Trinity College Dublin: 400 years of history

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Trinity College Dublin: 400 years of history

If asked what Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett have (0)___ common, most people would correctly reply that they are famous writers. But (1)____ you know they have all graduated from the oldest and (2)_______ prestigiousuniversities in Ireland?

The University of Dublin, Trinity College, has an interesting history. The university (3)______ founded in 1592 in the heart of Dublin, the capital of Ireland. At (4)______, everything went well and the university grew slowly. Then, in the middle of the 17th century, life at the university became difficult (5)_____ of two wars in the country. Fortunately, the university survivedand from then (6) ______ many wealthyfamilies began to send their sons there for a good education.

Today, Trinity College is among the top 40 universities in the world for Arts and Humanities, and it attracts students from (7)_____ five continents. It is also (8)_____ of Ireland’s most popular historical sites. It has a uniquely beautiful library (9)_____ contains 4.25 million books including the Book of Kells, (10)____ of the most preciousmedieval books in existence. Over half a million visitors come to see this book and the library every year. It is truly a great university.

C. What do these numbers refer to:

a) 400;

b) 40:

c) 4,25

D. Match the words in bold to their meanings.

1) started;

2) got their degrees;

3) respected;

4) answer;

5) managed to get through;

6) rich;

7) very valuable;

8) draw;

9) specially.

2.Think of your country’s best universities. Collect information, and then write a short article about it. Write itsname, location, when founded, history, interesting facts.


Put each of the following words or phrases into correct place in the passage below:

amount calendar class hours college selecting
course credits curriculum electives
graduation major number opportunity
outlines prospectus specified subjects
requirement technical three week


Selecting courses

The course given by a … or university are called its curriculum. The … of the institutions … the complete … . It gives the … for entry to each course, as well as the credits given for the … .

Each course is designated as giving a … number of credits. These are usually equal to the number of … devoted each week to the course. For example, a course that meets three times a … usually gives … credits towards graduation. Schools using the semester … require about 120 credits for … . Between 30 and 40 of the required … must be in the student’s … subject.

Schools vary considerably in the freedom given students in … their courses. Almost all schools have a certain … of required … . Students can also usually choose nonrequired courses called … . Liberal – arts college usually students more … to choose than do … schools.


Which of the three definitions most nearly describes each of the following subjects?

1. Agronomy, taught by agronomists, is

a) the study of primitive races

b) the survey of human emotions

c) the science of farming

2. Anthropology, taught by anthropologists, is

a) the science of ants

b) the study of man

c) the art of poetry

3. Embryology, taught my embryologists, is

a) the study of coals

b) the study of development of living creatures before their birth

c) the study of amber

4. Entomology, taught by entomologists, is

a) the study of the insects

b) the study of the derivation of words

c) the study of tombs and monuments

5. Graphology, taught by graphologists, is

a) the analysis of handwriting

b) the study of the earth

c) branch of maps

6. Linguistics, taught by linguists, is

a) the science of language

b) the study of linking chains together

c) branch of mathematics dealing with lines

7. Penology, taught by penologists, is

a) the art of good penmanship

b) the study of old-age pensioners

c) the study of prison management

8. Philology, taught by philologists, is

a) the art of wisdom

b) literary scholarship

c) the study of the derivation of words

9. Physiology, taught by physiologists, is

a) the study of the functions of the body

b) the study of the functions of the mind

c) the science matter and energy

10. Seismology, taught by seismologists, is

a) the splitting of the atom

b) the science of earthquakes

c) the study of famous quotations


Put each of the following into its correct place in the passage below.

advance approximately balance beginning
cash credit currency delayed
fees full holders installment
mail money payment Visa


Tuition … are payable in … in full at the time billed. Students may pay by … cheque, …. order or … card (MASTER CARD or ….). Foreign students must pay in British … .

…. May be made by telephone for credit card …. . Payment may also be by …. . However, the College is not responsible for lost or … mail.

Students who do not pay in … in advance automatically choose the deferred payment plan of two equal … . the initial payment is due … two weeks prior to the … of each term. The .. is due four weeks after the beginning of the term.


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