Give the names for the illustrated ways of swimming 

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Give the names for the illustrated ways of swimming

_ _ _ _ _ _ s _ _ _ _ _

2. b _ _ _ s _ _ _ _ _

3. _ r _ _ _

4. b _ t _ _ _ _ _ _




Lesson 26.



Complete the sentences below with these words:

match pitch away team
goal foul pass substitute
referee red card at home offside

1. There’s a big football … on TV tonight – Barcelona and Chelsea.

2. Some of the fans ran onto the … and the referee had to stop the game.

3. I was disappointed France won. I thought Brazil were better ….

4. Beckham scored the … but it was Fowler’s brilliant … that created the opportunity.

5. That was a deliberate … . He just blocked Zola as he tried to run past. The … should have sent him off. That was definitely a … offence.

6. It shouldn’t have been a goal. Vieri was … when the ball was played to him.

7. In the 65th minute Owen came on as a … and scored almost immediately.

8. Arsenal should win when they play Benfica …, but the second leg could be a different story. … games are always much more difficult.

Players’ positions

There are two ways to describe where somebody plays. Match the positions with the phrases below:

1. goalkeeper

2. defender

3. midfielder

4. striker/attacker

5. wide player


a. He plays in attack.

b. He plays midfield.

c. He plays in goal.

d. He plays wide on the left.

e. He plays in defence.

Match the names of the footballers with their positions on the field.


…centre back … left back
…goal keeper …midfield players
… right back … strikers



Label the picture of the goal with these words:

goal-line post net crossbar



Write the correct number beside these expressions:

touch - line ………. corner flag ………….
penalty area ……… six-yard box …………
penalty spot ……… halfway line …………
centre circle …….. goal …………


Complete the following sentences with the words or phrases from the list below.

football ground referee kick-off draw fair
goal coach score fouls free kick


1. The instructor of the team is the … .

2. The games take place on a … .

3. The man in the … is the goal-keeper.

4. The beginning of the match is the … .

5. During the match each team tries to … as many goals as possible.

6. When the teams have scored the same number of goals we say it’s a … .

7. The man who enforces the rules during the game is the … .

8. Playing correctly is called … play.

9. Unfair moves are called … .

10. When a player breaks the rules the other team may get a … .


Read the text:

Manchester United

Many English football teams have the word United in their name, but by far the most famous is from the northern city of Manchester and plays in red shirts and white shorts. When football fans refer to Manchester United just as ‘United’, as they often do, other fans always know who they mean.

It’s possible that United have more fans than any other football team in the world.

Their stadium, Old Trafford, holds around 75,000 people and is full for almost every match. It’s also true that tens of millions of people around the world watch their matches on TV, and that when they play friendlies thousands of miles away in Asia or

Africa (as they have done in recent years in July or August, before the English football season starts) the crowds are always very big.

The club was founded back in 1878 and has had a successful history. It has won the English championship eighteen times (the same number as Liverpool, their biggest rivals) and the European Champions’ League (previously the European Cup) three times.

A well-known tragedy in United’s history was when many of their best players died in a plane crash in Munich, Germany, in 1958. It seemed the club might not recover, but ten years later, in 1968, they became the first English team to win the European Cup.

United’s best players in their great team of the late 1960s included Bobby Charlton (probably the most famous English footballer of the 1960s) and George Best (who some say was the best player who never played in a World Cup – the reason was that he was from Northern Ireland, a country that never qualified for the World Cup during his career).

United were not so good in the 1970s and 80s but have been very successful again since the 1990s under their Scottish manager Alex Ferguson. In the 1990s the best players included Eric Cantona, a Frenchman who was very popular with the fans, and David Beckham, who even people who hate football have heard of.

United’s best player at the moment is perhaps the 24-year-old English forward Wayne Rooney. He is so good that some fans think England have a chance of winning the

2010 World Cup if he plays, but no chance if he gets injured.

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