Using words from two groups make up as many word combinations as you can. Translate them into Ukrainian. 

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Using words from two groups make up as many word combinations as you can. Translate them into Ukrainian.

to secure to supervise to threaten to carry out to punish duties, freedom, offender, activity, protection, law and order, legal rules, child, liberty, public order, criminal, work, investigation, requisite search, interests, rights, tasks, legislation, terrorist, drug dealer.


Give the words with the opposite meaning. Use the words from the active vocabulary.

Danger, weakness, slavery, law-abiding citizen, to guard, to compliment, to shelter, to be equal.


9. Translate the following documents:

A. The Law on Militia 20.12.1990.

Міліція в Україні – державний озброєний орган виконавчої влади, який захищає життя, здоров’я, права і свободи громадян, власність, природне середовище, інтереси суспільства і держави від протиправних посягань.


B. An article of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Стаття 259. 1. Завідомо неправдиве повідомлення про підготовку вибуху, підпалу або інших дій, які загрожують загибеллю людей чи іншими тяжкими наслідками,-

Карається штрафом …або арештом на строк до 6 місяців, або обмеженням волі на строк до 3 років.


Point out ten sentences with Present Simple in the text 1 and explain the usage.

Choose the right item.

1. Verhovna Rada … the Minister of the internal affairs.

a) appoint b) is appointed c) appoints

2. The Chief of the Security Service … the Security Service of Ukraine.

a) heads b) is headed c) head

3. The Prime Minister of Ukraine … the candidate to the post of the Minister of the internal affairs.

a) is proposed b) propose c) proposes

4. The Ministry of the Interior … the work of bodies of the internal affairs.

a) controls b) control c) is controlled

5. Law enforcing agencies … rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens.

a) secure b) secures c) are secured


What Special Forces of the Security Service of Ukraine do you know?

Analyze their aims and tasks in Ukraine nowadays.

Compare aims and tasks of the Security Service Special Forces and the Ministry of the Interior Special Forces. What do you think of them?

What do you think about subordination of high-rank officials of the law enforcing agencies appointments in modern Ukraine?

Unit 4 Review on Law-Enforcement Bodies in Ukraine Section 2 Prosecutor’s Office


1. Answer the following questions:

What do you know about the Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine?

What do you know about penal system of Ukraine?

2.Match the following English words and expressions with their Ukrainian equivalents:

The rule of law Observance of laws On behalf of the state Penal Department Sole state policy Organs of Executing Penalties від імені держави єдина державна політика дотримання законів органи виконання покарань пенітенціарне відомство верховенство права



Read the text to understand what information is of primary importance or new for you.


The Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine is a part of the law-enforcement system of Ukraine. It composes a centralized system of organs united by common tasks, functions, principles of organization and activity. The head of this system is the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. He is appointed to the post for a five-year term by the President of Ukraine. But Verhovna Rada must approve this appointment. His resignation from the office may be made either by the President of Ukraine or by Verhovna Rada as a result of a vote of no confidence.

Units of the Prosecutor’s Office are created and function according to the administrative and territorial principle and their specialization.

The Prosecutor’s Office activity is directed at comprehensive consolidation of the rule of law and keeping law and order. Its task is to protect various public and personal values by preventing any offence. While fighting crime the Prosecutor’s Office also defends the foundations of our state and society: democratic order, sovereignty, independence, humanity, law and order and so on.

In accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine the Prosecutor’s Office is entrusted with the following functions:

1) supervision of the observance of laws by agencies conducting detective and search activity, inquiry and preliminary investigation;

2) supervision of the observance of laws while executing court decisions on criminal cases and applying other enforcement measures as for the restriction of personal liberty of citizens;

3) upholding prosecution in court on behalf of the state;

4)representation of the interests of the State and its citizen in cases fixed by the law.

5) supervision of the observance of personal rights and freedoms, observance of laws relating to these problems by executive bodies their officials and office workers

Activity of the Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine is based on principles of unanimity and centralization, independence, publicity, equal defense of rights and freedoms of citizens, priority of rights of an individual, legality and the rule of law.



Transgressor- правопорушник

From the beginning of human history, society has a problem of crime and criminal. At first to keep a criminal in prison was not profitable. It was easier just to kill a transgressor. With development of industry crimes not only increased in number but became more various. Governments found economic advantages in convict labor. As the laws increased so did correctional labor institutions and penal system. Now in many countries including Ukraine the most severe form of punishment is life imprisonment.

In 1998 Penal Department was created in independent Ukraine.Ukrainian State Department Executing Penalties (USDEP) is a centralized state executive organ with a special status which realizes state policy as for executing criminal punishments. It subordinates territorial Organs of Executing Penalties and Inspection on criminal performance. Among Institutions Executing Penalties there are prisons, special bringing up institutions and institutions on criminal performance divided into: correctional labor institutions and correctional labor settling.

The main tasks of USDEP are:

-to realize sole state policy according to executing criminal punishments;

- to work out recommendations as for 1) arrested persons, 2) executing court decisions and 3) using correctional and bringing up means provided for by the law;

- to supervise executing court decisions on separate kinds of complementary punishments;

- to provide forced medical treatment of alcohol and drug addict;

- to provide the observance of laws by Organs and Institutions of Executing Penalties (OIEP), prevention crimes among convicts, disclosing and exposing crimes committed in OIEP, carrying out inquiries and operational search activity;

- to head OIEP: to organize working activity for convicts, to provide them with professional training and education;

- to protect rights and freedoms of an individual in conditions of serving criminal punishment.


1. Find in the text information about:

a) activity of the Prosecutor’s Office;

b) system of the Prosecutor’s Office;

c) crimes and punishments;

d) structure of the penal system.

Fill in the table with the information from the text, concerning

Tasks of the Prosecutor’s Office Functions of the Prosecutor’s Office

3. State your opinion about Institutions of Executing Penalties in Ukraine. Do you agree with the statement that a convict must only feel lack of freedom? Does this statement work for our society and our mentality?

Compare the Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine and Penal System of Ukraine as for their tasks, functions, structure and others.

  Tasks Functions Structure Other information
The Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine        
Penal System of Ukraine        

Insert one of the following words into the text in an appropriate form.



To examine, to inspect, to supervise indictment, supervision, court, direction, prosecution, speech, fixed

Prosecutor’s job is complicated and has different …. First of all he … comprehensive, impartial and full investigation of cases. He also approves the ….

In court he presents public …. His rights in the trial are the following: to submit and … evidence, to question witnesses, to challenge the members of the …. At the end of court hearing he pronounces his … for the prosecution where he explains applicable criminal law and … punishment.

One more duty of the prosecutor is … over the observance of laws by penal system. For this purpose he … places of confinement, questions convicts, checks living and working conditions and so on.



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