ТОП 10:

Вставьте подходящее возвратное местоимение там, где это необходимо.


1) I didn't buy this cake. I baked it....

2) My father's a mechanic, so he doesn't have to pay somebody to repair his car. He fixes it...

3) Her mother is an excellent dressmaker. She always makes her clothes...

4) Do you like the salad? My sister has cooked it....

5)When I saw... in the mirror this morning, I was shocked.

6) Did you hurt...?

7) Speak louder! Make ... heard!

8) She lives by....

9) Behave...!

10) Enjoy... at the party!

11) Help... to this cake!

12) She is so upset! She doesn't look ... these days!

13) Our children like being by....

14) We didn't go to a travel agent's to organise out trip. We organised it.....

15) He is so proud of...

16) He looked behind...

17) He got up and shaved... Then he dressed...

18) The baby is growing so fast. She can already dress...

19) We have made the whole repair....

20)You should count on no one but....


This/ these – that/those


This/ these That/ those
Когда лицо или предмет находится рядом: This message here is for you. Когда лицо или предмет находятся на расстоянии: That man over there is our manager.
Когда речь идет о настоящем или будущем: We’re having three tests this week. Когда речь идет о прошлом: That week was the busiest for us.
Когда человек находится рядом с тем местом, о котором идет речь: This building was constructed two years ago. В ответ на предыдущую реплику: “I’m going to be promoted!” – “That’s great!”
В телефонном разговоре, когда человек представляется: This is Ellen speaking. May I speak to the manager, please? В телефонном разговоре, когда человек хочет узнать, с кем он разговаривает: Hello! Who’s that speaking?
Может стоять отдельно: This is all I can say on the subject. Может стоять отдельно: That’s how we got acquainted.


Вставьте this, that, these, those.


1) Hello! ... is Nick speaking.

2) She is visiting us... weekend.

3) .... man over there is our professor.

4) He died... year.

5) - I've lost my purse. - ....is too bad.

6) Who is... speaking?

7) ... is all that I wanted to say.

8)... is too good to be true.

9) - .... is my sister Sue. - Please to meet you, Sue.

10) - I won the contest! - ... is great!

11) Can you see ... aeroplane in the sky?

12) My friend is getting married... week.

13) .... is my new car. Do you like it?

14) Can you pass me... book on the shelf behind you, please.

15) - Grandad! Do you remember 1941? - Yes,... was the year the war broke out.

16) ... people over there must be waiting for the train.

17) Good evening!... is the Queen speaking to the nation.

18) I bought... shoes today.

19) Are you going down to the country ... weekend?

20) -I hear he's going to be promoted. - .... is right. He'll be our new manager.


It или there?

It There
It + be– для уточнения: There’s a man on the phone. It’s the manager. There +be – когда впервые упоминается предмет или лицо: There are some some messages for you on your desk
It + be +to V (that-clause)- в начале предложения: It’s a shame that they didn’t keep their promise.  
В некоторых выражениях: it seems that, it appears that, it looks like, it is said that, it doesn’t matter: It appears they are going to accept our offer.  

Вставьте it или there.

1) .... isn't much time left.

2) I'm sure you are going to like...

3).... are a lot of things to take into consideration.

4).... is not so easy to choose a holiday.

5) Saransk? Where is ...?

6)... seem to be so many choices and we've got alimited amount of money.

7) Is... any milk left in the fridge?

8) ... is someone at the door.

9) ... is hard to believe this news!

10) What's the weather like? - ... is raining.

11) Is.. your mother's birthday tomorrow?

12) ... is Christmas Day and everyone is happy.

13) ... is no need to worry about me.

14)... is no light in the house - something must be wrong.

15) Will .. matter if I am a bit late for the class?

Some – any - no


  Adjectives Pronouns Adverbs Adverbs
    people things places
Утвердительные предложения Some any Someone/somebody Anyone/ anybody Something anything Somewhere anywhere
Вопросы any Anyone/ anybody anything Anywhere
Отрицания No/ not any No one/ not anyone Nobody/ not anybody Nothing Not anything Nowhere Not anywhere
В утвердительной, вопросительной или отрицательной форме every Everybody everyone everything Everywhere



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