Nouns Verbs Adjectives Adverbs 

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Nouns Verbs Adjectives Adverbs

magnet, magnetism magnetize magnetic, magnetized magnetically

recorder, recording record recordable, recorded

digitizer, digitizing digitize digital, digitized digitally

Adding a suffix may change the pronunciation. Look at how the stress changes in these words:

photograph photographer photographic photographically


*Task I. Translate into Ukrainian and state the part of speech of the following words.

to wonder – wonder – wonderful; to explore – explorer – exploration; to conquer – conqueror – conquest; true – truth; to construct – construction – constructive; to exploit – exploiter – exploitation; to unite – unity – unit – union; to decide – decision – decisive; to consider – consideration – considerable – considerably; to care (for) – care – careful – careless – carefully – carelessly.

*Task II. Translate the following word-combinations into Ukrainian.

common usage, automatic dishwashers, result from, common char-s, primitive automatic machines, controlling functions, electronic computing devices.

*Task III Translate the following word-combinations into Ukrainian pay­ing attention to the attributes before the Nouns.

Logic analysis, analysis problems; problem formulation, formulation prob­lem; a radio-visual communication equipment; a communication medium; mobile radio-communication systems; the chain reaction theory; air pres­sure; meter readings; special purpose devices; flight control centre; high-efficiency apparatus; super-speed computers; peace-time atomic energy application, two-way radio communication.

*Task IV. Underline the suffixes and translate the words

Construction, constructional, protection, radiation, harmful atomic dangerous, probably, repeatedly, simply, production, technical, ice-breaker.'

* Task V. Group the following words according to

a) similar meaning:

considerable; put into commission; conventional; obtain; operate;

shortage; at the same time; manufacture; design; quantity; for example; yet

simultaneously; get; project; amount; however; for instance; put into service; great; ordinary; produce; lack; work

b) opposite meaning:

similar; successful; necessary; output; insignificant; the best; directly; inexhaustible; fast; continue

input; discontinue; the worst; significant; exhaustible; slow; dissimilar; unsuccessful; unnecessary; indirectly

*Task VI Group the synonyms from the following words and word-combinations, translate into Ukrainian.

mean, likewise, motion, size, combine, attain, rise, until, receive, release, be of importance, be in progress, distant a

achieve, increase, be underway, remote, get, set free, be of significance, join, dimension, movement, similarly, average, till

*Task VII. Build nouns using the models: verb + ance, verb + ment; noun + (at)ion

to indicate, to convey, to appear, to install, to develop, to compute, to translate, to invent, to require, to base, to move to operate

**Task VIII. Translate the following words into Ukrainian paying attention
to the suffixes

General—generalize—generalization; evidence—evident—evidently; define—definition—definite—indefinite; similar—similarity—dissimilar; oxide — oxidize — oxidation; transport — transportation; pole — polar — polarity — polarize—polarization; extend—extention — extensive—extent; regular — regularity—irregular—irregularity—irregularly; exact— exactly — exactness; convince — convincing — convincingly.

*Task IX. Give antonyms to the following words and translate them into


near, old, after, natural, uncommon, unable, impossibility, unhappiness.

*Task X. Build: a) nouns; b) adjectives; c) verbs:

adjective + ness noun +ess noun +ary noun + ise
polite, cold, happy, weak, king, great Actor Host steward Second Element revolution Organ Apology revolution


**Task XI. Arrange the following words according to:

a) similar meaning: enormous, excessively, various, great, erection, different, brilliant, a great deal of, splended, extremely, building, include, involve, many;

b) opposite meaning: different, simplicity, slowly, the same, military inconvenience, non-military, complexity, rapidly, convenience.

**Task XII. Translate the following word-combinations

b) practical work; experimental plot; basic knowledge; research workers; designated route; chief problem; electronic device; electric current; an assortment of; air humidity; wind speed; thickness of snow; field work; at any speed.

*Task XIII. Build corresponding a) nouns, b) verbs, c) adjectives by way of conversions and translate them into Ukrainian

a) verb-noun b) noun-verb c) verb-adjective
to turn a number to correct
to work a point to research
to switch a face to hand
to point a hand to spring
to start a date to summer
to end    

*Task XIV Build worlds using the modeles:

Root+dom mis+verb un+adjective pre+verb
free wise king to inform to take to understand pleasant happy known to fabricate to strees to establish

Give opposite meaning using the prefix dis- and translate the words into Ukrainian.
+ adjectives Honest, similar, satisfied, obedient.

Bis + noun Comfort, appearance, advantage.

Dis + verb Please, like, obey, continue, appear.

We love 'wares'

The suffix -ware refers to products of the same type. In computing, software refers to programs executed by a computer, as opposed to the physical devices on which they run the hardware. It is commonly used to form jargon terms for classes of software.


freeware: available free of charge, bur protected by copyright; it differs from 'free software', which can be changed and distributed subject to licence

shareware: distributed similarly to freeware, except that it requires payment after a trial period

malware: designed to infiltrate or damage a computer (e.g. viruses, trojan horses, spy ware)

spyware: designed to monitor the actions of your computer and send this data via the Net

adware: devised to display advertisements; some includes spyware

groupware: enables a group of people connected to a network to work on the same project

**TaskXV Translate the following group of synonyms into Ukrainian.

really, actually; indeed, in fact; to occur, to happen, to take place; often, frequently; ordinary, usual, common, general; to reduce, to decrease, to diminish; to turn, to rotate, to revolve; to connect, to join; enough, sufficiently; for example, for instance; completely, entirely, fully; device, instrument; profound, deep.


**Complete each sentence using the word in brackets and the correct suffix.

IBM's Blue Gene is the most........ supercomputer. (POWER)

Most library databases are ……..via the Internet. (ACCESS)

I'll email my report to you as an............ (ATTACH)

This book will show you how to.......... your small business. (COMPUTER)

An............... optical disc allows data to be deleted and new data to be recorded on it. (ERASE)

The growth of the Internet has increased the need for effective data.. (SECURE)

The combination of............ and new textile materials has made it possible to create musical jackets and smart shirts that can read our heart rate. (ELECTRON)

Bluetooth is a............. technology designed to connect computers, mobile phones and other devices, replacing direct cable links. (WIRE)

Aircraft flight …… used to train pilots. (SIMULATE)

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