The following images are about urban tribes. Match them with the corresponding text and identify their names. 

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The following images are about urban tribes. Match them with the corresponding text and identify their names.

A.These people want to keep the rock’n’roll spirit alive. They adopt the 50s lifestyle in terms of fashion, music and cars. They worship Elvis Presley, and Jerry Lee Lewis, the fathers of rock’n’roll.

B. This movement was created in great Britain in the 70s by band Sex Pistols. Their songs conveyed political and anti-social messages. The members belonging to this movement can be recognized by their spiky hair, black clothes, chains, piercing and dark make-up.

C. This movement is also called “Flower Power” and it appeared in san Francisco in the 60s, as a reaction to the Vietnam War. People wear long hair, colourful clothes and they spread the message “Make love not war”.

D. This movement appeared in the 60s in New York. These people see streets as art galleries and express themselves through their paintings. The members belonging to this movement wear baggy clothes and have quite a sloppy look.

E. This movement was created in the 30s in Jamaica by Marcus Garvey. It is a philosophy of life based on the Old Testament. Its members believe in the goodness of mankind and wish to be at peace and harmony with people, animals and nature.

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Lesson 11.




Read the definition of the word “idol”. Does it match the qualities of famous people you know?

Make a short list of the reasons why teenagers have idols.

What aspects of idols do young people copy? Why? (Clothes, habits, possessions, movements). Make notes on each thing.



A. Put each of the sentences a-g below the text into the correct space. Look carefully at the words before and after the spaces and use the pronouns (he, she, it, them, her) to help you match the sentences.


Young people have always had idols because they want someone to look up to. Young people have always had idols to admire and look up to. In the fifties and sixties teenagers loved stars like Marylyn Monroe, Elvis and The Beatles. Today, young people also have idols, from footballers to pop stars. Youth Express finds out who young people look up to today.

Craig Byers, 16, Newcastle

My idol is David Beckham, the footballer. 1 __________ I think we have idols because we need someone to look up to and respect. In a way, it was Beckham who inspired me to play football. When I grow up, I want to be just like him as I have great admiration for him. I have read all kinds of things about him. My parents have been United fans all their lives, so they like him, too. I once saw him up close when I was on holiday on a beach in Greece. He felt very proud when he captained the England team in 2003.

Shauna Jones, 14, Liverpool

By far the person I like most is Christina Aguilera because her songs are just brilliant and she isn't a snob. She is very popular too among my school mates. I started liking her when she first came on the television, but I don't know why we idolise people. 2 __________ I think about half my friends are into her, too, but I have more posters than them on my walls and on my ceiling. Even my parents have idols - pop stars like Blue and Westlife. It's kinda cool. I like their idols and they like mine.

Toni Gilbert, 16, Manchester

It's Westlife for me. They are always on my mind. I started to like them about six months ago but before that it was Britney Spears. I went off her because Westlife are better, although not as successful as Britney. I know all their songs by heart. 3 __________ I think young people have idols because they like music. I don't believe everything the media puts out about my idols. My mom's idol is Robbie Williams because she is keen on his songs, but she thinks Westlife are OK, too.

Efi Dimitriou, 15, Athens

To my mind, Daniel Radcliffe is the best. He became famous from playing Harry Potter. I think he’s popular is because he comes across as really kind and respectful, and also he is very good looking. He doesn't seem to care about his new fame and lives an ordinary life with his parents. He isn't at all snobbish. He made his acting debut in 1999 in a film about David Copperfield. 4 __________ I try to get hold of anything about him like posters and different items with his photograph in them In fact, my bedroom is full of Harry Potter things which my mum goes on about.

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