II. Suggest English equivalents of the following expressions and use them in your own sentences based on the text.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


II. Suggest English equivalents of the following expressions and use them in your own sentences based on the text.


1. изложить свою версию дела; 2. подчиняться законам; 3. состояние правовой системы; 4. давать ложные показания; 5. потерпеть ущерб; 6. быть виновным в совершении преступления; 7. уладить спор; 8. отменить судимость; 9. отбывать пожизненное тюремное заключение; 10. оспаривать решение суда; 11. денежная компенсация; 12. достаточно безопасное и спокойное окружение; 13. быть освобожденным от отбывания наказания; 14. выиграть дело; 15. нарушать закон.



III. Match the expressions on the left (A) with their proper translation on the right (B).



1. lose a case a. давать свидетельские показания, предъявлять улики

2. follow the law b. принять решение суда

3. commit a crime с. мягкий приговор

4. give evidence d. следовать закону

5. lenient sentence е. повторное судебное разбирательство

6. cruel treatment f. осуществить правосудие

7. accept the judgment g. представлять, передавать дела на рассмотрение суда

8. administer justice h. проиграть дело

9. re-trial i. жестокое обращение

10. present a case j. совершить преступление

IV. Guess the concept of the following definitions.

1. The parties involved in a lawsuit; those involved in litigation; refers to all parties whether the claimants or defendant.

2. Criminal offence of making false statements under oath or affirmation.

3. Any violation of law for which a penalty is prescribed, including both felonies and misdemeanors.

4. The confinement of an individual to a particular place, usually in order to punish him for a crime; any deprivation of liberty or detention of a person contrary to his will.

5. In England one of two classes of legal practitioners, whose function is ‘the advocacy of causes in open court’ and related duties. He or she doesn’t prepare the case from the start.



V. Give definitions of these words. Use the dictionary. Suggest the word-combinations in which these words can be used.

1. accuse (v); 2. harm (n); 3. claim (n); 4. re-trial (n); 5. witness (n).



VI. Match the words on the left (A) with their definitions on the right (B) and give their Russian equivalents.


1. jury a.the quality of being righteous; impartiality; fairness; sound reasoning; rightfulness, validity, reward or penalty as deserved;
2. relevant b. the act of breaking into a house (usually at night) to commit theft or other felony;
3. robbery c.judging and finding guilty of an offence;
4. judgment d.something that tends to prove ground for belief; something legally presented before a court, as a statement of a witness, an object, etc., which bears on or establishes the point in question;
5. conviction e.a court’s decision or judgment of the punishment of a convicted person;
6. evidence f.the act of taking personal property, money, etc. unlawfully by using or threatening force and violence;
7. crime g.a group of people sworn in to hear the evidence and inquire into the facts in a lawsuit, and to give a decision in accordance with their findings;
8. justice h. the act of hearing and passing a decision (on persons or cases) in a court of law;
9. burglary i.an act committed in violation of a law prohibiting it;
10. sentence j.bearing upon or relating to the matter in hand; pertinent; to the point.


VII. Translate the sentences from English into Russian.


1. Members of the public or media who are present are expected to remain still and listen to the proceedings in silence.

2. We know that the courts cannot be expected to deal with these kinds of ‘injustice’.

3. Justice therefore faces its greatest danger when people in a position of authority and trust, whose evidence is likely to be believed, conspire together to give false evidence.

4. A seemingly endless procession of men and women come to the RCJ to have their cases heard.

5. A child who has been convicted of a street robbery is trying to have his conviction and sentence overturned.



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