ТОП 10:

Заполните пропуски выражениями of one's own, on ones's own, one's won.


1) Can you help me with these suitcases. I can't lift them....

2) He always does what other people tell him. He hasn't got a mind...

3) Why do you always drink my coffee? Don't you get any....

4) They need a place since they have two small children and her parents' house is very small.

5) Is this all .... work, or did someone help you?

6) The country has had... government since it became independent.

7) She is very stubborn, she likes having... place.

8) Exactly how long have you been running... business?

9) The boss seems to have left us... again.

10) You are expected to do a lot of work in... time.


Вставьте whoever, whatever, whichever, whenever, wherever, however.


1) Please call me... you want.

2) He does .. he thinks is best.

3) We can go to the shops .... you want.

4) I told him he should do.. seems best about the situation.

5) There are five trains going to Moscow. We cant take.. fits in with your plans.

6) It's not a formal party. You can dress... you please.

7) I don't mind driving far. I can take you... you want to go.

8) He's got tickets for everyone.. wants to come is welcome.

9) She's such a spoilt child. She gets... she wants.

10) It's true that ... she goes, she's always at the centre of attention.

Вставьте another, (the)other(s), each other, every other.


1) Let's help...

2) My sister has....year to go before she finishes her university course.

3) Mr and Mrs White are arriving this evening but... guests won't be here until tomorrow.

4) Now that my friend is working in Moscow we don't get to see.. very often.

5) I don't have time to read a newspaper every day, so I buy one.... day.

6) Two new students started today. One is from Saratov and... is from Perm.

7) I've got one of the four books I ordered but... haven't arrived yet.

8) In... decade I'll be running my own business.

9) One of the most environmentally-friendly means of transport is the bicycle; are the train and the tram.

10) Some people liked the film while... were shocked by it.



Переведите с английского на русский.


1) It's no good for you to study all day. You should get some fresh air.

2) Neither Kate nor Lucy came to the class.

3) I hope everyone is ready to leave.

4) You have to check each one of these contracts separately.

5) I don't like these biscuits. I prefer the ones Mum made.

6) Give me all information on the matter.

7) No license is required to produce or sell the new first aid kits.

8) Take care of yourself when you go canoeing.

9) They haven't spoken to each other for days.

10) I've looked everywhere for my keys but I could not find them anywhere.

11) Her score is better than mine.

12) Can we have your suggestion first and then we'll hear his?

13)Our flight was delayed but theirs took off on time.

14) She likes being by herself.

15) They are always arguing with each other.

16) I hope my parents will enjoy themselves at the party tomorrow.

17) Where else can I look for help?

18) Hurry up or else you'll be late for the interview.

19) We must get one more assistant. Can you think of anyone else?

20) There were two applicants for the job and I gave a form to each one.

21) Neither of us is rich.

22) All the passengers went ashore.

23) Which applicant did you like most? - The first one.

25) Tenants have to pay the rent every month.

26) All my clothes are dark and none of them are very nice. I'm fed up with them.

27) Every time I call her she says she is busy.

Переведите с русского на английский.


1) Знать все невозможно. Знать все - это значит не знать ничего.

2) Что-то неладно в датском королевстве.

3) Богатство - ничто без здоровья.

4) Не хотите кофе?

5) Все хорошо, что хорошо кончается.

6) Дайте мне немного молока, пожалуйста.

7) Положите немного сметаны в салат - и он готов.

8) Он выслал какие-то предложения по электронной почте.

9) Вчера в пять часов утра кто-то шумел в соседней квартире.

10) Я не слышал ничего - я спал.

11) Моя история долгая и печальная.

12) Ты, он, я, она - вместе дружная семья.

13) Еще уйма времени - мы все успеем.

14) Вы не поздоровались. Нехорошо быть невежливым.

15) Сегодня выходной. Можно спать дольше.



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