Scientific Schools and Directions. Scientists and Ships

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Scientific Schools and Directions. Scientists and Ships


Beginning with 1902 when the Shipbuilding Department of the Polytechnic Institute was organized and later the scientists and professors of the Shipbuilding Institute began to create new programs and scientific directions to be studied and developed in the field of shipbuilding. Professor K.P.Boklevsky (1861-1928) was the first to found the theory of ship design. He also offered to apply aluminium in shipbuilding and to install diesels as power plants aboard the ships. The academician A.N.Krylov (1863-1945) developed the ship oscillation theory and together with admiral S.O.Makarov they calculated the first tables of unsinkability.

Professor S.I.Druzhinin (1872-1935) was at the head of materials strength school. The Russian school of acoustics was founded by prof. L.L.Myasnikov (1905-1972), he investigated fist of all ultrasound and infrasound oscillations. Professors S.N.Blagovetschensky (1903-1985) and V.V.Semyonov-Tan-Shansky (1893-1973) greatly contributed to the theory of stability and unsinkability. Professor V.P.Vologdin (1883-1970) initiated the application of welding in shipbuilding. Prof. N.E.Putov (1890-1980) developed the theory of ship construction.

New scientific schools were founded by professors V.A.Vansheid (1890-1982) and A.A.Moiseev (1896-1979) in the fields of internal combustion engines and steam turbines respectively.

All these ideas and scientific directions were further developed at our laboratories and departments by the scientists and professors of the MTU, graduates of the University. Professors N.N.Gorokhov, P.A.Doroshenko, P.A.Istomin, A.V.Bronnikov and many others made their great contribution to the theory of shipbuilding and education of shipbuilders. Professors A.N.Kholodilin and A.L.Vasilyev published books about the history of our University.

Many graduates had successful careers – B.E.Butoma was Minister of Shipbuilding, E.V.Tovstykh, D.M.Rostovsev were Rectors of the University; L.A.Maslov, D.S.Skobov, V.A.Postnov, V.N.Kvasnikov – prorectors; B.I.Shtafinsky, V.V.Rozhdestvensky, I.B.Ikonnikov, B.V.Rakitsky and others were deans of the faculties.

About thirty vessels were named in honour of the scientists and professors of the Shipbuilding Institute – MTU. Among them there are the motoship “Akademik Krylov” (1937) and the research vessel “Akademik Krylov” (1982), the tanker “I.Bubnov” (1975), the motoships “Akademik Pozdynin” (1984), “Professor Parkovich” (1985), “Professor Tovstykh” (1985) and others.




install v. – устанавливать (механизмы)

oscillation n. – колебание

unsinkability n. – непотопляемость

welding n. – сварка

internal combustion engine – двигатель внутреннего сгорания

in honour of – в честь кого-либо

motorship n. – теплоход

research vessel – научно-исследовательское судно


18. Read the text and add anything about the activity of the University.


The University Traditions

The Shipbuilding Institute and then the MTU continued and developed the traditions of the Polytechnic Institute. According to Prof. E.V.Tovstykh, Rector of the Institute for thirty years, this higher school not only trains good specialists, but also people who feel a sense of pride and patriotism for the country, civilized and creative people, interested in science, shipbuilding as well as national and world culture.

One of the graduates of the Institute I.P.Vladimirov was the Director of the Lensovet Theatre; the graduate of the first student group of shipbuilders E.I.Zamyatin became a famous writer, he was also the first head of the foreign languages department; V.P.Loginov was the USSR Ambassador in Angola and Yugoslavia; V.A.Sarukhanov organized the Puppet Theatre at the Institute in 1970-80th. This performance was the hit at the festival and such festivals are still being held here.


Name University’s clubs, studios and societies you know or are involved in.

At our University there is a wide range of comparatively new annual events such as sport competitions and tourna ments, festivals and exhibitions of different clubs and studios. Students interested in science take part in a number of scientific conferences, courses and the forum “Lomonosov’s Land” on the local, home and international levels.


19.Project. Collect additional information about your faculty and write about it.

20. Talk only in English.

Max’s teacher: Hallo, Max. Рад, что встретил Вас до лекции. Do you know about the change in the exams timetable?

Max: Нет, не знаю. А какие будет изменения?

The teacher: The last exam будут проводиться 24 января. It will be chemistry.

Max: Is that definite? Нам сказали, экзамен по химии will be held on the 22nd of January.

The teacher: Последний экзамен будет 24 января. There will be no more changes, I think.

Max: Прекрасно! 25 января я хочу уехать на каникулы в Лондон. There I’ll practice in English.

The teacher: And are you ready for the exams?

Max: Yes, I am. I attended all the lectures and seminars, написал все контрольные работы.

The teacher: That’s great. I hope, Вы сдадите все экзамены на отлично.

Max: Я тоже надеюсь. I’ll do my best. And thank you for your attention.

21. Learn the useful phrases.

Making introductions

A: Juan, this is Helen. B: Nice to meet you, Juan.

Welcoming people

Come in.


    CULTURE NOTE You can use these forms of address to introduce someone or refer to them: This is Mr Brown. Helen is talking to Dr Green. You don’t often use them when you talk to someone. Hello, (Mr Brown). People such as waiters and policemen might say sir or madam to you, but you don’t reply with sir or madam.
Forms of address
You write   Mr Mrs Miss Ms Dr Prof You say   Mister Missis Miss Mizz Doctor Professor


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