How Jeff Taylor changed the way the labour market works

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


How Jeff Taylor changed the way the labour market works, the world's biggest online job-search site, shows how electronic marketplaces reach more people and can offer more efficiency than physical markets. It also shows that money can be made in such markets: Monster has a long record of profitability.

Jeff Taylor, who launched the site in 1994, says that the name is the firm's "single most important success factor". It introduces an image of youthful fun in what is basically a boring business. Supporting the brand is a big advertising budget which accounts for a quarter of the firm's costs. He runs expensive ads during key sporting events such as the Super Bowl.

Job-seekers supply resumes and employers pay to scan them or to post job ads. Most of the services that job-seekers get are free, but they have to pay for a service that allows them to contact each other for advice and career management. They can use this service to ask each other questions about, say, what it is like to work for a firm that they are thinking of joining.

The main contribution of Monster has been to speed up hiring and vastly increase the accuracy of the job-search process. "You can post a job at 2pm and get your first response at 2:01," Mr. Taylor says proudly. And an employer who knows exactly what he wants can use Monster's filters to search vast numbers of resumes with precise accuracy. Monster is a serious threat to newspapers, which historically made 40% of their revenues from carrying ads, up to half of which were for staff. Headhunting firms have also lost business, because demand for their help in filling lower-level jobs has fallen.

The online job market works well for workers and employers who know what they want. It works badly for people who are unsure. Check that your resume says clearly what kind of job you want. The filters will then make sure that it reaches the right human resource departments.


Read the text again and answer the questions.


1 Does make a profit?

2 What two advantages does offer to job-seekers?

3 Find two advantages for employers of using the site.

4 Which two kinds of business are losing money because of's success?

5 What advice does the article give to people who want to use the site to find a job?

Discuss in a group. Would you use an online job-search site like Monster to look for a job? Why? / Why not?

Stop and Check 3

Do the tasks below. There are two points for each correct answer.


Complete this table of words.


verb noun person
(1)_____ employment (2)_____/_____
(3)_____ advertisement advertiser
apply (4)_____ applicant
communicate (5)_____ communicator

Complete the sentences with the words from the box.


abroad part-time earn him course

6 I don't want a full-time job. I'd prefer to work _____ .

7 He's got more than a hundred workers under ____.

8 I am not happy in my own country. I want to work ___.

9 Why did she go on the ______? - Because she needed more training.

10 I know it's not a great job. How much does she ____ .


3. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word from the brackets.


11 When I ____ (went/was going) across the street I met my colleagues.

12 You ______ (shouldn’t / mustn’t) be late for the interview.

13 David and Tom ___ (talked/were talking) together when a young woman approached them.

14 You _____ (shouldn’t / mustn’t) smoke here!

15 Three years ago I _____ (has gone/went) to Argentina.

16 You ____ (have to/should) get more exercise. Why don’t you play tennis?

17 I _____ (learned / have learned) English for 10 years.

18 Last year he _____ (has worked / worked) for BBC.

19 They _____ (were / have been) on several training courses for this year.

20 I _____ (have gone / went) to university in 2013.

21 You ____ (have been working/were working) for a long time. You should have a rest!

22 I ____(sent/have sent) my email by 5 p.m.

23 You ____ (are typing/have been typing) your report since early morning. Let’s make a break and have dinner.

24 While I ___ (talked/was talking) to you I missed two buses.

25 She ______ (applied/had applied) for a job when I met her.


4. Tick the correct sentence that means the same as a given idea.


26 I’m telling myself that it’s important.

A I must do my homework tonight.

B I have to do my homework tonight

27 Another boring business trip!

AWe must go to Paris some time.

B We will have to go to Paris next week.

28 It’s the rule.

A I must wear a white shirt and a dark skirt.

B Men have to wear a shirt and tie in offices.

29 One student is talking to another.

AYou must register for next term before Thursday.

B You will have to register for next term before Thursday.

30 I’m really thirsty.

AI must have a drink of water.

B I have to drink lots of water.

Put the words in the correct order.

31 The HR/ select / department / the candidates.

32 did / How many / visit / countries / you / last year?

33 did / What / you / your last job / do on?

34 courses / Have / been / you / on any training?

35 was / She /in charge /a department/ of.

36 applied / He / for/ in / a job / a local company.


6. Read the text and tick the four pieces of advice of A-E below that are mentioned.


(37)__ A You can find information about jobs in newspapers and on the Internet. (38)__ В If you don't find a permanent job immediately, try to find a temporary job for a short time. (39) __ С When you send in your CV, don't write about all your qualifications there, leave this to the interview. (40)__ D Ask questions about the working conditions, but try to avoid bringing up the question of money yourself. (41) __ E If you dress elegantly, you'll have a better chance of succeeding at the interview. Get it right!   Katy Smith, career consultant, has a few tricks up her sleeve for those looking for a job. Go on and get it right! Read recruitment sections in newspapers and on the Internet. A good permanent job with a promise of long-term employment can be difficult to find, so why not take a temporary job, even if it is only for a few months? Every day in most local newspapers there are attractive advertisements for both full-time and part-time jobs, so don't miss them! When you've decided to apply for a job, send your application with a CV as soon as possible. Don't forget to list all your qualifications (degrees and diplomas) and any previous experience you have with this kind of work. At the interview don't be afraid to ask about working conditions (e.g. hours or holidays) but wait for the interviewer to mention the question of starting salary. Money is a delicate issue and being greedy will not get you a job. Dress for success! Put on smart clothes and wear something bright to boost your confidence at the interview.

7. Put the paragraphs (a-d) of the letter in the right order.

  12 Rue Chantily Paris de France 15th August 2010 Mr. J.K. Green Personnel Manager Thrush Books Ltd 15 Rowans Road Boundley Wessex UV20 8DT   Dear Mr. Green, a.I am 20 years old, and have just completed a year's intensive study of English at the Language Academy at Rouen. My father is French and my mother is Austrian, so I am bilingual in French and German. b.I hope this is the information you need and I am the kind of person you are looking for. If so I would be grateful for more details about the job and an application form. I look forward to hearing from you. c.I am writing in reply to your advertisement in the Daily News for a secre­tary in the Foreign Department. d.I have also completed a course for English secretaries at the Mountain Sec­retarial College; my typing speed in English is 50 wpm, I am used to audio typing in English and I can use a word processor. Yours sincerely, Martha Lachasse  


42 Paragraph 1 ___

43 Paragraph 2 ___

44 Paragraph 3 ___

45 Paragraph 4 ___


Translate the sentences from Russian into English.

46 Она ищет сейчас новую работу.

47 Последний раз я работал дизайнером в одной из местных компаний.

48 Проверьте, что вы правильно заполнили свое заявление.

49 Где вы раньше работали?

50 Вы когда-нибудь писали автобиографию?


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