ТОП 10:

Вставьте герундий или инфинитив.


1) He is known (be) one of the most dangerous criminal in the world.

2) (Rob) banks is his specialty.

3) He also enjoys (kidnap).

4) So far the police have failed (catch) him.

5) The police would be happy (receive) any information that could lead to his arrest.

6) The public have been warned (not approach) the place.

7) The last person (try) to arrest him was shot to death.

8) We are unlikely (come across) him in our country in the nearest future.

9) He was last seen (sunbathe) in Hawaii.



Переведите на английский язык.


1) Сегодня нужно обсудить ряд важных вопросов.

2) Мне нужно сообщить вам кое-что важное.

3) С ним трудно иметь дело.

4) Эта тема слишком скучна, чтобы ее так долго обсуждать.

5) Этот фактор достаточно важен, чтобы принять во внимание.

6) Первое, что нужно сделать, - это научиться слушать других.

7) Будущим менеджерам необходимо знать основы психологии.

8) Первым заговорил министр финансов.

9) Я вспомнил, что уже читал об этом в какой-то статье.

10) Мы очень счастливы, что нас пригласили на эту встречу.

11) Мы рады говорить сегодня на одном языке с нашими партнерами.

12) Он доволен, что участвовал в этих переговорах.

13) Я хочу, чтобы вы позволили мне помочь вам.

14) Я не предполагал останавливаться в этой стране надолго.

15) Я благодарен, что мне дали возможность принять участие в этом эксперименте.

16) Он сожалеет, что говорил с вами грубо.

17) Я сожалею, что вынужден вас прервать.

18) Я с прискорбием сообщаю вам, что катастрофа унесла много жертв.

19) Не забудьте сообщить нам о получении факса.

20) Попытайтесь меня понять.


Переведите на русский язык.


1) In the last several years business had begun to place more emphasis on the management of human resources.

2) Business executives have been looking for ways to improve productivity and quality.

3) It has become clear to many American enterprises, such as General Motors, Ford Motor, Bethlehem Steel and People Express, to name a few, that they must manage their human resources differently.

4) Corporations have learnt to manage their financial resources effectively.

5) Human Resources may offer an opportunity for management to improve competitiveness.

6) We hope to present a synthesis of these systems in our report.

7) This report is a result of our efforts to develop a new human resources management policy.

8) Our need to work as a team to develop a new strategy required us to confront our different perspectives and to fit them together to help general managers more effectively.

9) Work systems must have potential to increase employee competence.

10) To undertake the development of this economic policy requires our joint efforts.



Переведите на русский язык.


1) The drug dealers were hoping to make 96 million rubles from the sale of the hashish seized by

the customs officers.

2) We hope our activities will help to promote the brands.

3) The firms intends to sign agreements with Russian clothes manufacturers.

4) Kyrgyz authorities said they conducted the sweep in Nariman to rack down suspected criminals.

5) Hundreds of Uzbeks remain in grim camps fearing to come back despite shortages

of water and food and bad sanitary conditions.

6) You just have to wait and see.

7) Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama will try to jump-start economic links this week.

8) Medvedev, who plans to build a Russian "Silicon Valley", goes to California

to meet with technology leaders to increase investment in Russia.

9) We have a chance to make a progress on some very important economic issues.

10) Russian Technology Corporation chose Boeing to supply at least 50 narrow-body planes.


Переведите на русский язык.


1) Non-intrusive technology allows customs authorities to have a visual image of a container's content.

2) The use of modern IT technologies is vital to detect illegal goods such as drugs, explosive materials or nuclear and chemical weapons.

3) Traders should demonstrate compliant efforts to secure their part of the supply chain.

4) The primary objectives of the customs system are to promote foreign trade development,

to increase the efficiency of customs control and to encourage monetary flow of customs duties into the federal budget.

5) Customs officers use sniffer dogs to search for drugs and explosives.

6) On arrival to most countries you have to show your passport and a customs declaration.

7) The strategy aims to ensure that Customs authorities are in a position to meet their obligations.

8) Customs must have the necessary budgetary resources to be able to assist in the development

of international trade.

9) To achieve this strategy actions must be focused on managing staff effectively.

10) To carry out our duties we shall cooperate nationally and internationally to combat fraud and international crime.




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