Список основних прикладів «зрадливих друзів перекладача в технічних текстах

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Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

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Список основних прикладів «зрадливих друзів перекладача в технічних текстах

arm спиця колеса (не рука)

basin таз миска (не басейн)

balanceвага, терези (не баланс)

benchверстат (не лавочка)

bug — скоба (не жук)

bush — втулка (не куш)

cabinetкорпус, футляр (не кабінет)

calculus(амер.) математика (не калькулятор)

camera —фотоапарат (не колесо)

characterзнак, буква символ (не характер)

collar — підшибник (не комірець)

compassциркуль(не компас)

controlуправління,керівництво(не контроль)

приклади таких слів, що зустрічаються в області комп’ютерної техніки:

allocate — розміщувати, розподіляти ( пам'ять ), локалізувати;

action — дія, акція;

character — знак, символ; цифра, признак; характер;

controlled — керований, контрольований;

declaration — опис, об'ява; Декларація ;

defined — визначений; дефініція;

expand — розширювати; експансія;

generation — покоління , генерація;

initiate — починати, записати, включати; ср.укр. ініціатива;

instruction — команда, програма; інструкція;

memory — пам'ять; меморіал;

monitor — керуюча програма, монітор;

pack — ущільнювати, пакувати;

routine — стандартна програма; ср.укр. рутина;

status — стан; статус;

track — доріжка, канал; трек;

version — варіант; версія;

*Task I. Translate the international words into Ukrainian:

Period, history, sphere, nature, natural, professor, physics, university, critic, official, complex, kinematics, mechanics, dynamics, acceleration, construct, telescope, satellite, Jupiter, phase, Venus, philosopher, inquisition, idea, dogma, religion, revolutionary.

*Task II. Translate the following sentences into Ukrainian paying attention to the meaning word "time" and "number":

time: 1. The world exists in space and time. 2. Six o'clock is a point of time; six hours is a period of

time. 3. The conductivity of this alloy is about 10 times that of iron. 4. Four times five is (are) twenty. 5. Iron was first used in prehistoric times. 6. For the first time a scientific study of the atmosphere of Venus was done practically simultaneously in two parts of the planet. 7. Saturn is twelve times the distance of the Earth from

the Sun. 8. The pulses of radar are timed in such a way that the same aerial (антена) can be used for reception

as well as for transmission.

number: 1. There is a large number of new books in our library. 2. One, five, thirteen and sixty are numbers. 3. Automated production needs large numbers of skilled workers. 4. All atoms of the same element have the same atomic number. 5. Our achievements in producing new kinds of materials increase in number.

Task III. Translate the sentences paying attention to the words in bold type:

1. The experiments carried out by us showed very good results. 2. These results are of great

importance. 3. The increase of productionresultsfrom the use of automation and high-speed methods.

4.The application of machineryresultsin a great increase of production. 5. The problem set before our scientists is to study the results of the first experiment.

Task IV. Translate the word-combinations with international words into Ukrainian.

General, adj

A general notion, a general reader, general education, a custom general in these areas, a general term, a general change in temperature, a general headquarters, a general rule, a general outline;

Regular, adj

Regular work, regular attendances, regular polygon, a regular pulse, to live a regular life, to come at regular hours, a man with regular features, a regular electron, a regular crystal;

Primitive, adj

Primitive habits, primitive man, to live in primitive fashion, primitive art, primitive tools, primitive facilities, primitive culture, primitive forms;

Variation, n

A daily variation, a permissible variation, variation of price, a variation of solution, things incapable of variation, within the limits of barometric varia­tion.

Task V. Translate the following international words and sentences with them into Ukrainian.


The mass of a particle; the mass of the Earth; a uniform mass; a mass of rock; a mass of evidence; a mass of useful information.


The proportion of living matter compared to the mass of the Earth; an export trade of substantial proportion; payment in proportion to work done.


Man's activities are changing the aspect of the world. They have studied every aspect of the subject.

Task VI. Translate the following sentences into Ukrainian paying attention to the words in the bold type.

1. We are steadily finding new meansof protection from radiation. He always says what he means. The word "safe" means "free from danger".2. Radiation can produce bums and injuries of various kinds. People should be very kind to animals. 3. This clock doesn't show the time: the hour hand is missing. We pull back our hands from a flame or a very hot objects. On the one hand this research is very promising but on the other hand it is expensive and time-consuming.

Task VII.Translate the following sentences into Ukrainian paying atten­tion to the word "order"

1. He read the names arranged in alphabetical order. 2. The machine Js now in good working order.

3. We shall read these articles in the order of importance. 4.The expedition was orderedto leave, for

the North. 5. The savings (економія) to be got by computer control are, probably, of the order of a few

per cent of the total cost of production.

Using a dictionary

*A monolingual dictionary gives you a lot of information about words. Look at this entry.


*Use a bilingual dictionary if you find it easier. You may like to look at some Cambridge dictionaries at www.dictionary.cambridge.org. For ICT, you can also use an online computer dictionary

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