XVII. Fill in the gaps with one of the following words or word combinations. 

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XVII. Fill in the gaps with one of the following words or word combinations.

Use the appropriate tense form. Translate the sentences into Russian.

To introduce acceptable to acknowledge lines to cooperate to be available representative products a number of general release mutually beneficial to welcome technical characteristics in person

To provide to enclose requirements to confirm


1. Hereby we would like to_______ Mr Warner, who is a_____ of Hudson& Sons.

2. We hope you will find these documents____________________.

3. If you are interested, we will.be glad to discuss all the particulars________.

4. Our representative Mr Green intends to tour Eastern Europe and to call on_______ firms.

5.Our specialists are ready_______________ with your representative.

6. Please________ this information so that we may arrange to visit your plant.

7. The goods you require ________ and we expect no difficulty in _______ you with the necessary quantity.

8. We are interested in your new ________ as we find that all your ______ are of superior quality.

9. We are sure you will be interested in discovering our latest products before we put them on________ in autumn.

10. We are writing________ receipt of your letter of May 7th .

11. We feel that our offer may suit your ___________________.

12. We look forward to a long and _______________ business relationship.

13. We shall be glad to___________ you representative to our office.

14. We would like to take this opportunity to____________ our latest description and ___________of the product with the letter.

XVIII. Fill in the gaps with prepositions/particles where necessary. Translate the sentences into Russian.


1. All this is… your disposal... a rental only slightly higher than... most other ordinary office blocks.

2. If you are interested, we will be glad to discuss all the particulars... person.

3. Our agent will certainly be glad to give you all the information you need... the goods.

4. Our representative intends to tour the SEA area and to call... a number…firms.

5. Our specialists are ready to express their opinion... the goods.

6. The Gordon Tower has been thought...... start... finish to meet the needs... modern business.

7. We are currently looking.... a new head office location.

8. We are interested... your new lines as we find that all your product are... superior quality.

9. We are sure you will be interested... discovering our latest products before we put them... general release…. autumn.

10. We are writing to acknowledge receipt... your letter 7 October, 2011…. which we thank you.

11. We can supply office furniture and equipment … the customer's specifications.

12. We do hope you will be able to spend some time …our representative.

13. We expect no difficulty... providing you… the number … the goods you need.

14. We shall be happy to welcome your representative... our office.

15. We have read... interest your advert... the «Furniture today».


XIX. Letters to make up.

1. Write a letter informing your customer or a prospective partner of the forthcoming visit of your representative. The aim of the visit is to pre­sent your company profile, the latest product range and to discuss possi­ble future cooperation. -

2. You are a fast-growing company seeking better (bigger and more prestigious) accommodation. Write a letter, giving accommodation re­quirements.

XX. Role play.

1. International Computing Services PLC and S. A. Importers Ltd. are negotiating issues arising out of the correspondence (Letters “Preparing a representative’s visit”; “Visit confirmation”; “Thanking a business contact”).

2. G.Wood and Sons and Johnson Developers Ltd. are discussing the problem of office accommodation (Letters Looking for office accommodation”; “Reply to the office accommodation enquiry”).



I. Practice the pronunciation of the following words:

enquiry [ ], catalogue [ ], programmable [ ], calculator [ ], urgent [ ], availability [ ], previously [ ], source [ ], embassy [ ], recommendation [ ], associate [ ], concession [ ], texture [ ], requirement [ ].


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