Basic compound of any real estate

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Basic compound of any real estate


In historical background of the relation to property, as majorants of economic type of the society, it has undergone repeated modifications stipulated by the desire to overcome the contravention between scarcity of resources, involved in production, and increasing human needs. In searching paths of maximizing productive forces effectiveness the society has periodically transformed patterns of ownership on factors of production and mechanism of a state participation in the government of economy.

The relations of landownership have always been the central part of social and economic relations.

The Earth represents the ?unique natural resource. It is a unique place of mankind's existence, main and unique factor of creation of its productive forces participating in creation of all other products and goods. Scarcity and the irretrievability of this resource results in objective necessity of public regulating of the laws and conditions of land use.

At the same time, in market economy the land acquires the form of goods and can be a subject to the property agreements, the result of which can restrain interests of other people and societies as a whole. Therefore introduction of the market relations shows heightened demands to a system of the state registration of land lots, control over their legal status and acting encumbrances, turnover of land and its rational usage.

It means, that a part of the income, which is capable to generate the land lot by virtue of the location, natural properties and possible improvements which are not stipulated by economic activity of the holder itself, can serve as a source of public needs sufficing and be deducted as rental paying. It in turn requires the monitoring of cost characteristics of land lots as factors of production and plants of investment.

And, at last, land is a basic compound of any real estate. According to article 130 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation we refer to real things (real property, real estate), land lots, sites of subsoil, isolated aquatic plants and everything, that is strongly linked to ground, i.e. plants, which can not be removed without disproportionate injury to their assigning, including forests, long-term green plants, buildings.


5. Найдите синонимы среди следующих слов:


Scarcity, suffice, satisfy, encumbrances, by virtue of, through, proportion, discourages, part, increase, enhance, deficit.

6. Найдите антонимы среди следующих слов:


Retrievable, easy, different, useless, irretrievable, difficult, helpful, the same, appropriate, inhabited, directly, inappropriate, indirectly, uninhabited.


7. Образуйте существительные от следующих глаголов:

To pay, to agree, to distribute, to establish, to invest, to reduce, to improve, to perform, to employ, to produce, to relate, to exist, to use, to legislate.


8. Переведите следующие сочетания слов с русского языка на английский:


Гражданское право, законодательное определение правил, вторичные объекты недвижимости, историческое обоснование, невосстанавливаемость ресурсов, действующие препятствия, оплата ренты, непропорциональное нанесение вреда, долговременные зеленые насаждения.

9. Переведите следующие предложения с русского языка на английский:


1. Экономическая деятельность человека стимулируется законом. 2. Необходимо исследовать пути максимизации производственных сил. 3. Земля представляет собой уникальный природный ресурс. 4. Закон должен регулировать рациональное использование ресурсов. 5. Земля - уникальное место для существования человека.



10. Составьте предложения, используя следующие слова:

1. Resources, regulated, of, rational, must, use, be, the, by, law. 2. Represents, the, natural, the, unique, Earth, resource. 3. Is, a, land, estate, basic, real, any, of, compound. 4. Underwent, to, the, modifications, repeated, property, relation. 5. Registration, to, rights, the, belong, state.


11. Заполните пропуски предлогами:

1. Different elements describe concept ... landownership. 2. The real estate is defined ... forms ... the landownership. 3. According ... world practice the concept ... the landownership should be considered as a complex ... the land and property rights. 4. The land is a substance ... the real estate. 5. ... the foreign practice the list ... authorities concerning land includes 8 elements.


12. Поставьте к каждому предложению максимальное количество вопросов:


1. Rental paying requires the monitoring cost characteristics. 2. Real estates are strongly fallen into different groups. 3. A possibility of selection depends upon its assigning. 4.Legislative determinacy allows to make conclusion of relation between different objects. 5. The relation of property underwent repeated modifications.


13. Переведите предложения на русский язык, обращая внимание на независимый причастный оборот:


1. A new legislation has been enforced, specialists must take it into consideration. 2. My parents living in the village, I sent them a great amount of books and magazines. 3. Living far, I seldom see him. 4. The building material having come, they began to build a new cottage. 5. Real estates being of great importance, people buy them.


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