Education 2. Job description 3. Work experience 4. Profile

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Education 2. Job description 3. Work experience 4. Profile

a) Name, address and telephone number

b) Date and place of birth

c) Nationality

d) Married or single (give the ages of any children)

e) Dates and places of education

f) Examinations passed, especially if internationally recognized

g) Knowledge of English and of other languages

h) Previous employment

i) Outside interests, hobbies, etc.

7. Look at Anna Rezel’s CV. Match the headings from the box with the appropriate lines of the document.[20]


Qualifications - Job description - Education – Interests – Work experience


Curriculum Vitae

Anna Rezel

Via Spartaco 39, Milan, Italy

02 4536 1253


1. ____________

A marketing specialist with experience in the advertising industry, Anna speaks excellent English and Italian. She is looking for a job with an international media company in the UK.



2001 to present Marketing manager, Cssanti & Cassanti advertising agency, Milan, Italy

1999-2001 Marketing assistant, Avanti & Driver advertising agency, London, UK

3. ____________

1996-1999 Leeds City University

1991-1996 Atherton Bridge School for Girls


4. ____________

BA (Hons) Italian literature with business studies

A levels Economics, History, Italian


5. ____________

Going to the cinema, playing tennis and reading novels

8. Look at Tammy Vo’s resume. Find words or phrases with similar meanings to the words in the table.[21]

1. curriculum vitae  
2. specialist  
3. looking for  
4. job  
5. work experience  


Tammy Vo

1376bViolet Parkway

Tucker Grove, CA 95646

(917) 0987-9876


An electrical engineer with experience of management, Tammy Vo is an expert in 3G systems for mobile telecommunications networks. She is now seeking a position as an engineer in a large telecom company in Malaysia or Singapore.

Employment history

2002 to present Staff Engineers, Oliphant Industries, Palo Alto, California

2001-2002 Night manager, Cicadian Supermarket, Columbus, Ohio


Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, University of Ohio (2000)

9a. Read the advertisement for a job and answer the questions:

What is the job? Where is it?


  • Do you like working with people?
  • Can you speak two foreign languages?
  • Can you use a computer?
  • Do you know Oxford well?
Please write to: Anne Watson, Director The Oxford International School 16 College Street, Oxford OX2 7PT Or email:  

B. Carol is interested in the job. Read the information about her. Do you think she is the right person for the job in the advertisement above?

Name Carol Barnes
Address 4 Hope Road, Oxford OX6 5PP
Present job Tourist guide
Last job Hotel receptionist
Languages French, Spanish

C. Look at Carol’s cover letter and complete it with the information from the chart and the advertisement.

4 Hope (1) ______ Oxford OX6 5PP Anne Watson, Director 4 Hope (2) __________ The Oxford International School Oxford OX6 5PP   19 August   Dear Ms Watson, I am interested in the job of (3) _____ in your school. I’m (4) ______ years old and I (5) _____ in Oxford. At the moment I’m a (6) _____ guide, but last year I worked as a (7) _____. I like working with people very much and I can speak two (8) ______, French and a little Spanish. I can also use a computer. I was born in (9) _____, so I know it very well. I look forward to hearing from you.   Yours sincerely, Carol Barnes


Past Simple and Past Continuous (See Grammar Reference on page …)


10. Complete this description using the past simple forms of the verbs in brackets.[22]

My name is Gurnam and my family originally 1) came (come) from India. My grandparents 2) _____ (move) to Britain in 1975 and they went to live in the city of Leicester. My grandfather 3) ___ (open) a restaurant there and he 4) ___ (become) very successful. He 5) ___ (not speak) much English when he 6) ___ (arrive) in Britain but he 7) ___ (learn) very quickly. Lots of people 8) ___ (eat) at his restaurant. He 9) ___ (work) very hard for many years and he 10) ___ (make) plenty of money.

My father 11) ___ (be) born in Leicester and he 12) ___ (go) to school there. He 13) ___ (do) very well at school and 14) ___ (pass) all his exams. Then he 15) ___ (study) at university for three years and 16) ___ (get) a Business degree. After that, he 17) ___ (set) up his own business. At first he 18) ___ (sell) clothes in a shop near the city centre, and after a few years he 19) ___ (own) five shops all over the city. When I was a small child, we 20) ___ (live) in a small house but my father 21) ___ (buy) a bigger one two years ago.


11. Complete this description of situations five years ago, using the past continuous and the verbs in brackets. Use short forms for negatives.[23]

Five years ago, I (1) was living (live) in a different city. I (2) ____ (study) for my final school exams and I (3) _____ try to decide what to do after school. I (4) _____ (do) homework every evening and I (5) _____ (not go) out much. My friends (6) ______ (have) more fun than me. They (7) _____ (go) to clubs and they (8) ____ (enjoy) themselves while I (9) ____ (sit) at home. But I’m glad now that I (10) _____ (not do) that, because I passed my exams and now I’ve got a good job.

Five years ago, my father (11) _____ (work) very hard. He (12) _____ (get) up early every morning and he (13) _____ (come) home quite late at night. He (14) _____ (feel) under pressure and he (15) ______ (not enjoy) life. He is retired now and he is much happier because he has a lot more free time.

Five years ago, my sister (16) _____ (go) out with a local boy. They (17) ______ (save) money to get married and they (18) ____ (plan) their wedding. She (19) _____ (serve) in a shop and he (20) ____ (live) with his parents. Now they’re married and they’ve got three children.


12. Complete these sentences about someone’s day at work, using the Past Simple or the Past Continuous forms of the verbs in brackets.[24]

1. While I was travelling (travel) to work, I got (get) stuck in traffic jam.

2. When I _____ (arrive) at work, my boss _____ (speak) to someone on the phone.

3. At 11 a.m., I ____ (do) some work when the boss ____ (ask) to see me.

4. While I ___ (talk) to my boss, his phone ___ (ring) several times.

5. When I ____ (come) out of the boss’s office, people ____ (not work), they _____ (look) at me.

6. At 1 o’clock, I ____ (stop) work and I _____ (go) for lunch.

7. While I ___ (eat) my lunch, a colleague ___ (come) to my table.

8. While we ____ (sit) together, he ____ (ask) me a question.

9 He asked me: ‘What ____ (the boss/talk) about while you ___ (sit) in his office?’

10. I said: ‘When I ___ (go) into his office, I ____ (feel) nervous, but he ____ (smile).

11. While we ___ (talk), he ____ (offer) me a much better job’.

Translate the sentences from Russian into English.

1 Где вы раньше работали?

2 Вы проходили курсы обучения последние пять лет?

3 Какие квалификации вы получили?

4 Почему вы ушли с работы?

5 Чем вы занимались на своей предыдущей (previous) работе?

6 У вас есть способности к иностранным языкам?

7 Какое образование вы получили?

8 Какой университет вы кончили?

9 Где вы прочитали объявление о приеме на работу?

10 Кто посоветовал вам прийти к нам?




A. Fill in the text about a woman’s education and career with the words from the box. Then listen to the first part and check.


school course university subjects studied reseach


At school I was very interested in math and physics. They were my favourite _____ . So, when I went to _____, I _____ electrical engineering. At the end of the ______ I stayed at university for another year and did some ____ into systems management.

B. Put these events in the right order. Then listen to the second part and check your answers.

I had an interview.  
I heard about a great opportunity.  
I sent a resume and a letter.  
I joined the company.  
They offered me a job.  
I left university.


Work in pairs. Use the following adjectives to describe your skills.

accurate active broad-minded competent creative diplomatic efficient energetic enthusiastic experienced honest innovative objective outgoing practical

e.g. I’m rather accurate, but not very active.

Your friend wants to get a job this summer and asks you for advice. Read this list of job advertisements. Then discuss the points in the box with your friend.

• Ask your friend what experience he or she has. • Ask what kinds of work he or she plans to do next summer. • Make suggestions about which job or jobs advertised below suites to your friend.

City guide

Tourist office looking to employ guides during the summer. Official city tours last two hours and are in English. History knowledge essential.

Shop assistant

Busy store in shopping centre requires summer shop assistants. Friendly manner, smart appearance, interest in fashion, reasonable English.


Busy city centre bistro wishes to employ seasonal waiting staff. Good communication skills a must. Flexible hours, to include some weekends and evenings.

Hotel receptionist

Excellent opportunity for the right person to begin a career in hotel industry. The hotel near airport requires reception assistant during summer.


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