ТОП 10:

Переведите на английский язык, используя пассивный залог.


1) Любой конкурс требует победителей

2) Президент сообщил, что со следующего года отменяется налог на прибыль для организаций, предоставляющих услуги образования и здравоохранения.

3) По мнению многих, результат этих мер будет ощутим уже через 5-6 лет.

4) Такие меры создадут новые рабочие места.

5) Количество пользователей интернета будет увеличено за несколько лет.

6) Когда-то мобильные телефоны передавали только голос.

7) Теперь с их помощью можно обмениваться текстами и картинками.

8) Пока что многодетным семьям предоставляют недостаточно льгот.

9)Труд осужденных во время отбывания наказания в колонии включается в трудовой стаж.

10) В законодательство были внесены изменения.

11) Абитуриенты будут выбирать технические специальности.

12) Несколько столетий назад первопроходцы прирастили к нашему государству богатейшие земли за Уральскими горами.

13) В Сочи идет стройка олимпийских объектов.

14) Российский газ удовлетворяет потребности в газе и России, и Европы.

15) Считается, что наши ресурсы неисчерпаемы.


Переведите на русский язык.


1) The security concern was elevated after the events of September 11,2001.

2) New procedures are being introduced and additional safety measures are being prepared

and implemented by customs administrations.

3) Customs is well positioned to control the goods at the time of importation.

4) Customs must ensure that goods that were imported for other than home consumption are not diverted to such consumption.

5) Trade facilitation should be incorporated into multilateral trade negotiations.

6) A wide range of new approaches, systems, procedures and operating methods will have to be developed.

7) Often, customs is not provided with the technological resources to facilitate and secure international supply chains.

8) Customs staff are recruited young and often trained in paramilitary fashion.

9) The skills of classifying goods, determining value and country of origin, and applying proper procedures for processing merchandise are needed by customs.

10) Clearance of goods is affected by factors such as the quality of port facilities and the multitude of organizations and handoffs involved in transactions.

Переведите на русский язык.


1) Many diverse personnel and labor relations activities may be subsumed under several human resource policy areas.

2) It has been argued that the developmental imperative for all human beings is to move from dependence.

3) In Japan employee compliance with hierarchical control was supported by Chinese Confucianism, in which family hierarchy and responsibility to groups are emphasized.

4) In many European countries elected workers councils are given certain governance powers -

ranging from the right to be informed to the power of codetermination - over the workplace.

5) In West Germany employees sit as representatives on permanent work councils

that are granted legally defined rights.

6) These governance models are to be followed by other companies.

7) The degree of influence of the mechanism for employee participation is determined by legislation.

8) Management's influence is affected by business knowledge and decision making skills.

9) The recruitment should not be looked at only from the point of view of its impact

on the cost of effectiveness and congruence.

10) Once employees have been recruited, their flow through the organization must be managed

so that their competence is developed to meet corporate needs.

Переведите на русский язык.


1) A total of 2 million rubles are appropriated in the Moscow budget this year to subsidize small business startups.

2) The problem of brain drain is now recognized as an acute economic vulnerability.

3) $10,4 billion will be invested in nanotechnology ventures this year.

4) Independent economists were skeptical that companies could be pushed into creativity.

5) Mr. Kudrin said that government purchasing laws would be changed.

6) New requirements will be imposed on state-controlled companies.

7) An average of 50 people are murdered every day among a population of 48.8 million in South Africa.

8) Thabo Mbeki was removed by his political party as the South African president in September.

9) If a shareholder accumulates a significant stake in the company and decides to sell it, the issue must be discussed among the board of directors.

10) The plan has been interrupted by the crisis.


  ТИП If-clause (hypothesis) Придаточное предложение. Условие. Main clause (result) Главное предложение. Результат. Употребление
Тип I Реальное условие. Настоящее If+ любая форма настоящего времени (Present Simple, Present Continuous or Present Perfect) Future / Imperative Can/ may/ might/ should + bare Infinitive Present Simple Реальная или вполне вероятная ситуация в настоящем или будущем
  If you finish work early If you have finished your coffee If you are ill If you burn yourself We’ll go for a walk We can pay the bill   See a doctor It hurts Если ты закончишь работу рано, мы пойдем погуляем.
Тип II Нереальное условие. Настоящее. If+ Past Simple Or Past Continuous Would/ could/ might + bare Infinitive Не соответствующая действительности; а также когда мы даем совет
  If I had money   If I were you I would travel around the world I would take an umbrella Если бы у меня были деньги, я бы объездил весь свет.
Тип III Нереальное условие. Прошлое If+ Past Perfect Or Past Perfect Continuous Would/ could/ might + have + past participle Воображаемая ситуация, не соответствующая тому, что было в прошлом; а также, когда мы сожалеем о том, что произошло, или критикуем кого-либо
  If we hadn’t left so early   If he had been stealing the money We would have missed the plane He would have behaved differently.   Если бы мы не вышли рано, мы бы опоздали на самолет.
Смешанный тип   Тип II: If they were playing all day (They were playing all day, Воображаемое условие Тип I: They will be tired out now. So they are tired out now) Реальный результат Если они весь день играли, они сейчас уставшие.
  Тип II: If I were you (You are not me Воображаемое условие в настоящем Тип III: I would have invited her. So you didn’t invite her.) Воображаемое действие в прошлом На твоем месте, я бы ее пригласила тогда.
  Тип III: If she had saved her money Воображаемое условие в прошлом (She didn’t save her money Тип II: She would be going on holiday. So she isn’t going on holiday) Нереальная ситуация в настоящем Если бы она накопила денег, она бы отправилась теперь в путешествие.


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