Would you give money or help in these situations?

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Would you give money or help in these situations?

1. A woman knocks at your door collecting money for homeless people. She has an official ID badge. How much would you give her?

2. A little boy offers to clean your shoes in the street for 20 pence.

3. A woman holding a baby asks you for money on the street. She is crying.

4. A rather dirty-looking person asks to “borrow” 5- peace for the bus.

5. You’re in a restaurant and a woman comes in with flowers and asks if you want to buy one for your boyfriend/girlfriend.

6. You meet someone on holiday in a Third World country and after chatting, you realize that with just a couple of your traveller’s cheques, you could pay for their child to go to university and have the chance of a completely different life.

7. You’re at some traffic lights and someone washes your windscreen, then asks for some money.

8. You receive a pack of Christmas cards through the post from a charity for the blind. There is no obligation to pay for the cards – you can keep them for free – but you are invited to send a donation.


A. Write your own view on beggars in the same style as the Internet comments you read earlier. Pass your comment to another classmate. Then:

1. Read and see if you agree or disagree with the comment that has been passed to you.

2. Discuss it with another classmate (not the writer of the comment)

3. Discus the comments as a class.

B. Find the information about the life of the beggars in your country?

1. how many beggars are there in Ukraine.

2. tell about their lives.

3. What does the Government do to help these people?



Lesson 51.




Match the description with the area of work:

1. You work for a big department store.

2. You deal with insurance, pensions, loans, etc.

3. You work for an advertising agency.

4. You’re responsible for a company’s sales strategy.

5. You work with computers and telecommunications.

6. You deal with your company’s clients.

a. I’m in IT.

b. I’m in marketing.

c. I’m in financial services.

d. I’m in customer service.

e. I’m in retail.

f. I’m in advertising.


Match the jobs description with the position:

1. The person who welcomes visitors and deals with their enquiries.

2. The person who deals with any problems with the staff.

3. The person who deals with any problems with the staff.

4. The person who assists the managing director.

a. admin assistant

b. personnel manager

c. receptionist

d. PA (personal assistant)


Match the job description with the position:

1. (S)he is responsible for selling the goods.

2. (S)he is responsible for making the goods.

3. (S)he is responsible for testing samples as the goods are produced.

4. (S)he is in charge of a team of workers.

5. The boss!

a. quality controller

b. managing director

c. supervisor

d. sales manager

e. production manager


Match the following definitions with the jobs:

1. They build the walls of houses.

2. They install and repair pipes.

3. They work with wood.

4. They repair cars.

5. They install wiring and sockets.

a. mechanics

b. electricians

c. carpenters or joiners

d. plumbers

e. bricklayers


Certain traditional jobs are professions: the medical professions, the legal professions, the nursing professions and the teaching profession.

Match these jobs with the definitions:

1. teachers a. treat sick animals
2. doctors b. perform operations in hospital
3.dentists c. help look after patients
4.barristers d. deal with routine legal work
5.silocitors e. look after your teeth
6. nurses f. present criminal cases in court
7.vets g. treat patients at their surgery
8. surgeons h. give children an education

Lawyer is a general word for both solicitors and barristers. In Britain only a barrister is allowed to address the court in the most important courts.


Use these words in the sentences below:

fire-fighter police officer pilot
soldier paramedic sailor

1. John’s a … in the Royal Navy.

2. He’s a … in the fire brigade.

3. He’s a … in the ambulance service.

4. I’m joining the army to become a … .

5. My father was a … in the air force.

6. He’s a senior … .


Match a word on the left with a word on the right to make the name of a job:

1. lorry a. cleaner
2. shop b. instructor
3. window c. assistant
4. bank d. clerk
5. driving e. driver

Do the same with these:

6. taxi f. worker
7. traffic g. guard
8. security h. warden
9. social i. agent
10. estate j. driver


1. Is it easy for graduates and school leavers to find a job in your country?

2. Do most people start a career immediately?

3. What else might they do?


to be a trainee manager to be accepted for a job/course
to apply for a job/course to do a degree (in law)
to do a master’s degree to do a temporary job
to join the army  


A radio programme is interviewing students who are about to graduate, to find out what they intend to do. Read and make a note of what they have been studying and their plans/ideas about their future career.


I’ve just done a degree in Drama and education, so I’ll probably end up teaching drama in a secondary school. I suppose, but I’m not going to apply for anything this year. Right now, I want to get away from education and do some travelling, probably to the West Indies. I’ve got family in Trinidad, so I’m hoping to go there for a few months, and maybe find some kind of job there.


I’ve just finished a degree in Ancient History and I’m about to join the army for five years! I’ve applied and been accepted, and I’m starting my training in September, assuming I pass my medical.


I’m just finishing my final exams in fashion, and it’s been incredibly hard work. So first I’m having a holiday with my family back home in California. I’m leaving in five days, I’m so excited! After that I’m planning to do a master’s degree in Fashion design. I’ve applied for a course, and I’ve been accepted if I get good grades in my exams, so I’m hoping!


I’m about to graduate in modern languages, Spanish and Russian and I’ve already been accepted for a job as a trainee manager with an international clothing company. I’m due to start work at the beginning of September, so I’m having a couple of months’ break over the summer. I’m going to find a beach somewhere nice and hot for a couple of weeks in August, hopefully, and then after that I’ll start work. I’m really looking forward to it.


My degree is in Business studies, but I’m thinking of applying for a course in journalism, but I’m not sure yet. It’s a bit of a change, but I think that’s what I want to do.


I’ve just finished a law degree, but I’m definitely not going to be a lawyer. I’ve realized I hate the law! I’ve basically got no idea at all what I want to do. I suppose I’ll do some kind of temporary job for the next months; work in a shop, or do telephone sales or something, and then see what happens. Hope that I get some idea.


Answer the questions:

1. Which of the six students have already made arrangements to start a job/course?

2. Who already knows what they want to do?

3. Who doesn’t really know what they want to do?


The four people are talking about themselves. Read and complete the column about interests in the table below. Suggest two or three possible jobs for each person. Complete the Possible Jobs and Reasons column in the table below.

a. Hi. My name’s Morgan and I’m from Australia from place called Brisbane. I’m still at high school. I love all the usual things really like music, going to the movies but most of all I love people, I’m really interested in people and making friends. One day my ambition is to do something that can really help people, I’d like to study for that.

b. Well, I’m Luke. I’m from England. I’m twenty years old. Money is quite important to me when it comes to work. Also I’d like to work for myself. I don’t want to work in an office, I’m not really into computers and that. I like to be more independent. I don’t want to be in one place all the time.

c. My name is Carmen and I come from Mexico. I’m at college right now studying English and French. I want to meet people from all over the world, that’s why I study languages. I like reading too and meeting people. I want to go to every continent, maybe learn some more languages maybe Chinese or something …

d. Hi. I’m Jong. I am twenty-three years old, from Seoul in South Korea, and I am studying hard now. I am studying real hard and trying to improve my English. When I finish my studies, I hope I will get a good job. I want to maybe become a millionaire one day. I like to work hard, I ’m a very ambitious person.


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