The Faculty of Shipbuilding and Ocean Technology

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


The Faculty of Shipbuilding and Ocean Technology


For nearly a century the Faculty of Shipbuilding and Ocean Technology has been one of the leading centres of ship research and design and it is widely recognized for its contribution to such areas as ship design, structural mechanics, applied mathematics, hydromechanics and naval architecture. Students can also take programs concerning all phases of discovering, producing and delivering offshore oil and gas resources. Much attention is also paid to new technologies making the exploration of the ocean economically attractive and environmentally friendly. The dominating area of research concerns the development of mathematical modeling and computer simulation of all types of waterborne vehicles.



structural mechanics – строительная механика

applied mathematics –прикладная математика

naval architecture – кораблестроение, теория кораблестроения

environmentally friendly – экологичный

computer simulation – компьютерное моделирование

waterborne vehicle – плавающее транспортное средство


11. Read the dialogue and learn it.

At the University


Nick: Hello, Mike! What are you doing here?

Mike: I’ve come here to take the maths test.

N: Is it difficult for you to take such tests?

M: No, it is not. I’ve left a special mathematical school. There maths is studied better than in other schools. Besides, I’ve taken part in the maths сompetition in our city.

N: Really? Have you? When was it?

M: It was last year.

N: Were you the first?

M: No, I was the second. My friend Steve was the first. He is from Arkhangelsk. His family moved to St. Petersburg three years ago.

N: Have you ever been to Arkhangelsk?

M: Yes, I have. I like our northern regions. Sorry, Nick, I’m in a hurry. The test is due to begin at 10.

N: Good luck, Mike.


12. Speak with your friends about the exams in January.


13. Read about this faculty and enumerate the subjects you study here. Speak about them.


TheFaculty of Marine Engineering and Automation trains mechanical engineers covering the spheres of research, design, manufacturing and assembly of marine power installations, i.e. ship engines of all types. At the faculty fundamental subjects comprise mathematics, physics, mechanics, materials science, computer science with further emphasis on thermodynamics, heat transfer, electronics, electrical circuits, etc. These subjects along with the humanities are an integral part of any program at the faculty.



assembly n. – сборка

power installation n. – силовая установка

i.e. – that is – т.е.

electrical circuit – электрическая цепь

heat transfer – теплопередача

along with – наряду с

the humanities pl. – гуманитарные науки



14. Match the words and make expressions.


1. be 2. enter 3. study 4. offer 5. there are 6. pay 7. train 8. Bachelor a University b a program c many faculties d attention e a subject f good at Maths g of Science h engineers


15. How does these two faculties differ from the previous ones? Who do they train? Speak about one of these faculties.

The Faculty of Designing Marine Devices was organized in 1945. Most of the educational programs are designed to train students for developing and operating modern naval systems, including navigation and control. The students are taught to design, control and operate underwater robots with some elements of artificial intelligence. The following programs are provided: underwater technology control systems, marine electronics and hydrophysics, computer systems and networks.


A note: artificial intelligence – искусственный интеллект


The Faculty of Economicswas established in 1939. It was originally intended for training professionals in the sphere of financial activities at shipbuilding enterprises. Now the graduates of the faculty have a great range of career opportunities – from an accountant to the head of an enterprise. The faculty gives the courses of Principles of Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, Theory of Economic Development, Marketing, International Business, Computer Simulation and Mathematical Modelling.

At the MTU there is also the Faculty of Evening and Distance Education. When the Institute was transformed into the University in 1992 new faculties appeared here. They are: the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Humanities, the Faculty of Contract Education, the Faculty of Special Purpose Education and the Faculty of Technical Secondary Education (College).


16. Write sentences using these expressions.

1. most of the subjects 2. fundamental sciences 3. operate robots 4. career opportunity 5. at the head of 6. environmentally friendly 7. a great range of 8. sphere of activity 9. control systems 10. underwater vehicles 11. train students 12. power installation 13. go into research 14. develop a system 15. at present 16. according to 17. the following ideas


17. Read the text and write an abstract on it.


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