Portuguese football fans in the FC Porto Fan Club in Stockwell 

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Portuguese football fans in the FC Porto Fan Club in Stockwell

'Football is a passion for us,' says Jose Antonio Costa, the president of the Porto Fan Club which meets in Stockwell. 'Many people come for friendship - you know, in a foreign country, you feel more comfortable with your own people.'

Eric Santos, the owner of Santos's cafe near the club, says, 'People come for my wife's bacalhau- salted cod, made with potatoes and onions. Delicious!' There is quite a big Portuguese-speaking community here, from Portugal, Brazil and Madeira, but they do not always stick together. 'Everyone looks after their own interests.' The Portuguese and the Madeirans, in particular, are very separate groups in London, because Madeira wants independence from Portugal.

2. Work with a partner from the other group. Compare your answers and discuss the following questions:

1. Why do so many nationalities choose to live in London?

2. Are there any groups of foreigners living in your town?

3. Where do they come from?

4. What do they find different?

5. Do they mix with other groups, or keep themselves apart?


Work in pairs. Mark if the following statements are true or false.

1 London is more cosmopolitan than Toronto.

2 New York is the most diverse city ever.

3 Londoners don't work as hard as people in other cities.

4 Immigrants want their children to learn English.

5 Londoners are the friendliest people in the world.

6 Londoners only like eating English food.

7Most Londoners want to leave the city eventually.

Stop and Check 4


Do the tasks below. There are two points for each correct answer.


1. Complete the sentences with the words from the box.


elections / visa / exam certificate/ city /landing card

1 Could you fill in the_____?

2 When you pass your exams you’ll get an_______ .

3 Will you need to get a _____ if you go to the United States?

4 Do you vote in the__________ every four/five/six years?

5 Tokyo is a more organized ________ .


Underline the correct word in brackets.


6 The city has 50 ______ (people/nationalities) with populations of more than 10,000.

7 Prime Minister runs the economic and foreign _____ (politics/policy) in the country.

8 If he wins the elections, he’ll become a _______ (lawyer / president).

9 If my visa ran out I would ________ (throw / renew) it .

10 Where is your birth _______ (card/certificate)?

11 At the _________ (elections/ Parliament) people vote for the political party.

12 I am looking for a job, so I’ve sent them an_____ (registration/ application) form.

13 Don’t forget to ______(correct / sign ) your application form underneath.

14 Elections _______ (have / take) place every five years.

15 Policemen often ______ (sign /check) your driving licence.


Write the last three letters in each word.


16 Buenos Aires has a populat…of more than 10 million people.

17 Democr…is a system of government in which leaders are chosen by the people

18 Ident… cardis a card with your name, date of birth and photo to show who you are.

19 Driving lice…is the official document which permits you to drive on public roads.

20 A birth certific… gives the important facts about your birth.


4. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word from the brackets.


21 Tokyo is _____ (bigger/ the biggest) than Madrid.

22 Oxford is one of _____ (older than / the oldest) cities in Europe.

23 If he wins the elections, he _____ (become/will become) a president.

24 I would go to London, if I _______ (get / got) a visa.

25 I ______ (go/ will go) to Madrid, if I get a visa.

26 If you ask them, they ______ (help / will help) you.

27 Madrid is ___ (expensive than / more expensive than)Rome.

28 Cafes in London are ____ (bad than / worse than) cafes in Paris.

29 I’ll call you when I ______ (arrive / will arrive).

30 If I were you I _____ (will attend / would attend) the interview.


5. Tick the correct sentence.


31 ALife in the country is slower than city life.

B Life in the country is slow than city life.

32ABefore I vote for a social party, I know its program.

BBefore I vote for a social party, I’ll know its program.

33AIf you showed youridentity card, you would not be at the police station now.

BIf you show youridentity card, you would not be at the police station now.

34ACould you write in this form for me, please?

BCould you fill in this form for me, please?

35ATokyo is more organized New York.

BTokyo is more organized than New York.

Put the words in the correct order.

36 do / Where / people / English / speak?

37 is / New York /city / a diverse.

38 you / When / were / born?

39 took / my / I / passport / with me.

40 What / do / know / you /languages?


7. Read the story about Al Brown. Mark if the following statements are true or false.

Street News. Al’s Story Al Brown, 31, from a small town in Pennsylvania, USA, had his own delivery business for five years. When he lost it, he also lost his home and his family. He now sleeps on the streets in New York. Street News is a magazine that is sold by homeless people in the city. Selling newspapers gives them a small income, so they can begin to save money for somewhere to live. J: How long have you been selling Street News? A: For a year. It was very cold at first, but after a while you get used to it. J: Why did you come to New York? A: I came here to look for work, and I never left. J: How long have you been sleeping on the streets? A: For six months. I'm outside the subway station seven days a week selling the magazine. J: Have you made any friends? A: Lots. But I get fed up with people who think I drink or take drugs. My problem is I'm homeless. I want a job, but I need somewhere to live before I can get a job. So I need money to get somewhere to live, but... J: How many copies do you sell a day? A: Usually about 70. But I've brought 100 with me. J: How many copies have you sold today? A: So far, ten. But it's still early. Here, take one!


41 Only homeless people sell Street Newsin the city.

42 Al Brown came to New York to sell the magazine.

43 For this difficult year Al has made few friends.

44 Al Brown cannot get a job because he is homeless.

45 He usually sells 100 copies a day.


8. Translate the sentences from Russian into English.


46 Монархия это страна, управляемая королем или королевой.

47 В Соединенном Королевстве выборы проходят каждые пять лет.

48 Полицейские могут проверить ваши водительские права.

49 Заявление это форма, где вы пишите информацию о себе, когда устраиваетесь на работу.

50 Кто является президентом вашей страны?




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