I. Scan the passage Purposes of Sentencing and find the following.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


I. Scan the passage Purposes of Sentencing and find the following.

1. How many different purposes of punishment it contains?

2. The order they are listed in.

3. Which of the purposes of sentencing mentioned in the text are not included in the definitions below:

a.to reform the offender’s moral attitude;

b.to assist the offender to return to normal life;

c.to protect society from violent behaviour;

d.to make the offender suffer for the harm he has done;

e.to warn other people and to prevent them from breaking the law.


II. Scan the passages “Types of Punishment” and “The Death Penalty” to find the exact names for the following.

1. types of sentences available to the courts today;

2. the penalty for high treason;

3. the way the death penalty was carried out;

4. crimes that may now be punishable with life imprisonment.


III. Quickly skim the extract Custodial Sentences to decide which of the following is the main theme.

1. serious offences of violence;

2. the difference between mandatory and discretionary sentences;

3. different forms of custodial sentences.


IV. Readthe text Forms of Custodial Sentences carefully and find the information you need to complete the table below.

  Age of offenders
Offence Under 18
Imprisonment for life
Not serious



V. Scan the extracts Modern Prison Reform and Community Sentences to find the following information.


1. the names of the organisations that are mainly concerned with prison reform;

2. which organisation provides concerts for prisoners;

3. the name of the sentences where the offender is allowed to remain free in the community;

4. if all community sentences may be imposed without the agreement of the offender;

5. the names of the best known community orders (requirments) under the Criminal Justice Act 2003;

6. the type of work offenders on community punishment are ordered to do;

7. the names of special programmes designed to reduce offending;



VI.Read the text Community Sentences carefully and find the information to complete the table below.

Community Sentences.


Form of Sentence Unpaid work    
Age of the Offender      
Length: maximum minimum 240-300    





VII. Read all the texts again and decide whether the following statements are true or false. Explain why.


1. Before making an order for payment the court must first enquire into the offender’s financial situation.

2. Orders of conditional discharge are widely used in the magistrates’ courts for minor crimes and first offenders.

3. Curfew orders are designed to confine the offenders to certain places at certain times of day.

4. All sentences of disqualification are mandatory.

5. The drug treatment and testing order forms part of a community order because it requires drugs misusers to undergo treatment for their problem.

6. Reparation orders are made to help the offender and his victim to settle their differences

7. peacefully.

8. Parliament decides what sentences must be imposed.

9. The Court of Appeal may increase any sentence passed by the Crown Court.



Vocabulary Work


I. Suggest Russian equivalents of the following expressions and use them in your own sentences.

1. deter from re-offending; 2. take the law into one’s own hands; 3. go straight; 4. commit a crime ‘in cold blood’; 5. convicted of burglary of office premises; 6. dismiss an appeal; 7. impose a whole life sentence on a violent offender; 8. refer a case to the Attorney-General; 9. meet a supervision order; 10. bring to justice; 11. dispose of a criminal case; 12. complete a community sentence; 13. length of sentence; 14. supervise a parenting order; 15. unduly lenient sentence; 16. repair damage; 17. mitigating circumstances; 18. record of offending; 19. punishment as a deterrent; 20. revoke a curfew order; 21. confine offenders; 22. review a decision.



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