ТОП 10:

Переведите на русский язык следующие предложения.


1) The President is believed to be in London now.

2) She is supposed to be an experienced manager.

3) The computer is believed to save a lot of time.

4) The material loss was estimated to be more than 1 mil dollars.

5) This system is considered to be the result of long and thorough consideration.

6) These phenomena are believed to be interdependent.

7) The negotiations are reported to be well under way.

8) The man is said to be a good psychologist.

9) The head of the company is held to be responsible for the conflict.

10) The delegation is reported to have arrived in the capital already.

11) Moral perfection is considered to be one of the ideals of mankind.

12) He is known to have taken part in the actions.

13) Some organizations are likely to emphasize personality and management style as significant characteristics.

14) Some employees are not judged to possess the skills required for the higher-level positions.

15) Organizers appeared to have learned their lesson this year.




Participle Iимеет суффикс –ingи выражает действие, совершаемое предметом

Participle IIпредставляет собой III форму глагола ( у правильных глаголов имеет окончание – ed)и выражает действие, совершенное по отношению к предмету (пассивная форма)

Причастие обладает свойствами глагола, прилагательного и наречия.

Глагольные свойства причастия выражаются в том, что оно имеет залог и видо-временные

характеристики. Оно, так же как и глагол, может требовать дополнение: (He sat at his desk writing something), и определяться наречием: Supported unanimously, the project was approved.

Причастие, также как и прилагательное и наречие, может выступать:

1) определением:

World public opinion is concerned about the rising level of pollution.

2) частью сказуемого: The table is laid.

3) обстоятельством ( часто в сочетании с союзами when, while, if, with):

While working on my report I read a number of articles. If treated by a good specialist, the sick man may recover.




  Active   Passive  
Indefinite Reading Reading the document, she kept thinking about her family. Читая Читая документ, она продолжала думать о своей семье. Being read Being read, the letter could ruin his reputation. Письмо, будучи прочитанным, могло разрушить его репутацию.
  The girl, readingthe document, is my sister. Девочка, читающаядокумент, моя сестра. The document being read is very important. Документ, который читают, чрезвычайно важен.
Perfect Having read Having read the document, she burst into tears. Прочитав документ, она разрыдалась. Having been read Having been read, the document should be destroyed. Будучи прочитанным. После того как его прочитали Документ, после того как его прочитали, должен быть уничтожен.  
Past ----------------- -------------------- Read The book read produced a powerful impression on her. ПрочитаннаяПрочитаннаякнига произвела на нее огромное впечатление    


Способы перевода на английский язык:


Бросающий Throwing
Бросаемый Being thrown
Брошенный Thrown
Бросавший Who threw
Бросивший Who has thrown / who had thrown
Бросая Throwing
Бросив Having thrown
Будучи бросаемым Being thrown
Будучи брошенным Being thrown / having been thrown


Определите форму причастия.


1) The man speaking to the audience is the Head of the Department.

2) At the entrance you will be met by a man holding a newspaper.

3) The article, being typed now, will be published tomorrow.

4) All the roads leading to the centre of the city were blocked by the police.

5) We got a letter from them saying there will be a delay of delivery.

6) The child was frightened by the approaching militant.

7) The men working on the construction site were in danger.

8) Being unable to help, I tried to find some soothing words for them.

9) Having recognized the danger of terrorist attacks, customs must enforce the border control.

10) Racism and hate crimes are a continuing problem in Russian cities.

11) The agreement calls for monitoring the adopted child in its new environment.

12) The federal government introduced a bill in the State Duma proposing the transfer

of numerous state-owned buildings confiscated from religious organizations by the Bolsheviks back to the original owners.

Выберите нужную форму.


1) Waving/ having waved their scarves. the fans ran onto the pitch.

2) Being opened/ opening the letter, she found it contained a cheque.

3) Realizing/having realized his mistake, he apologized.

4) I didn't get tired, having had/ having a good night's sleep.

5) Abandoning/ abandoned by his colleagues, the Minister was forced to resign.

6) Taken/ taking my life in my hands, I decided to leave the place.

7) Being/ been unsure whom to address the letter to, I put "The Manager".

8) This approach will involve more coherent relationship with traders as well as increasing/ increased cooperation at the national, regional and international levels.

9) There must be more effective coordination between the various government agencies

charging/ charged with regulating cross-border trade.

10) Every shipment passes through customs control at least twice,making/ made customs a key factor in the international supply chain.


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