Indicate in the picture below the listed parts of a theater. Write the correct numbers next to the name of each part. 

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Indicate in the picture below the listed parts of a theater. Write the correct numbers next to the name of each part.


… aisle

… box

… curtain

… footlights

… gallery

… spotlight

… stage

… stalls

… wings


Parts of a theatre.

Match each part of a theatre on the left with its definition on the right.

1. AISLE a) ticket office
2. BACKSTAGE b) the hall at the entrance to a theatre
3. BALCONY c) the way between the seats in a theatre
4. BOX d) a line of seats for people side by side
5. BOX OFFICE e) the seats on the ground floor
6. CIRCLE f) sunken area in front of the stage where an orchestra may play
7. FOYER g) the part of a theatre where people can sit above the ground level
8. GALLERY h) one of the upper parts in a theatre, in which the seats are arrange in part of a circle around the building.
9. ORCHESTRA PIT i) the highest upper floor in a theatre
10. ROW j) a small room in a theatre, on either side, from which a small group of people can watch the play.
11. STAGE k) the raised area in a theatre where actors perform.
12. STALLS l) the area out of sight of the audience.

Parts of a stage.

Match each part of a stage on the left with its definition on the right.

1. BACKCLOTH a) something built and provided with furniture, scenery, etc. to represent the scene of the action of a play
2. BACKSTAGE b) a painted cloth hung across the back of the stage
3. CURTAIN c) at or towards the back of the stage
4. DOWNSTAGE d) at or towards the front of the stage
5. DRESSING ROOM e) behind the stage, especially in the dressing rooms of the actors
6. FOOTLIGHTS f) a room behind the stage where an actor can get ready for his performance
7. SCENERY g) the sides of a stage, where an actor is hidden from view
8. SET h) a sheet of heavy material drawn or lowered across the front of the stage
9. SPOTLIGHT i) a row of lights along the front of the floor of a stage
10. TRAPDOOR j) a lamp with a moveable narrow beam
11. UPSTAGE k) the set of painted backgrounds and other objects used on a stage
12. WINGS l) a small door, covering an opening in the floor on a stage

People in a play.

Match the people on the left with a definition on the right.

1. CAST a) the main bad character in a play
2. HAM b) a set of actors in a play
3. HERO c) a company of dancers, members of a circus
4. HEROINE d) the most important male part in a play
5. STAND-IN e) a famous actor or actress
6. STAR f) an actor who learns an important part in a play so as to be to take the place of the actor who plays that part if necessary
7. STUNT MAN g) a person who takes the part of a actor at dangerous points in a film
8. TROUPE h) the most important female part in a play
9. UNDERSTUDY i) a person who does dangerous acts in a film so that the actor doesn’t have to take risks
10. VILLAIN j) an actor who acts artificially, unnaturally


Fill in the defined words:

1 _ _ T

2 _ _ H _ _ _ _ _ _

3 _ _ _ _ E_ _ _

4 _ _ _ _ A _ _ _

5 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _T

6 _ _ _ _ _ R_ _ _ _ _

7 _ _ _ E_


1. part of a play (3)

2. practicing a play (9)

3. people watching a play (8)

4. handclapping after the play (8)

5. author of plays (10)

6. the showing of the play (11)

7. person who shows people to their seats in a theatre (5)


Answer the clues.

1 C _ _ _ _ _ _

2 _ _ _ _ I _ _ _ _

3 _ _ _ _ _ N _

4 _ _ _ _ _ _ E _

5 _ _ _ _ M _ _ _ _ _ _

6 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A _


1. animated movie

2. translation of the dialogue of a foreign film printed on the film

3. replacing the original voice sound-track of a film with a translation into a different languages

4. film about vampires, black magic, etc.

5. a film showing some aspect of human or social activity

6. the script of the film

In the Cinema

Put these words into the sentences below:

screen subtitles row trailers credits

1. Let’s sit at the back. I don’t like being too near the … .

2. I like to sit in the front … .

3. I find trying to read … very annoying. I prefer dubbed films.

4. I like seeing all the … for the new films that are coming out.

5. I usually stay at the end to read the … because I like to know who some of the less important actors were.

10. Read the text and do the exercises:


The animated film Rio has recently come out in many different countries around the world. It is the latest film from Blue Sky Studios, which also made the Ice Age trilogy, and as in those three films, the main characters are talking animals – this time two macaws (a kind of parrot) called Blu and Jewel.

The story begins with Blu living in the house of his owner, Linda, who runs a bookshop in Minnesota in the north of the United States. Though born in Brazil, Blu was taken to the US by tropical bird smugglers when he was very young, and is comfortable in his quiet life with Linda. He is a rather anxious bird who doesn’t like new experiences very much and has never learned to fly. One day Linda meets a bird expert called Tulio who tells her that Blu is one of a very rare species. In fact, he is so rare that there is only one other macaw of the same kind anywhere in the world: a female called Jewel who lives in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Tulio persuades Linda to take Blu to Rio, because getting him to meet Jewel is the only way of stopping their species from becoming extinct.

The rest of the film tells the story of the relationship between Blu and Jewel (which doesn’t start well: she dislikes him at first) and the adventures they have in Rio, as well as the human relationship between Linda and Tulio.

At first, Blu finds Rio quite scary, but might his new experiences there change his personality? Could he even learn to fly? Blu again faces danger from bird smugglers, who capture him and Jewel, but the story is mostly very happy, with lots of jokes, music and dancing. Rio is also beautiful to look at, with many of the characters being colourful Brazilian birds (plus some other animals) and with the mountains, forests and beaches of Rio in the background.

As with many other animations in recent years, the voices of some of the characters, including Blu and Jewel, are those of famous actors and musicians. Blu’s voice is that of Jesse Eisenberg (who played Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, in The Social Network) and Jewel’s is that of Anne Hathaway (who has starred in films such as The Devil Wears Prada and Alice in Wonderland).

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