Things we can do on the computer 

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Things we can do on the computer


  • A secretary: 'I use computers to do the usual office things like write letters and faxes, but what I find really useful is email. We are an international company and I send emails to our offices all over the world.'
  • A publisher: 'We use PCs to produce all sorts of texts in digital format. We publish e-books (electronic books) and interactive e-learning programs on CD, and we help a local company to design an online newspaper, displayed on the Web.'
  • A bank manager: 'We use financial software to make calculations and then generate graphs or charts. We also use a database to store information so that it can be easily searched.'
  • A home user: 'I like to retouch photos on my computer; I improve them by making a few touches and then save them on a CD. 1 also enjoy looking at music portals on the Web. 1 surf the Web every day and I often download files, I copy music files from the Net to my PC.'



**Task Complete these sentences with words from A opposite.

1) The……….. is a piece of software that interfaces with your PC and allows

you, via keyboard commands, to get any text information read to you in synthetic speech.

2) A…………. - , as popularized by virtual reality, lets the

user immerse him/herself in a synthetically generated environment.

3) An……… is a touch-sensitive device where a special pen or your

finger can act as a mouse.

4) Tony Adams is now the proud owner of a dark silver Vogue, complete with leather interior,

……………. navigation, and a …………with LCD TV screens.


**Task Which computer use in A do these pictures illustrate?


**Task Read B opposite. What problem do these sentences refer to?

1 We are sorry to announce that most flights are delayed or cancelled.

2 He should go to a psychologist. He spends hours surfing the Web.

3 Technology changes so quickly that we have to scrap computers when they become obsolete.

4 I've been getting emails about offers for lots of different products.

5 My computer system has been broken into and some useful information has been destroyed.

Some words often appear together in IT. Complete these computer uses with word partners from C opposite. .. ... .



The numeral. Perfect Continuous Tense.

The Founder of Microsoft.


Числівник. Схема утворення числівників. Схема утворення кількісних числівників.

seven (7)+

100 - a (one) hundred

1000 - a(one)thousand

1000000 - a (one) million

1 000000000 - a (one) milliard (England), a (one) billion (USA)
Утворення порядкових числівників.
one - first, two - second, three - third seven + th - (the) seventh


TaskI. The numeral

Cardinal numerals: one, two three…

Ordinal numerals: first, second, third,

Simple: five, hundred, thousand…

Derived: thirteen, eighty, tenth…

Composite: sixty-four, nine hundred…

835-eight hundred and thirty –five

2,046- two thousand and forty-six

3,582,77-three million …

1997 year-nineteen ninety seven, 2000- twenty hundred

4-th, February 1999- February the fourth nineteen ninety-nine

Fractions:1/3- a(one) third, ½- one half 3/5- three fifths, 5/6- five sixths, 5 ½ tons-five and tons

15.25- fifteen (one five) point two five


числа 23 - twenty three 247 - two hundred and forty seven 3.200 -three thousand two hundred 2.045.328 - two million forty five thousand three hundred and twenty eight
дати 1972 - nineteen seventy - two May 9,1945 the ninth of May nineteen forty-five 1900 nineteen hundred 1905 nineteen О (ou) five 55 BC - fifty five ... до нашої ери 55 AD - fifty five ... нашої ери
дріб 1/ 8 one-eighth 1/2 one-half 0.5 (nought) point five 1/ 4 a (one) quarter 2 /4' two quarters
грошо­ві суми £ 25 twenty five pounds (sterling) 12 s. twelve shillings 6 p. sixpence; 1 p -one penny $ 25 twenty five dollars 65 c sixty five cents


*Task I. Read in English

a) 55; 13; 3; 30; 51; 11; 12; 112; 201;940; 698; 10; 575; 576; 276; 7. 000.000; 1.022; 0.85; 5.3; 1/2; 1/4; 2/3; 1; 3/4; 2 5/7;

b) 1.005 dollars; 506 companies; 4.790 specialists; 5.400 banks; 6.75 miles; 1.431 rubles; on page 733; by train 238;

by plane 543; in question No 5; on the 7th day; 20%; 5 kilograms;

c) on the 1st of May; on January 18th, 1853; on November the 17th. 1947; at the end of 1899; October 25, 1933; at the beginning of 1930;

d) 5.3 tons; 9.9 tons; 2/3 kilometer; 0.2 mile.

*Task II. Write down the numerals:

10,823, 452, 1991 , 8,970, 24 , 63-d, 13.03, 7 ½, 0.25, 18, 9-th, 24-th, ¾, 1,273,809, 12, 2010


*Task II. Translate into English

23 лютого 1918 p., 12 серпня 1962 p., до 31 січня 1978 p., в листопаді 1948 p., до 7 листопада 1989 p., 9 серпня 1812 р.

25 км, 175 тис. доларів, 20 мл. бізнесменів, 3500 адвокатів, 8570 офіційних документів, 375285 машин, 0,5 кг, -20, 25 , 100 , сотні доларів, млн. корпорацій.

*Task III. Finish the dialogues.

1. - Are there 5 or 10 firms in your business?

- Neither .____________________

2. - What's your office telephone number?

- It's 2452892.

- And your home number? ____________________

3. - By the way, what's the train fare in your city? _______________________________________



*Task III. Arrange the following words according to:

similar meaning: useful, modern, carry out, rapid, major, valuable, main, artificial, quick, up-to-date, man-made; perform

opposite meaning: addition, advanced, lower, division, outside, backward, subtraction, natural, unavailable, internal, higher, artificial, external, multiplication


Task IV. Perfect Continuous Tense:



Present have (has) +been+Ving We have been doing this work for 2 years.
Past had+been+ Ving They said they had been doing this work for 2 years.
Future will+ have +beenVing By 2009 we will have been doing this work for 3 years


*Task V. Read the following sentences, pay your attention to the use of Perfect Continuous:

1). Our scientists have been working at this problem for many years.

2). Why have you been working for a long time?

3). The company has been assembling the new equipment for some days.

4). He said, he had been looking for such a device for two weeks.

5). When he comes, the students will have been using internet for some minutes.

6). He has been developing this theory for many years.

7). I have done it. I have been doing it for some months.


**Task VI. Translate into Ukrainian. Differentiate the use of grammar tenses:

I have already solved this problem. 2.He said he had already solved this problem . 3.He has been carrying this operation for half an hour. 4.When we arrive they will have been discussing the problem for twenty minutes. 5.All hard tasks will be performed with the help of computer programming. 6.He said the program had yield deep analyses of the proposed data.7.They are guiding some space vehicles now. 8.This new ways of automated programming work are being developed now. 9.When was this operation performed ? 10.This program allows us to access a very useful information.


*Task VII. Learn the new vocabulary: a kit – набір, комплект, a piece – зразок, кількість, hardware – апаратура, технічний засіб, to establish – заснувати, software – програмне забезпечення, incarnation – втілення, оновлення, access – доступ, to gain – здобувати, to earn – заробляти, excess – надлишок, більше.


*Task VIII. Translate the following word-combinations into Ukrainian:

An electronic kit, a piece of hardware, strictly for the hobbyist, to establish the company, to develop software, the latest incarnation, to gain access, global computer network, to earn a personal fortune, to be in excess


*Task IX. Read and translate the text:

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