Answer the clues. The number of letters is given. 

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Answer the clues. The number of letters is given.

          1. A ____ ___ ___ ____ ___ ___
      2. ____ ____ I ____ ___ ___      
3. ___ ___ ___ ___ ____ R            
  4. ____ ____ ____ ____ ---- ____ ____ ___      
  5. ____ ____ ____ ____ T            
6. ___ ____ ____ ____ ____ R            
        7. ____ A ____ ____ ____ ____ ____  
        8. ____ V ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____
      9. ____ ____ E ____          
        10. ____ L ____ ____ ____ ____    

1. an area of land where aircraft can land and take off, be kept, repaired, etc. (7)

2. a trip by aeroplane, especially carrying passengers on a regular service (6)

3. a member of the cabin staff who looks after the passengers’ needs (7)

4. the act of leaving the ground by an aeroplane (7)

5. a person who flies an aeroplane; captain (5)

6. a big building where planes are kept (6)

7. the act of coming down onto the ground again from the air (7)

8. the science or practice of flying (8)

9. all the people working on an aeroplane (4)

10. a plane without an engine (6)

Lesson 30.




Emad Yousef lives in Manchester. He has a job interview in Edinburgh next week. He goes to see a travel agent to get some information. What questions do you think he asks?

Read the dialogue and complete the table.


Agent: Good morning, how can I help you?
Emad: Um… I want to go to Edinburgh …
Agent: How would you like to travel?
Emad: I’m not sure. How far is it?
Agent: Oh, about 200 miles.
Emad: Can you tell me the best way to get there?
Agent: Well, there are a number of ways. You can go by train.
Emad: How much does the train cost?
Agent: Well, a return ticket costs £ 122 and takes about three hours.
Emad: And what about a coach from Manchester to Edinburgh? How much is that?
Agent: Well, the coach is much cheaper. It costs £58 for a return ticket. But the journey is longer – it takes about five and a half hours.

Emad: Mmm…that’s a bit too long. Can you fly to Edinburgh from Manchester?
Agent: Yes, you can from Manchester airport.
Emad: So how long does that take?
Agent: Just over an hour.
Emad: I see. And how much does the plane cost?
Agent: There are lots of fares but an economy class return is about £ 190.
Emad: £ 190? That’s expensive. I think I’ll go by train. Can I book a ticket?
Agent: Certainly. When would you like to travel?
Emad: I’d like to go next Wednesday.
Agent: OK. And what’s your name, please?

Who asked these questions? Write E for Emad or T for travel agent.

How much does the train cost? …………

And what’s your name, please? ………..

How can I help you? ………..

So how long does that take? ………..

How for is it? ……….

When would you like to travel? .………

Can you tell me the best way to get there? ……….

How would you like to travel? ………..


Use these words to complete the sentences:

passengers hold-up fares commuters
timetable queue rush-hour unreliable

1. I see they’ve put train …. Up again. That’s the second increase this year.

2. I hate travelling during the … . I had to stand all the way home again last might.

3. The service is even worse since they changed the … . Now there are only two trains an hour instead of three.

4. Up and down to London every day – I don’t know how these … do it. It would drive me crazy.

5. I’d come by car if I were you. The trains are so … these days.

6. Sorry I’m late again. There was another … just outside the station – a problem with signals or something.

7. There was such a long … at the ticket office that I nearly missed my train.

8. I sometimes think the only people the train companies don’t listen to are their …. .


Use these words to complete the texts:

calling delay change
running arrival standing

1. We apologise for the late … of the 8.10 from Cambridge. This train will now arrive at platform 2 in approximately 15 minutes’ time.

2. The 4.45 to Portsmouth is … approximately 20 minutes late. We apologise to passengers for the … and any inconvenience this may cause.

3. The train now … at platform 4 is the 7.45 for London Victoria, … at Gatwick Airport and East Croydon. Passengers for London Bridge should … at East Croydon.

Vocabulary exercise

Match the words with their definitions below:

1. a single ticket a. a ticket which allows you to travel any number of times during the stated period
2. a return ticket b. money that you are asked to pay
3. a season ticket c. A ticket which allows you to travel to a place but not back again
4. a through train d. something arranged for travellers
5. service e. it allows you to travel there and back
6. charge f. a train going from one place direct to another when passengers do not have to change from one train to another


A. Look at this picture of Dave Lewis. Did he have a good or a bad journey? Say why or why not?

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