Open spaces, parks and recreation grounds

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Open spaces, parks and recreation grounds


In locating open spaces, and parks, special consideration should be given to the preservation of places of natural beauty, such as woods, waterways, etc.

With the check board system of planning, a large amount of valuable ground is often wasted in the unnecessary provision of paved streets and passages. By carefully planning the main and secondary avenues, through traffic can be avoided and residential districts can be laid out in a far less costly manner, part of the space occupied by paved streets being utilized for open spaces, tennis courts, and children's playgrounds.

Where individual gardens are not wanted, part of the land between the houses might be laid out as allotment gardens, or as gravel playgrounds, or as paved playgrounds, to prevent a lot of derelict gardens being attached to the houses.

People's Parks are universally provided on the continent within or close to the city's gates, namely a large woodland garden or forest intersected by drives and walks and interspersed with spinnies and glades typical as far as possible of rural country.

The creation of a fitting civic centre is one of the most important matter which should be considered. It should be dignified, impressive, whilst at the same time in harmony with the characteristics of the town itself and in keeping with the resource of the public. It should be as near to the centre of the city as it is possible, so planned that its architectural features and beauty can be seen from many points of vantage.

The buildings usually comprised in such a centre are the town and public halls, offices, session courts, museum and art galleries, which, suitably designed and arranged in relation to each other, can and should form a civic centre worthy of the community.

The regulations with respect to buildings will be one of the most important parts of a town planning scheme and will need very careful thought on the part of local authorities.

In order to obviate overcrowding it is essential that a maximum number of houses per acre should be adopted for different grades of property. It would seem desirable in planning an area, that certain centres should be fixed where shops, schools, churches, institutions and such like buildings should be grouped together.




1. Прочтите следующие слова:


Urban, bureaucratic, engage, assume, permit, accommodate, buying out, relocating, subordinate, transfer, consistently, envision, guide, insure, relationship, inconsistent, self-government, borrow.


2. Прочтите и переведите на русский язык следующие группы слов:

Russian Code; technical process; bureaucratic organization; mandatory "expertization"; issues to be treated in sub-legislation; the spatial plan; density of settlement; land relation; a great variety of ways; broad principles of public participation; soil contamination; immovable and movable items; mortgage financing system; criminal violations.


3. Запомните следующие слова и словосочетания:


accomplish (v.) – выполнить

accountability (n.) – ответственность, подотчётность

appropriate (adj.) – подходящий, соответствующий

assumption (n.) – присвоение, вступление

century (n.) – вek

compilation (n.) – компиляция, сбор (материалов, фактов)

constituent states – штаты, входящие в состав

criminal violation – уголовное преступление

deal (with) (v.) - иметь дело, быть связанным (с)

deliberately (adv.) – умышленно

envision (n.) – предвидение

entity (n.) – сущность, нечто реально существующее, бытие

explain (v.) – объяснять

governing land relations – регулирование земельных отношений

inconsistent (adj.) – несовместимый, противоречивый

inevitable (adj.) – неизбежный

insure (v.) – страховать

landholding (n.) – землевладение, аренда земельного участка

lease (v.) – арендовать

loss of good quality agricultural soils – потеря с.х. почв хорошего качества

many decades ago – много десятилетий тому назад

obviously (adv.) – очевидно

pertinent (adj.) – уместный, подходящий, относящийся к делу

policy guidance – политическое руководство

private owner – частный собственник

provision (n.) – положение

public official – госчиновник

publish (v.) – издавать, публиковать

reflect (v.) – отражать

self-government (n) – самоуправление

spatial plans – пространственные планы

sub-legislative acts – подзаконные акты

subordinate (v.) – подчиняться

support system – система поддержки

subsequent actions – последующие действия

transport routes – транспортные маршруты


4. Прочтите и переведите на русский язык следующий текст:


Text 12A

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