I. Suggest Russian equivalents of the following words and expressions and use them in your own sentences based on the text.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


I. Suggest Russian equivalents of the following words and expressions and use them in your own sentences based on the text.

1. be convicted of sth; 2. on evidence; 3. swear on oath; 4. administer justice; 5. on behalf of; 6. the burden of proving; 7. acquit; 8. condemn; 9. call evidence; 10. in support of the case; 11. confession to the police; 12. obtain by oppression; 13. get at the truth; 14. fight the case out before a jury; 15. weigh up the evidence; 16. read out the indictment.


II. Suggest English equivalents of the following expressions and use them in your own sentences based on the text.


1. входить в состав присяжных заседателей/выполнять, отправлять функции присяжного заседателя (2 word combinations); 2. вынести ненадлежащее/неправильное постановление/ судебное решение/судебное постановление по вопросу права; 3.

вынести правосудный вердикт на основе свидетельских показаний; 4.

оценивание судебного дела (изучение характера, сути дела); 5. cвидетельская трибуна, место для дачи свидетельских показаний (в суде); 6. подать ходатайство об отсутствии оснований для привлечения к ответственности; 7. войти в сговор о совершении преступления; 8. на основе конкретных обстоятельств дела; 9. обсуждать вердикт конфиденциально/ при закрытых дверях/ без свидетелей/ с глазу на глаз; 10. пристав в суде, судебный пристав; 11. убедительные улики; 12. отказаться от иска, от обвинения; 13. выносить приговор для к-л.; 14. просить о снисходительности (о мягком приговоре/ лёгком наказании); 15. устанавливать, назначать наказание для к-л.; 16. установление факта по делу


III. Match the expressions on the left (A) with their proper translation on the right (B).



a.cross-examination a. наводящий вопрос

b.burden of proving b. свидетельство, основанное на слухах

c. unanimous verdict c. предъявление обвинения

d. indictment d. лжесвидетельство

e. arraignment e. вердикт, вынесенный единогласно

f. ruling f. перекрёстный допрос

g. hearsay evidence g. в суде обязанность доказывать истинность делаемых

утверждений о фактах и событиях

h. leading question h. признание (вины, ошибки)

i. perjury i. официальное обвинение

j. confession j. судебное решение, постановление


IV. Guess the concept of the following definitions.


1. A statement saying that someone has done something morally wrong, illegal or unkind, or the fact of accusing someone.

2. A speech made by a judge to the jury telling them again of the main matters they should consider in the case.

3. The quality or state of being not strict in the way you punish someone or in the standard you expect.

4. Someone who works in a law court whose job is to guide people in and out of the court rooms.

5. The crime of telling lies in court when you have promised to tell the truth.


V. Give definitions of these words. Use the dictionary. Suggest the word-combinations in which these words can be used.


1. evidence; 2. hearsay (n); 3. to jeopardize; 4. finding (noun LAW); 5. confession


VI. Match the words on the left (A) with their definitions on the right (B) and give their Russian equivalents.



1.adversarial a. tricking someone into answering in a particular way

2.arraignment b. one in which all the people involved agree

3.compelling c. extremely important and necessary for sth to succeed or

exist; crucial

4.indictment d. an official decision, especially one made by a court

5.inquisitorial e. when people are governed in an unfair and cruel way and

prevented from having opportunities and freedom

6.leading f. a system, especially in politics and the law, in which two

sides oppose and attack each other

7.oppression g. formal disapproving asking a lot of questions,

especially in a way that makes you feel annoyed

8.ruling h. the act of officially charging someone with a criminal


9.unanimous i. making someone come to court to hear what their crime


10.vital j. making you feel certain that sth is true or that you must do

sth about it; making you believe sth or accept it because it

is so strong


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