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II. Give Russian equivalents to the following English words and word combinations. Read the advice and look at Helen Brown's CV. Following the guidelines, prepare your own CV. DIFFERENT KINDS OF SALUTATION AND COMPLIMENTARY CLOSE Give reasons for each of your answers. I. Give Russian equivalents to the following English words and word combinations. WHAT SKILLS ARE ENGINEERING EMPLOYERS LOOKING FOR? Read the text to check if your predictions were right. Give the definition of a scientific discovery using the text. THE NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF TECHNOLOGY IN OUR WORLD IV. Give Russian equivalents to the following English words and word combinations. I. Make a comment on the quotations given below. Field of Science and Research B. Complete the sentences with the words from the Active Vocabulary Section. Speak about the purpose of your current research and the method used. Thinking about your presentation Gathering Data and Writing Summary Notes Способы выражения подлежащего Существительные латинского происхождения Unit 3. Perception:Why Do Tilings Look the Way They Do? The Gestalt Laws: Is Our Perception of the World Due to Inborn Organizing Tendencies? Illusions: What Do They Teach Us about Perception? Extrasensory Perception: Is It Real? Розподіл навчального навантаження Ділова подорож за кордон на наукову конференцію Анотування статті суспільно-політичного змісту Disagree with the statements. Tasty indigestion salty bite swallow Practical assignments: Paraphrase the following sentence Практичне заняття №4. Close of the conference. The First International conference on modulation spectroscopy Practical assignment: Read these items of information and interview the imaginary Organization of the work of the Conference Words and expressions used in a report Practical assignment: Make up a report on the theme of your investigation using active words and expression. Practical assignment: Read and translate the text. Discuss it. Тема: The Close of the Conference Using information from the chart make up a conclusion what they have in common and what is different. Think over the question: Whose work seems more attractive for you? Give your grounds. Write down an abstract to the text using information given below about its structure. THE SCOPE OF FORENSIC SCIENCE Read possible definitions of the notion «Forensic Science», which of them is the best in your opinion. Give your reasons. Какие навыки считаются самыми важными для эксперта? FORENSIC DOCUMENT EXAMINATION Answer the comprehensive questions. ГРАФОЛОГИЯ. ГРАФОЛОГИЧЕСКАЯ ЭКСПЕРТИЗА Графология и экспертиза документов – это одно и тоже? STYLISTICS AND QUESTIONED AUTHORSHIP Look at the heading of the text. Render the text below in English. Make up a summary of the text (in English). Look through the interview with Tim Grant, Deputy Director at the Centre for Forensic Linguistics at Aston University and match the interviewer’s questions with the answers. Stylistics and Questioned Authorship Read the text and choose the most suitable heading bellow for each of the numbered paragraphs. One heading is an odd one out. Read the text and translate the words in brackets. FORENSIC EXAMINATION OF DIGITAL EVIDENCE Make up the glossary of the text and learn these terms by heart. Illustrate the meanings of these words in your own sentences. FUNCTIONS OF A FORENSIC DOCUMENT EXAMINER COLLECTION OF WRITNG STANDARDS THE LINGUISTIC INVESTIGATION OF AUTHORSHIP ЛОГИКО-ГРАММАТИЧЕСКИЕ ЛЕКСИЧЕСКИЕ ЕДИНИЦЫ THE WORLD A PART OF WHICH YOU HAVE BECOME The number of vocabulary on the topic (collected by students) – 63 Read Appendix 2 on Cognitive map. Find out how easy it is to retell the text if you base your retelling on its cognitive map. Discuss it in the classroom. Each of sciences has a definite number of specializations. Find a proof that specializations presented in Table 2 belong to philological sciences. Recall the announcements you have read recently in your university (faculty, institute). Share the information you have got in the classroom. Read and compare texts and their interpretations. What is the difference between the text and its interpretation? In task 1.2 you listen to discussion on universities of Great Britain. Was it presented in the format of Round table? Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci Read the extract and check your expectations. Share your impression on it. Compare yourself with the hero of Lev Tolstoy. Present the result of your work in 1.7. to all group mates and discuss. Have a special look to text 2 using the Yellow hat style of thinking and give an advice to its author. Welcome Speech of the Rector Thus, what is this story about and what does it teach us? Appendix 2. Roget’s Thesaurus of English words and phrases (Penguin books, 2000) Appendix 5. Five-minutes speech format by the International Students’ club В.П. ФРОЛОВА, Л.В. КОЖАНОВА, Перевод конструкций страдательного залога We expect the government to provide assistance to the needy population. Перевод герундиальных оборотов Перевод эмфатических конструкций Общие указания к переводу специальных текстов При выполнении этого этапа необходимо постоянно следить за тем, чтобы между каждой последующей и каждой предыдущей частью перевода была логическая связь. From the History of the Origin of Science Exploration through the ages The Evolution of Marketing and Society The biochemistry of rye bread Эквиваленты типичных фразеологических и лексических единиц в специальной литературе
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