The National Technical University of Ukraine 

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The National Technical University of Ukraine

"Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"

The National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” (NTUU”KPI”) is one of the oldest and biggest higher educational institutions in Ukraine. It is well known not only in our country but abroad as well.

The University is situated not far from the center of the city in a beautiful shady park. At present the number of students in the NTUU ”KPI” exceeds 50000. They obtain qualifications in 68 specialties and 70 specializations.

The teaching staff of our university consists of highly qualified teachers, professors and scientists. 70% of the NTUU”KPI” teachers have scientific degrees. Among them there are academicians and corresponding members ofthe Academy ofSciences of Uktaine, professors, merited scientists.

Many students are accommodated in twenty-one hostels. Three of them are at the disposal of married students. So, almost all non-Kyiv students are provided with hostel facilities.

The Institute was founded in 1898. It had only four departments: mechanical, chemical, agricultural and civil engineering ones. The first enrolment constituted 360students.

The first rector of the Institute was Professor Viktor Kirpichov,an outstandingscientist in the field of mechanics and strength of materials. In 1934 - 1944 KPI was called the IndustrialInstitute.

A large number of prominent scientists worked and studied at our university: Eugene Paton, the founder of electric welding; M.L. Konovalov, a well-known chemist; LP. Bardin, the greatest metallurgist in the country; A.M. Lyulka, the designer of airplane engines, S.P. Korolyov, the designer of the first spaceship in the world; Igor Sikorsky, the designer of the first helicopter, and others. The President of the First Exam Board at chemistry faculty was Dmitry Mendeleyev.

The most active international scientific and technological co-operation is carried out by the departments of the University with the partners from Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Denmark, Lebanon etc. There are also student exchange programs with universities of Europe and Asia.

Great importance is attached to the development of physical culture at our University. There are many sport grounds, a football field, volleyball and basketball courts at students' disposal. Many students go in for different kinds of sport, which helps them feel healthy and strong.


1. What institute do you study at?

2. When was the NTUU “KPI” founded?

3. Who was the first rector of the University?

4. What was the title of the NTUU “KPI” during the World War II?

5. How many faculties are there in the University?

6. What specialists does your institute train?

7. Are there any workshops and laboratories in the National Technical University in Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" (NTUU "KPI")?

8. What famous people worked and studied at the KPI?

9. What do you know about student’s exchange program of the University?

10. What kind of research work can you carry out at our university?

11. Do you regularly attend lectures and seminars?

12. Why have you chosen this educational institution?




4. Find Ukrainian equivalents to the following English words and word combinations:

higher educational institution, center of the city, beautiful shady park, teaching staff, specialization, highly qualified teachers, scientific degree, merited scientist, married students, hostel facilities, department, civil engineering, enrolment, outstanding scientist, mechanics, strength of materials, prominent people, electric welding, helicopter, student’s exchange program, collaboration.


5. Match up the words in column A with the words in column B to form meaningful phrases, translate them into Ukrainian:

Column A Column B

1. scientific a) staff

2. educational b) scientist

3. teaching c) department

4. sport d) degree

5. outstanding e) ground

6. civil f) institution

7. agricultural g) engineering

6. Complete the following sentences using the information from the text:

1. Many students are accommodated in …….

2. At present the number of students …….

3. Great importance is attached to the development …….

4. A large number of prominent people worked …….

5. The teaching staff of our institute consists of …….

6. The University is situated not far from the …….

7. The first rector of the Institute was …….


Fill in the words from the list below. Use each word only once.

park, different, scientist, program, Technical, educational, qualified

1. outstandingRussian …..

2. National ….. University

3. beautiful shady …..

4. highly ….. teachers

5. ….. kinds of sport

6. student’s exchange …..

7. higher ….. institution


8. Read the clues and complete the crossword:

1     2                 3
    7   8                


A member of an academy.
A special field of work or study.
A person who studies at a place of education.
A place of education at the highest level, where degrees are given.
A society or organization formed to do special work or for a special purpose.
A person who teaches.
A long talk given to a group of people on a particular subject.


Any of the important divisions of the institute.
A group of similar subject departments in a university.
A person who works in a science.
A branch of knowledge studied, especially in a system of education.




Listen to the text and answer the following questions.

1. What does Stuart’s company produce?

2. Why is there a lot of paperwork in his apprenticeship?

3. Why do you think he has two days a week at college now?

4. When does he study?

5. How much studying does he do?

6. What are the attractions of becoming a team leader?

Listen to the text again and complete the sentences.

1. When I left school, I started work for a plastics _______, one of the biggest in the country.

2. We make everything from small _______ for medical equipment to large water pipes – the blue ones which are replacing _____ pipes everywhere.

3. It’s a mix of work, which I get paid for, of course, on-the-job training, and study at the local _____.

4. There’s quite a lot of _______ as I have to complete forms to show I’ve reached the right standard.

5. I’ve learned things like working in teams, problem-solving, _______ skills, and using new technologies at work, as well as engineering subjects.

6. It’s quite hard when your _______ are out having a good time.



Work in small groups. Find information in the Internet about top 10 Universities in Ukraine and share your information with representatives of different universities.

Work in pairs, student A and B. Discuss the following question: is it necessary for the 21st century engineers to know a foreign language?


You have to make a presentation about “KPI”. Write a short introduction (60-80 words) to your presentation in order to help you speak naturally. You may use the phrases in the box below.

- The subject of my presentation is … - As you can see …

- The main points are … - So, in conclusion …

- First, I’m going to tell … - To sum up the …

- Secondly, I’ll talk about … - Finally …

- And finally, I’d like to talk briefly … - Thank you for …

- OK, let’s start with the … - Are there any questions?



These tasks can help you to practise The Present Simple Tense (See Appendix 1 p. 214 – 217) and do the following exercises.

14. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple Tense. You have to decide if the verb is positive or negative.

e.g. 0. Claire is very sociable. She knows lots of people.

1. My friend is finding life in Paris a bit difficult. He ….. (to speak) French.

2. Most students live quite close to the college, so they ….. (to walk) there.

3. What’s the matter? You ….. (to look) very happy.

4. Don’t try to ring the bell. It ….. (to work).

5. I hate telephone answering machines. I just ….. (to like) talking to them.

6. We always travel by bus. We ….. (to own ) a car.

7. We’ve got plenty of chairs, thanks. We ….. (want) any more.


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