортером товара, который нас интересует. 5. Цены на товар, предложенный фирмой, выше цен, указанных другими фирмами, б. Вы будете удовлетворены качеством наших машин, так как они имеют отличные рабочие характеристики и надежные эксплуатации. 7. Я не могу согласиться с Вами, что цены на этот тип оборудования будут расти. 8. Мы заинтересованы в за­купке оборудования высшего качества. 9. Я хотел бы, чтобы вы связались с этой фирмой сами и выяснили, когда их представитель приез­жает в Москву. 10. В вышеупомянутом письме Вы указали, что постараетесь сделать все возможное, чтобы доставить машины, заказанные нами по контракту от 25 января 20 ..., без задержки. По просьбе господина Брауна мы встречаемся завтра в пять часов дня.


Мы внимательно рассмотрели Ваше предложение и хотели бы сообщить Вам следующее: Нас удовлетворяют технические данные

и рабочие характеристики предложенных Вами станков, но мы не

можем принять указанную Вами цену, так как она гораздо выше цен Ваших конкурентов. Мы могли бы разместить у Вас заказ, если Вы согласитесь снизить Вашу цену на 10%.

Надеемся получить Ваш ответ в ближайшем будущем.

XII. Make up sentences using these words and word combinations:

to be obliged, to grant a request, to be in close touch with, to be superior to, to go down, to grant a discount, as stated above, to get in touch with, as follows, in view of the above.



ХШ. Retell the text.

XIV. Reproduce the dialogue: a) as it is, b) in indirect speech.

XV. Turn these indirect questions into direct ones, answer them and sum up the answers:

· Ask A.: 1) the purchase of what machines his company is interested in; 2) if they have received any tenders for the machines of this type; 3) if the working characteristics of the offered machines meet their requirements; 4) what firm they are going to place their order with.

· Ask B: 1) what goods they are exporting; 2) if the goods sold by them are of superior quality; 3) if they are in close touch with the market; 4) if the market situation is favourable for their goods. Why?

· Ask C.: 1) if goods of inferior quality have ever been deliv­ered to their customers; 2) if buyers ever agree to accept goods of inferior quality; 3) on what condition they agree to accept them.

XVI. Say whether you agree or disagree with these statements. Give your reasons:

1. If you see a machine-tool in operation no specification is required.

2. You quote the most favourable terms of payment only to your regular
buyers. 3. You do not study any instructions before you put the equipment
bought by you into operation. 4. It is easier to sell goods than to buy them.
5. If the goods are in great demand on the world market prices for them
go up.

XVII. Give extensive answers to these questions:

1. What information caa buyers find in advertisements? 2. In what case will you ask the firm to show you their machine-tools in operation?

3. What is a tender? What is usually stated in it? 4. In what case can prices
of goods go up? 5. Why is it necessary for our companies to be in close
touch with the world market?

XVUI. In what circumstances you would say:

1. What can I do for you? 2. See you soon! 3. Meet my friend, Mr. Bobrov. 4. Have a good time! 5. Not at all. 6. That suits me very well.

7. That's all right. 8. It was a real pleasure for me to do it. 9. Don't mention it. 10. It doesn't matter. 11. The pleasure is mine. 12. Would you mind re­peating it? 13. It's quite all right.

XIX. Read and discuss these letters:

Dear Sirs,

We thank you for your letter of the 6th January and are pleased to in­form you that we are interested in the purchase of Chipboard that you offer. As this is our first transaction please,, send us a small sample so that we may see the quality, and if it meets our requirements we shall send you our enquiry. We find your price somewhat higher than that of your competitors. If you could reduce it-we would be very much obliged to you. As the above Chipboard is required by us as soon as possible we should also like to know when you could deliver it. We are looking forward to your early reply.

Dear Sirs,

We thank you for yourletterand are pleased to give you all the partic­ulars concerning the purchase of Chipboard from us. We are sending our samples by separate mail and hope their quality will meet your requirements. As to the price we cannot agree with you that it is high. We ask you to con­sider the fact that prices for these goods are going up on the world market. Our Chipboard :s also of superior quality. However as we hope to establish close business relations with you we could grant you a 5 per cent discount. The Chipboard can be delivered in May. All other terms are stated in our General Terms and Conditions. We hope that you will agree to them and send us your enquiry.

XX. Read and reproduce the dialogue: a) as it is, b) in indirect speech:

A. I'm sorry to say I've got some bad news for you.

B. What is it? Anything wrong with the machines?

A. Yes, you're right. The point is we are not satisfied with the result of the
test made at our. factory. -

B. May I see the Test Report?

A. Here it is. You ~ee the working characteristics are not so good as we
expected. The capacity is somewhat lower than that stated in the specif­

B. I'm surprised to hear it. As you remember the preliminary tests at our
factory showed excellent results. Are you quite sure that the tests at
your factory were made in accordance with our instructions?

A. I think so, though I didn't take part in them myself.

B. Let's make another test in the presence of both your and our inspectors.
A. All right. When could it be arranged? I'd like it to be done as soon as

possible. -B- We'll try and do our best to make the necessary arrangements this week. A. Fine.

wrong—неверный, неправильный; capacity—мощность; to be sure—быть уверен­ным; in the presence of—в присутствии

XXI. Render tills letter in English and discuss it. Pay attention to the words and word
combinations given in bold type:

Уважаемые господа!

Мы внимательно рассмотрели Вашу просьбу о снижении нашей цены на 10%, но, к сожалению, мы не можем этого сделать. Как вы знаете, наши станки пользуются большим спросом на мировом рынке, так как они отвечают самым высоким мировым стандартам, имеют отличные рабочие показатели и надежны в эксплуатации! Кроме того, Вы, конечно, связаны с рынком и заметили, что цены на наши машины несколько возросли за последние три месяца. Что касается Вашей ссылки на цену наших конкурентов, то мы согласны, что она несколько ниже нашей, но Вы должны принять во внимание, что качество материала из которого сделаны их стан­ки, значительно ниже качества материала наших станков. Ввиду вышеизложенного мы не можем согласиться, что наши цены не­обоснованно высоки. Однако, если Вы пожелаете увеличить свой заказ до 15 машин, мы могли бы предоставить Вам 5% скидку. Надеемся получить Ваш ответ в ближайшем будущем.

С уважением»

сделать из чего-л. — to be made of; ссылка на что-л. - reference to

XXII. Finish these situations:

1. In the latest issue of the "Engineering" you read an advertisement about the latest model of the machine-tool you are interested in. The above advertisement said .... 2. The latest model of Compressor was advertised in a German journal. As Messrs. Brown and Co. were interested in buying compressors of this type .... 3. Mr. Smith has come to Moscow to discuss the price for compressors offered by Sojuzexport. As these compressors are in great demand on the world markets ..

XXIII. Make up situations or dialogues using these words and word combinations:

1. Impressions of a new model

to be satisfied with, excellent, working characteristics, reliable, to be of superior quality, to be favourably impressed, in operation, to be up to standard, to be in demand

2. The discussion of the price

to be interested, purchase, to quote high prices, to state, to go up, to be in close touch, to reduce, to be regular buyers, to agree, request, to increase the order

3. Granting a discount

to examine, to state, to find defects, inferior to the sample, to return, to reduce the price by 20%, to agree to, to accept

XXIV. Make up dialogues based on the following assignments:

1. You have read an advertisement concerning the goods you are in­terested in. Get in touch with the firm and ask them about all the particulars. 2. Ask the firm to make you an offer for the equipment you are interested in. 3. Discuss with the firm the quality of the samples as you are going to place an order on some of them.

XXV. Compose letters according to these assignments, use the patterns given in brackets.

· Write a letter to the sellers and state that you have read their adver­tisement of the new model and you have got interested in it. You would like them to send you all particulars concerning the delivery dates and the discount, (the advertisement said, we shall be obliged if you will ..., as stated above, to be prepared, we are pleased to learn, to look forward to, reply)

· Compose a letter to your regular Buyers and inform them that you have started producing a new model of ..., give its characteristics, (to wish to inform, to be pleased to offer as follows, we shall be glad if you will ..., yours faithfully)

XXVI. Read and retell these stories. Answer the questions given below.


A rich businessman was dying. He asked all his family to leave him alone with his partner who had been in the same business with him for years. The rich man considered him a reliable partner and an excellent man. The dying man wanted to tell him something important and he did not want anybody to hear their conversation. "George," the man said when they were left alone. "I'm dying.... I must tell you. Listen, please. I've always been bad to you. When you were away on business two years ago, I took a big sum of money from the safe and never put it back. I've always tried not to let you be a success in business. I've greatly disliked you all my life. You, certainly, remember that plan of yours. I did my best to fail it. You thought that the changes in business had caused its failure, but it wasn't so. The real reason was quite different. I had sold your secret to another company for a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Oh, George, forgive me, please." "Don't worry, Jim," said George, "That's all right. I've also got to tell you some­thing. I was not so reliable as you thought I was. It was I who put poison into your soup at dinner yesterday."

to die — умирать; to fail — проваливать; failure ['feilpj — неудача, провал; to forgive (forgave, forgiven) — простить; poison — яд; sum — сумма


1. Can you call the partners "friends"? Why not? 2. Why did they dis­like each other? 3. Why couldn't they become close friends?


Joe and Delia both loved art. Joe came to New York to study paint­ing. Delia left the little town she was born in for New York to study music. Joe and Delia met at the friend's studio. In the evening the studio was always crowded with young artists who were fond of talking about painting, theatre and music. Delia attracted Joe's attention the moment he saw her. They often met at the studio and soon got to know each other well. A year later they were married. They were very happy, they had their art and they had each other. But one day they found that they had no money. Delia said she had to give music lessons and she started looking for pupils. A few days later she came home very pleased with herself. "Joe, dear," she said. "I have found a pupil. She is the only daughter of a famous architect. I'm to give her three lessons a week. The family is rich, they'll pay me five dollars a lesson!" However Joe was not happy about that. He did not want his wife to work, he wanted her to study and be a famous pianist.

A week later Delia brought home fifteen dollars. To her surprise Joe put four five dollar bills on the table too. "I've sold one of my paintings to a gentleman from the country," he said, "and he asked me to paint another picture for him."

Every morning Joe went to Central Park to paint his pictures and came back only in the evening. One Saturday evening Joe came home before Delia. Delia was late. When she appeared her right hand was bandaged and she looked very tired. "What's the matter?" — asked Joe. "The architects's daughter invited me to dinner after her lesson and she spilled some hot sauce on my hand. She was very sorry about that. Oh, Joe, did you sell another picture?" she asked when she saw the money on the table. "I did. And I'm going to sell some more next week," Joe added. "At what time did you burn your hand, Delia?" "About five. The iron ... I mean the sauce was ready about five. Why ?" "Darling," Joe took her hands in his, "where are you work­ing? Tell me!" And she told him the truth.

Delia could not find any pupils and as she very much wanted Joe to study painting she had to work in a laundry. Delia pressed shirts there. "How did you know I wasn't giving music lessons?" she asked. "I sent up these bandages this afternoon for a girl who had burnt her hand with an iron. I'm working in the machine room of the same laundry."

(After O. Henry)

pianist ['pjaenist] — пианист; to bandage ['baendidsl — перевязывать; bandages — бинты; to spill — проливать; sause [sas] — coyc; to burn (burnt, burnt) — обжигать; iron [aisn] — утюг; I mean [mm] — я хочу сказать; darling—дорогая; to tell the truth [tnr.6] — сказать правду; laundry ['bsidri] — прачечная


1. Why did Delia start looking for a job? 2. Why was it difficult for Joe to sell his pictures and for Delia to find pupils? 3. Why did Joe not tell her the truth about his work in a laundry? 4. What do you think of their love for each other? 5. Do you think their life will change in future?

V. Ask and answer questions using the given model, use the verbs given below:

Model : Are they travelling in the Caucasus now? How long have they been travelling there? Нате they travelled a lot? When did they travel there? Were they travelling in the Caucasus when you met them? How long had they been travelling there before you met them? Had they travelled in the Crimea before they came to the Caucasus? Do they travel much? Are they travel­ling next summer?

(to paint, to consider, to dance, to hold a meeting, to play, to improve)

VI. Translate these sentences into English: ~

1. Все утро идет дождь. Боюсь, что мы не сможем поехать за го­род. 2. Последние три месяца цены на эти станки растут. 3. Уже несколько дней мы думаем (планируем) о том, как провести отпуск. 4. Зрители аплодировали до тех пор, пока ведущий актер не поя­вился на сцене. 5. Мы изучали предложение фирмы Смит и Ко. на станки несколько дней, прежде чем решили принять его. 6. Я по­лагаю, он может перевести эти спецификации. Он уже три года изучает французский язык.



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