Making, accepting and refusing offers.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Making, accepting and refusing offers.


A: Would you like me to bring a glass of orange juce.   A: Tea or coffee?   B: Yes, thanks. It’s good for health. No, thanks. B: Yes, green tea, please thanks. No, coffee is unhealthy.




advantage n – преимущество

anger n – гнев, ярость

cancer n – рак (заболевание)

cough n,v – кашель, кашлять

disease n – болезнь

envy n,v – зависть, завидовать

fever n – лихорадка

loss n – потеря

nutritious – питательный

obesity n –ожирение

overweight n – избыточный вес

pale – бледный

sin n – грех

slim – стройный, тонкий

slimmer n – стройный человек

to be rich in – обогащен

to be the odd one out v – « быть белой вороной»

to employ v – нанимать на работу

to give up v – прекратить

to justify v – оправдывать, подтверждать

to keep fit v – быть в форме

to skip v – избегать, пропускать

to strengthen v – усиливать

weight v,n – весить, вес

wholemeal – грубого помола (зд.)

widespread – широко распространенный


n – noun – существительное

v – verbглагол


Keys to exercises:

Ex.3, p.2:

Little, much, many, many, little, a lot of, much, much, little.

Keys to tests:

I. Reading Comprehension:

1. B, 2 B, 3 A, 4 C.

II. Listening:

1 girl, 2 no ticks, 3 no ticks, 4 girl, 5 boy, 6 girl, 7 girl.

V. Grammar:

1) Have been drinking, 2) have been importing, 3) has been dealing, 4) have been following, 5) have been drinking.


1. Make a list of as many sport activities as you can think of. Which of them do you watch or play?

2. Put play, goordo.Use play with games, go with -ing –forms and dowith exercises.

___snowboarding ___ aerobics ____ volleyball ___ fishing ___golf ____ jogging ____ basketball ___mountain biking _____ scuba diving ____ yoga

3. Read the introductory paragraph of the interview Good Times, Bad

Times. Which sentence sums up best what the interview is about?

a) Jason talks about his experiences as a player for Liverpool FC.

b) Jason tells us what it is like to be a supporter of Liverpool FC.

c) Jason informs us about the activities of the Liverpool FC fan club.

4. The reporter’s questions have been removed. Match them to each

paragraph 1-6 that should follow them.

A. Have you ever played football yourself professionally?

B. What’s your first memory of being a Liverpool supporter?

C. What was your best experience of being a fan?

D. How do you support your team? What do you do in a typical week?

E. Do you support the same team as your family?

F. What was your biggest disappointment?

5. Write down what happens or happened at each of these periods of time

in Jason’s life.

1. A few weeks after his fifth birthday ______________________

2. When he was at school _________________________________

3. At the age of twelve ____________________________________

4. Every year ____________________________________________

5. In 2005 ______________________________________________

6. When he wanted to go to the FA Cup Final _________________

Good Times, Bad Times

Jason Evans, 27, has been a fan of Liverpool Football Club since he was five. He told us about his experiences.

1. R: _____________________________________________

J: Well, it wasn’t really an automatic choice. There’s always a lot of tension between us in the family when the two local teams play with each other. My father and my older brother support Chelsea, but I support Liverpool.

2. R:______________________________________________

J: I remember watching Chelsea play with Liverpool with my dad on TV at my uncle’s house a few weeks after my fifth birthday. They were both wearing their Chelsea team shirts – and were getting more and more depressed as the game went on because Liverpool were two goals up by half-time. And I just loved the way the Reds played that day. I remember jumping up and down with joy when they scored the first goal. Then my dad told me that I was cheering for “the wrong team”. But I swore to myself that one day I would become a Liverpool player myself.

3. R: ______________________________________________-

J: I played in the school team for a few years. I was only the reserve goalkeeper, so I didn’t often get the chance to play in the competitive matches. But I’ve never played for a serious team, no. Then, when I was about twelve, I won a swimming competition, and I’ve been concentrating more on my swimming ever since.

4. R: _____________________________________________

J: I buy a season ticket every year, and I go along to all the home games. And whenever I can, I travel when we play away from home. I read the team’s website regularly, and sometimes contribute to a fans’ newsletter, too. Oh, and I wear red every Saturday, of course.

5. R: _______________________________________________

J: When we won the Champions’ League in 2005. That was amazing! I watched the game on TV with my mates. Three-nil down at half-time, then we equalised, ended up winning all on penalties. I was in tears when the game ended. I still can’t believe it!

6. R:_______________________________________________

J: I was going to go with my friend Nick to Cardiff for the FA Cup Final against West Ham. Our car broke down on the motorway and had to be towed away for repairs. I couldn’t get to Cardiff, and there wasn’t even a TV. Luckily, my girlfriend taped the game for me, so I could see it when I got home in the evening.

6. Join the correct word with the correct explanation.

1 Archery a. the sport of bicycle riding and bicycle


2 Basketball b. to plunge into water headfirst

3 Boxing c. the sport of racing long narrow boats

propelled by oars

4 Athletics d.a sport where one lifts barbells in

competition or as an exercise

5 Diving e. a game played with bat and ball by

two teams of nine players each

6 Cycling f. a form of wrestling developed in Japan

from jujitsu

7 Judo g. shooting with bows and arrows

8 Baseball h. hand-to-hand combat between

two unarmed contestants

9 Rowing i. exercises of strength, speed and skill

10 Weightlifting j. two teams trying to toss an inflated

ball into a raised goal

7. The following sentences about the modern Olympic Games have been

jumbled up. Put the words in each sentence in the correct order.

1 Athens / held / Olympic Games / The / first / modern / were / 1896 / in

2 gold / winner / wins / each / of / a / competition / The / medal

3 winners / played / their / When / medal / their / the / national / receive / anthem / is

4 also / 1924 / years / been / Winter Olympics / every / has / a / four / since / There

5 only / compete / Before / the / amateurs / could / in / Olympic Games / 1988

6 watch / people / of / the / television / Games / Billions /on

7 the / The / large / it / of / who / take / Olympics. / makes / number / difficult / expensive / part / for / host / to / people / cities / organise / and

8. Rewrite these sentences to change them from active to passive

1. Almost every boy in my region plays basketball.

2. Everyone admires Olympic champions.

3. Our country won ten medals in the last Olympic Games.

4. I’m afraid fewer young people will play sport in the future.

5. Over 20 million people watched the league championship final.

9. You see this announcement in an Internet forum:

  INTERNATIONAL SPORTS SURVEY We want to get a picture of the Sportsman of the Year. Send us a message, telling us about: who you think it might be what sport he plays what things you like about him/her  


Write your message in 50-60 words.

10. Read the following dialogue. What sports can they play or do at camp?

- Hi, Ben. You look happy.

- I am. Jane,I’ve got some great news!

- Oh, what?

- Well, you want to keep fit, right?

- Yes, definitely!

- There’s this great camp for all the family. We can all keep fit


- That sounds good. Can you play tennis there?

- I don’t think so. But you can do lots of other things. You can

dance or ride a horse, for instance.

-Oh, really? The kids love horses.

- Yes, and I can play volleyball there, too.

- Have they got a website?

- Yes, I got it here.

- Let’s get on the Internet and find out more.

11. Learn the following useful phrases.

Making, accepting and refusing requests.

A. Could you turn the music down, please?

B. Sure./ OK./ Of course. / Right. / I’m afraid…


English Humour. Read the following jokes and fill in the blanks with the words:

a) loser, hands, breast stroke

b) cord, plane, out

c) bad, row, drown

a) Adult Swim

 A blonde, a brunette, and a red head are swimming ……….in a race. The blonde comes in last and says,” I don't mean to be a sore ………., but I think the other girls were using their ……...”

b) Blonde Sky Divers

A blonde and a brunette are skydiving.
The brunette jumps out of the….. and pulls the cord -- nothing happens.
She pulls the emergency …… and still nothing.
The blonde finally jumps …… of the plane and yells, "Oh! So you wanna race, huh?"

c) Rowing Your Boat
Two blondes are driving along a road by a wheat field when they see a blonde in the middle of the field rowing a …….. boat. The driver blonde turns to her friend and says, "You know - it's blondes like that that give us a …….. name!" To this, the other blonde replies, "I know it, and if I knew how to swim, I'd go out there and ……… her."


1. Which of these sports do you think is the most dangerous? Put them in order 1-8. 1 is the most dangerous.

__ rugby __ mountain climbing __ freestyle __ sky diving

__ parkour __ windsurfing __ street racing __ golf

2. Read the following statement.

Extreme sports are dangerous, but they are becoming more and more

popular with teenagers. Extreme sports should be banned.

What do you think? Discuss the issue with your partner. Use I think…, As I see it.., To my mind.., My point exactly, I’m not sure about that, I don’t see why.


amateur , adj. - любительский

coach, n. -тренер

competition, n.- соревнование

football pitch, n. - футбольное поле

gym, n. – спортивный зал

rowing, n -гребля

score, n. – счет

sports equipment – спортивное оборудование

work out in the gym - заниматься в зале



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