Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!





1. Lead – in

1. What kinds of movies do you like?

2. What is your favorite movie?

3. What kinds of TV shows do you like?

4. Who is your favorite TV actor or actress?

5. What is your favorite song?

6. What is your favorite rock group?


2. How often do you watch these types of movies?

  Often Sometimes Not often
science fiction                  
horror films                  
soap operas                  


3. Read the text and answer the following questions.

A Modern Myth


To celebratetwenty years of Star Wars, director George Lucas has finally released the film as he originally intended it to be. He has always said that the trilogy – which includes Star Wars, The EmpireStrikes Back and The Return of the Jedi – was never as good as he had wanted. After years of watching these films on video, you can experiencethis thrilling space adventure again in the cinema and with fantastic sound.

The trilogy is a classic tale of the fight between good and evil.However, instead of happening on earth, the action takes place “… a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.” It involves not only humans but all sorts of frightening, and sometimes amusing, robots and alien creatures. The heroes of the trilogy are Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia, who work together to fight Darth Vader, the evil leader who wants to take over the universe.

Excellent performances are given by stars Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Alec Guinness and Mark Hamill, but the special effects play a bigger role than any of the actors. There are amazing space battles and gigantic, fighting robots with laser weapons. You’ll certainly enjoy the incredible chases on floating motorbikes. You will also be fascinated by some of the strangest creatures you’ve ever seen in completely convincing alien landscapes.

George Lucas says: “When I made the original Star Wars, I was very interested in creating a modern myth. Greek mythology from any country, often takes place in an unknown area … and the only area we have now which is like that is outer space. “With this fantastic trilogy, Lucas has certainly succeeded in creating a myth that will never be forgotten. Even if you have seen the original films, you should definitely not miss the chance to experience the Star Wars trilogy as Lucas really wanted it to be.


1 Where and when is the story set? 2 Who is the director? 3 Who stars in the films?   4 What is the story about? 5 Who are the heroes? 6 Is the trilogy recommended?


4. Read the words below which describe the Star Wars trilogy and match the words from column A with the words from column B to form a phrase?


  A thrilling fantastic classic amazing gigantic convincing a b c d e f B tale alien landscapes space adventure fighting robots sound space battles


5. Match the words on the lift with their definitions or synonyms on the right.


incredible released trilogy involves excellent role convincing definitely a b c d e f g h includes amazing certainly put into cinemas for the first time part very good three linked stories believable


6. Translate the following sentences. Learn them to talk about a play or a movie. Chloose a film and give your opinion with 1-6.

1 It was amusing/thrilling.

2 The acting was excellent/horrible.

3 The plot was believable/unbelievable.

4 The characters were realistic/dull.

5 The dialogue was boring/clever.

6 The script was well-written/uninteresting.


7. Match the numbers with the letters.


Home Alone Raiders of the Lost Ark Love Story The Young Sherlock Holmes Star Trek Friday the 13th The Lion King a b c d e f g science fiction film cartoon adventure film detective film romance horror film comedy


8. Use the expressions in the table to tell your partner about the types of TV programmes you like or dislike and give reasons using adjectives from exercise 6.


Soap Operas   I like them.   I don’t like them.
Quiz Shows   I love them   I can’t stand them.
The News       I think it’s brilliant.   I don’t think much of it.
Horror Films   absolutely fascinating   absolutely disgusting
Documentaries   I’m really interested in them   I’m not really interested in them.
Dating Shows   I think they’re great.   I think they’re terrible.
Sports Programmes   I think they are fun.   I think they are not fun.


9. Grammar in use. Present and past participles

Look at the words in bold in the following sentences. Which word describes how the person feels? Which word describes what someone/something is like? Fill in the correct form of the word in bold.


You are really very tiring. You are really very tired.


1 It was such a …… film that I fell asleep. (bore)

2 I was …….. by the clowns’ performance. (amuse)

3 The new ride at the theme park is …….. . (terrify)

4 Mary was …….. when she heard the news. (excite)

5 We were …….. by the magician’s tricks. (amaze)

6 It was the most …….. film I’ve ever seen. (thrill)

7 It was an …….. play. (interest)

8 He was ……… when he fell down the stairs in front of all his friends. (embarrass)


10 What do you think? Answer these questions.

1. Which films are funnier, horror films or comedies?


Comedies are funnier than horror films.__________


2. Which movies are more interesting, thrillers or science fiction films?




3. Which films are scarier, horror films or thrillers?




4. Which films are more exciting, comedies or thrillers?




5. Which films are better, westerns or soap operas?




6. Which Russian detective is the most popular?




Movie guide

11. a)Read the movie guide. Choose a title from the box for each review.


  Then and Now   The Best Man Wins   A Question of $1 Million


1. _________________ A crazy scientist makes a time machine and travels back in time 1,000 years. She learns some interesting things about life in the past. She has a problem with her time machine and almost doesn’t come back to the present. But everything is OK in the end. A great movie. 2. __________________ In this movie, Rosie Stamp works for an electronics company. As usual, she is very funny. One night, someone takes a million dollars from the company. The police think Rosie Stamp took the money. But it’s all a big mistake. The film will make you laugh a lot! 3. ________________ In this classic movie, Terence Neal is the good guy and Alex White is the bad guy. They are cowboys, and they are in love with the same woman. For most of the movie, it looks like the bad guy will marry her. It looks like she prefers him. But, of course, the good guy marries her in the end.


b)What kinds of movies are they? Check (√) the answers.


  horror film   classic   western
    science fiction     thriller     comedy
    travel film     comedy     science fiction


12. Writing (a film review). Read the following film review and fill in the gaps with verbs from the list. What tenses do we normally use when we write a film review? Finally, answer questions 1 to 8.


decides, become, plays, is filled, finds out, teach, is set, develops,



Free Willy, directed by Simon Wincer, is a fascinating and moving adventure. It 1) …….. on the west coast of North America. The film is about the relationship between a boy and a whale, called Willy. Jason James Richter 2) …….. Jesse, a young street child, who 3) …….. the meaning of love and friendship.

Jesse first 4) …….. Willy in the sea park where the whale is kept. They 5) …….. good friends as they have both been separated from their families. As the story 6) …….. Jesse becomes so fond of Willy that he 7) …….. to try and free him.

All the actors, especially Lori Petty and Michael Madsen, are excellent. The film 8) …….. with suspense and emotion. The scenes involving Jesse and Willy 9) …….. us how close animals and human beings can be to each other.

This is a wonderful film for the whole family. Don’t miss it as it will change the way you see life and relationships forever.


1 What is the title of the film?

2 Who is the director of the film?

3 What type of film is it?

4 Where is the film set?

5 Who are the main characters?

6 What is the plot?

7 Who stars in the film?

8 What comments are made about the film?



13. Practice this conversation with a partner.

A: Do you like horror films?

B: No, I don’t like them very much. I like comedies.

A: How about Lisa and Brian? Do they like horror films?

B: Well, I think Brian does. Why don’t you ask them?

14. Writing


Collect information about any well-known film and write a short text

about it.

Write about: Who plays a leading part. Who the film’s producer is

Place where the action takes place. (country, city, etc.)

15. Learn useful phrases.

Talking about the weather

Nice day, isn’t it? Lovely/Terrible weather!



Choose the correct phrases to complete these conversations.

1. Robin: _______________ gospel music, Kate?

(Do you like/Would you like)

Kate: Yes, I do. _______________ it a lot.

(I like/I’d like.)

Robin: There’s a concert on Friday. ______________ to go with me?

(Do you like/Would you like)

Kate: Yes, _______________. Thanks.

(I love to/I’d love to)

2. Carlos: _______________ to go to a French film at 11:00 tonight?

(Do you like/Would you like)

Phil: _______________, but I have to study tonight.

(I like to/I’d like to)

Carlos: Well,_______________ Brazilian films?

(do you like/would you like)

Phil: Yes, I ______________. I love them!


Carlos: There’s a great Brazilian movie on TV tomorrow.

____________ to watch it with me?

(Do you like/Would you like)

Phil: ________________. Thanks.

(I like to/I’d love to)


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