Look back at questions 1-5 in the Prediction Section A and B. How accurate was your skimming and scanning?

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Look back at questions 1-5 in the Prediction Section A and B. How accurate was your skimming and scanning?

Prediction Not Accurate Accurate

Check the facts

Check (P) the questions you can answer after one reading. Then go back and look for the answers that you are unsure of.

1. How many people live together on Big Brother?

2. How much contact can people on Big Brother have with the outside world?

3. Who votes people out of the house in Big Brother in the United States?

4. Name one thing that people on Fear Factor have to do.

5. What are some different kinds of Fear Factor teams?

6. How do the contestants on Survivor live?

7. What do successful survivors have to be able to do?

8. Who voted to give the final survivor $1,000,000?

9. How many couples go to Temptation Island?

10. How does a single person win the game on Temptation Island?

11. Why do some people criticize the show?

12. How did a television executive defend the program?


1. How are Survivor and Big Brother similar to each other? How are they different?

2. Which of the four reality programs is the most different from the others?

3. Which program do you think would be the most fun? The most difficult?


Guess Meaning from Context

Work with a partner. Look back at the reading and try to guess the meaning of these words.

Word Meaning
media ________________________________
worms ________________________________
relationships ________________________________
separated ________________________________
convince ________________________________

Then find among these words the actual meanings.

Associations; not together; persuade; small, soft crawling animals with no legs; television, radio, and newspapers

Guess Meaning from Related Words

These words contain words that you may know. Underline the familiar words.

Then guess the meaning of the whole word.

reality ____________________________
contestant ____________________________
wilderness ____________________________
agreement ____________________________
housework ____________________________
housemate _____________________________

Find a related word(s) in the reading.

compete ____________________ _____________________
survivor ____________________ _____________________
tempt ____________________ _____________________

Writers often use different words to refer to the same things. Find other words that mean the same thing.

players ________________ ________________

audience ________________ _________________

task ________________ __________________


Lesson 78.


Discuss the following questions in pairs.

· How often do you listen to radio?

· When do you usually do it?

· Which are your favourite radio stations?

2. Vocabulary

Look at the types of programmes below. Do you usually find these on TV, on radio or on both?

documentaries reality shows phone-ins sit coms
sports coverage cartoons local news adverts
crime mysteries national news soap operas
travel news game shows and quizzes

Put these programmes into these categories. Compare your opinions in pairs.

There are too many of these on the TV/radio in my country There aren’t enough of these.
There are about the right number.   We haven’t got this kind of programme in my country.


Read five short extracts from different types of radio or TV programme. What type of programme is each from? Is it more likely to be on TV, on radio, or could it be on either? Extract 1

A: Tallinn is the capital city of which Baltic state?
B: Is it Lithuania?
A: No, I’ll have to pass it over. Come on, we need an answer …
C: Could it be Latvia?
A: No, it couldn’t. You’re both wrong. The answer is Estonia. Fingers on buzzers for the next question. Art: Which French painter, born in 1848, spent several years on the Pacific Island of Tahiti, where he painted many of his most famous works including ….


A: Welcome back, it’s 5.25 here on Sports Talk and it’s day four of the World Athletic championships in Berlin. The afternoon session is now underway and we’ll go over now to our reporter Tom Ashton over there at the Olympic Stadium for the live coverage of the 400 metres final. Tom, what are the prospects for the British hope Joe Rawlings? Has he got a realistic chance of a medal?
B: Well, he’s been injured, but he was in terrific form previous to that. He’s clearly a very talented runner. He’s run well so far. He must have a chance, but when you look at the calibre of the opposition, there’s the Frenchman Kedar, the very powerful Russian Valeriy Koznetsov, he’ll be one to watch ….


A: … you can have your say with me, Bob Barrett, here at radio South-West, 630 2525. That’s the number to call if you want to air your views. We’re talking about the huge open-air rock concert at the weekend. Were you there? What did you think of it? Our first caller is Kerry you’re on Radio South-West. What’s on your mind?
K: Hello?
A: Hello, Kerry.
K: Well, yes, about the rock concert, just in answer to your previous caller. I think it’s really unfair that people are dunno how many, but something like three, four thousand people there and there was such a good atmosphere. There was no trouble whatsoever and okay, so you have a few problems with people dropping litter and that, but overall …


  … and there are reports of long delays on the M4 Motorway Westbound, that’s between Junctions 8 and 9. This is due to a broken-down lorry blocking the central lane, so motorists are advised to find alternative routes or to avoid the area if at all possible. Meanwhile an update on the M6 Northbound: the earlier accident near Longbridge has been cleared and traffic is now moving, although you can expect some delays due to the build-up of traffic in the Birmingham area. Up in Scotland now and in Fife, the A92 remains ….


M: … well maybe I can explain it better. When I was away. There was only one person I missed … you.
W: That’s very nice, but why?
M: Uh …. Because I’ve come to appreciate you. Because no other woman’s got what you’ve got.
W: Oh, right family, right age, right income…
M: No! Stop, just listen. Maybe I haven’t been using the right words. Maybe I haven’t told you the most important thing: I love you.
W: People usually say that before they propose, they usually say it many, many times.
M: Yes, I know, I know ….


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