The neologisms. Continuous Tenses.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


The neologisms. Continuous Tenses.

Computers in our life.

*Task 1. Translate the following word-combinations:

The traffic speed, the traffic speed increase, the railway bridge, the railway bridge reconstruction the railway bridge, the London underground, the London underground problem, the thermoelectric generator, the energy accumulation process, the modern house ventilation facilities, the car speed calculation, the research program result, the Kyiv region newspaper, the temperature limit determination, the household goods, the household goods store, the steam engine invention.


**Look at A opposite. Match each word on the left with its partner on the right.

1 high-definition a Internet radio

2 read and write b disc

3 play c videos and music

4 tune in to d television

5 broadband e data

6 optical f your favourite sites

7browse g compatible U fully backward h access

**Answer these questions using collocations from opposite.

What sort of locations or access points can be used to surf the Net without wires?

What feature allows an electronic device to be used as soon as it is connected to a computer?

If you are gaining illegal or unauthorized access to computer data, what are you doing?

If you want to move a picture to a new location, what do you do?

What expression is used to refer to personal, confidential ,or classified information?

**Read these statements by computer users and complete them with suitable collocations.

M have a program that monitors both incoming and............ mail and also blocks spam.'

'With a webcam you can add video to online chats and........... messaging. Simply 1

.................. the software included, plug the webcam........... your PC, and start having

video conferences.'

'This software enables you to burn................ and DVDs containing any data Hies.'

'I use a media player to.................. audio and video files from the Web; I can play them


'NetMeeting allows us to perforin video conferencing in........... time, without any detav.'

'We have decided to make the material.............. available on the Web.'

i often log..................... my Internet bank account to make payments; I never forget to log off."

**Complete the collocations in this text.

Fast connections

Connecting to the (I).......... using DSI. lines, cable TV and satellite increases

bandwidth dramatically, making the Web more useful. Increased speed has ignited

an explosion of (2)........... commerce, video on demand, Telecommuting,

collaborative scientific projects, video conferencing and (.?) environments.

Internel2, shaping the future

Internet! is not a single network, hut a consortium of hundreds of (4) networks linked

by fibre-optic backbones that span the United States and link to other countries. The network transmits

(5)................. at speeds up to 2.4 gigabits per second - 45,000 times faster than a 56 Kbps modem

- allowing scientists to test their laboratory discoveries in the real world.

I hi' nest-generation network went (6)... in February 1999, linking a number of

universities around the world. When it is in commercial use, services will be available like (7 television, virtual 3-D videoconferencing, and much more.

Task. The use of the neologisms

Bomb – радіоактивне джерело для терапії (мед.)

Summit – саміт (пол.)

Transfer – трансфер (фін.)

Computer sciences:


Line of code – кількість рядків програм

Line segment – частина рядка

Line load – лінія завантаження

Line printer – принтер, який друкує рядок

Trade Use:






Feel like – бути схильним до

Friendly lead – благодійний концерт

New terms (neologisms)

- підбір аналогу:

Resupply – поповнення запасу

Most favoured nation treatment – режим найбільшого сприяння нації (дикл.)

- за допомогою транскрипції







Analog display – аналоговий дисплей

Rotary engine – ротаційна машина

Безеквівалентна лексика







Monkey business

To talk turkey

*Task III. Form words of opposite meaning by adding suffixes or prefixes to the following words:


useful, convenient, practical, harmonious, important, attractive, comfortable.


Task IV. Review grammar tenses:

Continuous Tenses


to be + Ving

Present: am, is, are + Ving

We are working at the problem now.

Past: was, were + Ving

He was working at the problem the whole day yesterday.

Future: will be + Ving

She will be working at the problem from 3 till 10 tomorrow.


be + being + Ved (III

Present: am, is, are + being + V

The task is being solved now.

Past: was, were + being +Ved (III)

The task was being solved at 7 o’clock yesterday.

*Task V. Put the verbs in brackets in the required Tense form.

We (to finish) the analysis of the situation at that time.

When we entered the laboratory we saw that the researchers (to discuss) the results of the experiment. Now he (to study) the possibilities of using solar energy. They (not to make) such experiments before. The first computers (to appear) 60 years ago. Many atomic stations (to use) atomic energy.


*Task VI. Learn the new vocabulary

Branch of science Галузь науки
To solve Вирішувати
Volume Об’єм
Calculation Обчислення
Intense Сильний, напружений
Sequence Послідовність
Reduce Зменшувати
Digital Цифровий
Yield Випуск
Range Ряд
Vehicle Механізм
Network Мережа
To guide Керувати

*Task VII. Translate the following word-combinations into Ukrainian:

A completely new branch of science, science and technology, the reason for this, can be solved, to require millions of arithmetical operations, exceptional importance, the volume of calculations, above human possibilities, a high-speed computer, various complicated problems, a sequence of impulses, to carry out addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, to reduce to four operations, digital form, computing equipment, to yield results, to perform a range of functions.

**Task VII. Read and translate the text.


Computers are well known to represent a completely new branch of science, the first of them having appeared less than 60 years ago. Although still new. these machines are already bringing about a real revolution in science, technology, statistics and automatic control.

The reason for this is in the fact a mathematical formula can be found for almost of all scientific and technical problems. They can be solved without a computer but it would require millions of arithmetical operations. No wonder that many problems of exceptional importance remained unsolved for a long time, the volume of the calculations required being above human possibili­ties.

With a high speed electronic computer can carry out several thousand arithmetical operations in one second. A calculation, which would have taken several years of intense human work in the past, is now done in a few minutes or hours.

A number of various complicated problems have already been solved with the help of computers.

The principle of this wonderful machine lies in counting electric impulses. Numbers are represented as a sequence of such impulses, and a radio-technical scheme counts them carrying out addition, subtraction, multiplica­tion and division all higher mathematical calculations being reduced to these four operations.

There are two main classes of computing equipment: analogue and digital. They work on different principles and yield different results. The digital computers can perform a much broader range of functions than the ana­logue computers. The application includes all forms of automatic control in science and industry and first of all in space exploration, in automatic pilot­ing navigation and landing of space vehicles. Computer programming is the progress of the future. Computers will guide the first spaceships to Venus, Mars and other planets.

The state gives energetic support to the development of computer engineering. The Academy of Sciences established a network of computing centres all over the country. These centres work out new numerical methods, develop new ways and means of automated programming work. They solve practical problems for various institutes and develop new types of electronic computers.

**Task IX. Give the equivalents to the following in English:

Цифрова форма, видавати різні результати, комп’ютерне обладнання, дослідження космосу, мережа комп’ютерних центрів, вирішувати складні проблеми, підрахунок електричних імпульсів, виконувати додавання та віднімання, множення та ділення, нова галузь науки, об’єм обчислень, цифрове обладнання.


**Task X. Answer the questions to the text:

  1. When did the first computers appear?
  2. What is the basic reason of the fact that such machines are bringing about a revolution in science, technology, statistics and automatic control.
  3. What can you say about the calculating possibilities of computers?
  4. What does the principle of computer work lie in?
  5. What are the main clauses of computing equipment?
  6. What is the difference between analog and digital equipment?
  7. What does the application of computer include?

**Task XI. Translate into English. Use Continuous Tenses:

1). Цей комп’ютер здійснює автоматичне керування зараз.

2). Ми будемо обчислювати ці дані з 2 до 3 годин.

3). В цей час вирішувалося багато важливих проблем.

4). Над якими завданнями працюють зараз вчені всього світу?

5). Ця інформація перевіряється зараз.

6). Протягом наступного року наш центр буде розвивати нові типи цифрового обладнання.

7). Ми були незадоволені, тому що це обчислення проводилося довго.

8). Які нові прилади розроблялися нашими вченими в 80-х роках.

**Task XII. Complete the sentences to speak about computers in your life:

Computers are already bringing a revolution in …

The reason of this is in the fact a mathematical formula…

With a high speed electronic computer can …

A number of various complicated problems…

The principle of this machine lies in…

A radio-technical scheme counts a sequence of electrical impulses carrying out…

The main classes of computing equipment are…

The digital computers can perform…

The state gives…


***Task XIII. Give your ideas as to the following:

the forecast of the development of computers;

the application of computer equipment in some branches of our life;

the possibilities of modern communication.


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