Fill the gaps in this text about the political system in the United Kingdom using the words from the box. 

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Fill the gaps in this text about the political system in the United Kingdom using the words from the box.

votes Prime leader party policies vote majority elections

In the UK (1) ………… take place every five years. The (2)………. Minister may decide to have one after four years, but five years is the maximum. The country is divided into 652 areas and people in each area can only (3) ……. for one person from one political (4)…… . The person with the most (5) … the winner, and that person becomes one of the 652 members of parliament.

The political party with a (6) ……… of the seats in parliament then forms the government, and the (7) …… of that party becomes Prime Minister. His or her job is then to decide on a number of different (8) …………… to run the country.


First Conditional (See Grammar Reference on page …)

13. Look at these hopes for the future. Make sentences using If …, I’ll … .

e.g. If I don’t go out so much, I’ll do more work.


I don’t go out so much


do more work


pass my exams


go to university


study politics


become a Prime Minister


make my nation happy

Tick the correct sentence.

A While I’m in Washington, I’ll see the White House. ü
B While I’ll in Washington, I’ll see the White House.  
A Before I vote for this party, I read its program.  
B Before I vote for this party, I’ll read its program.  
A If you change your political beliefs, you may become a social democrat.  
B If you will change your political beliefs, you may become a social democrat.  
A When he gets to the Parliament, he will change the economic policy in our country.  
B When he’ll get to the Parliament, he will change the economic policy in our country.  

Write the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1If you go(go) to Ney York now, you will see (see) the president’s elections.

2 After I _____ (graduate from) the university, I ___ (become) a famous politician.

3 When she _____ (earn) much money, she ___(create ) your own political party.

4 If he ___ (win) the elections, he ______ (become) a president.

5 If we ___ (not hurry), we ___ (be) late.

6 Everyone ___ (be) very surprised if he __ (win) an election.

Translate the sentences from Russian into English.

1 Если ты будешь голосовать на выборах, то ты исполнишь свой гражданский долг (citizen duty).

2 Прежде чем вы уедете жить в Соединенное королевство, изучите политическую систему этой страны.

3 Как только лидер нашей партии станет премьер министром, мы сможем помочь многим безработным и бездомным людям.

4 Когда мы приедем в США, мы обязательно увидим здание Конгресса.

5. Если вы хотите изучить политическое устройство США, то возьмите эту книгу.




A. Answer the questions.

1 Have you ever heard about Michio Kaku, Professor of Theoretical Physics at City University, New York?

2 Do you know that he has written a book Visions, which explains how science will revolutionize the 21st century?

B. Read the questions below the interviewer asked Michio Kaku. Discuss your opinions on these subjects.

- Are you optimistic about the future?

- Are we ready for the changes that will come?

- Is world population going to be a big problem?

- What will happen to people who don’t have computers?

- Will there be a world government?

- Will we have control of everything?

- What are your reasons for pessimism?

C. Listen to an interview with Michio Kaku. Make notes on his answers to the questions above.

D. Listen again and answer the questions.

1 What does Michio Kaku say will continue into the twenty-first century?

2 How do some people react to the new technology? What is his reaction?

3 Why will the population of the world stop increasing?

4 Why will we need a world government?

5 What are some of the things we will be able to control?

6 What examples does he give of the behavior of ‘stupid’ people?




Work in pairs: ask and answer the questions. Tell your partner about the political system in your own country.

1 Which are the main political parties in your country?

2 Which party is in power at the moment?

3 When were they elected?

4 Did you vote in this election?

5 Who is the leader of this party?

6 Who is the President of your country?

7 Do you think you are left-wing, right-wing, or in the centre?

8 Do you think your political beliefs have changed/will change during your life?



Finish the following sentences.

1 The main political party…

2 The leader of this party …

3 The president of the country …

4 If you change your political beliefs …

5 Elections take place every …

6 The government is …

8 People vote for …

9 Prime Minister …

10People who believe in …

Write a short composition where you should describe any type of the government you want (not more than 100 words).



Study the Word List.

bureaucracy –бюрократия

officials/bureaucrats –бюрократ, чиновник

fill in a form –заполнять форму

identity card (ID card) –удостоверение личности

driving licence –водительское удостоверение

birth certificate –свидетельство рождении

exam certificate –сертификат о прохождении экзамена

marriage certificate –свидетельство о браке

visa runs out/expires – срок действиявизы заканчивается

renew – обновлять

enrolment form/a registration form –регистрационный бланк

sign an application form –подписывать заявление

A. Match the words to make collocations.

apply for cancel deny smb. extend / renew get / receive grant / issue a visa a marriage certificate a driving licence an identity card a birth certificate an exam certificate

B. Work in pairs. Say how many of these documents above you have. Make up sentences using the collocations from the previous task.

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